I need to find less boring titles.

I want to start by acknowledging a person in the wider community who has passed on. He tended to be on places I don’t go often, but he spoke truth. This quote applies to those who have been burned, as I have, but then make the choice to continue to grow families and marry, knowing […]

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Criminal Doctrine.

I note that the current fashion of tolerance is becoming fascist. Those parents who do not want their kids to be sexualized by the pozz vectors in the culture are being told they must be tolerant: these lessons on gay fiction (called history) are compulsory. An evangelist in the states has spoken up about this. […]


19 August 19

The other passage today is Jeremiah saying to the many false prophets the word of the LORD. That God will be silent, and their words are false. That there are false prophets and false teachers is obvious. The conflict we have, on every topic, between Christians shows this. The question is instead how to test […]