Immigration is anticultural.

I referred to SFC Ton a couple of days ago. The author has reposted this at her own blog, and I’m linking to it. It is worth noting that he was aware of the issues we are discussing today — and if those who hate our nation are worried (about their safety as immigrants) they […]

Christianity Theology

Patristics Polycarp.

With the recent discussion in both the daybook posts and the lectionary of false prophets it is worthwhile seeing how Polycarp described the issues. CHAPTER V.–THE DUTIES OF DEACONS, YOUTHS, AND VIRGINS. Knowing, then, that “God is not mocked,” we ought to walk worthy of His commandment and glory. In like manner should the deacons […]


21 August 19

While we are considering false teachers, hold the publishing houses in suspicion, the Christian ones particularly, for there are people in there who want to rob you of more than your money False doctrine has approved blogs, books, and a large priesthood. All calling out “Lord, Lord”. And all not preaching the gospel as we […]