Pound, Frustrating Cantos.

You simply cannot find a series of the Cantos on the internet. They are not online: they are published, the books hard to find (yes I have some of them) and there are legal scriveners examining for the text. Perhaps it his fascism: perhaps it is that he’s difficult (not mad): perhaps it is because […]

Life New Zealand


I do have advanced degrees, and work, and do advocacy within that — but this blog is anonymous, so I don’t talk about such. I do quote, with this observation: all three sons are finalizing (last papers) their degrees, and all three, though bright, have no intention of gaining advanced diplomas. University is a waste […]


15 August 19

One of the attacks we face, continually, is that our errors and our sins will damn us. This is not the case. Though we find ourselves falling into weaknesses under temptation, this is not what will damn us. The preacher said on Sunday “if temptation was ugly it would not work. Temptatinn looks beautiful”. We […]