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At present we are doing a few things differently from standard. Firstly, we are not going to the box. At all. We are still members, and I still believe that a crossfit box is the safest place to lift heavy because a good coach keeps you within limits, but we are stressing our bodies in […]

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I need some motivation. Nothing like a few wormtounges and heretics trying to redefine biblical and the Bible. Gunner Q notes this among the Baptists. To Mark Dever, “Biblical” does not mean “pertaining to God’s Word”. “Biblical” means “I tricked you into taking me seriously”. “MY theology, MY understanding of the Gospel, but first, I […]


16 August 19

There are those who preach prosperity. The author of Hebrews did not. He preached persecution, referring to the former days — the sufferings and persecution that the Jews who were of Christ had suffered from almost the beginning. They had lost their property and possessions. Some had been killed. And they did not shrink away […]