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Daybook with Memes

My local MP is resigning. She made it into the cabinet, but failed. A fair amount of her local advocacy has been around social and health issues. Yes, I live in a Labour stronghold for the MP, but in two of the last three elections Labour did not get most of the party vote. David […]

Life Poetry

Midweek Kipple

In this time when our private emails are tracked and social media read our invoices, a warning that the worm can turn. The modern General Bangs would ensure the signaller was posted to the front. A Code of Morals Lest you should think this story true I merely mention I Evolved it lately. ‘Tis a […]

Networking Social Change

The great deplatforming.

I used to have a social media profile. I am now anonymous: my professional life is on the appropriate pages, but that does not include Facebook and Twitter. They are becoming closed gardens for Pravda. Pravda is the official narrative, often orthogonal to the truth. This seems to make corporations more money than targeted advertising. […]


28 August 19

The trouble with the law is not the law itself. It is the regulators who decide that the law means this — not what was written, but their interpretation. The object of the Law is to bring us to Christ. For no man can stand in front of an all knowing God and say he […]