Body Hack 1.

At present we are doing a few things differently from standard. Firstly, we are not going to the box. At all. We are still members, and I still believe that a crossfit box is the safest place to lift heavy because a good coach keeps you within limits, but we are stressing our bodies in other ways.

Why? Well, life’s hectic, and I’m still recovering from injury. A zone type diet with a significant proportion of carbohydrates allows me to gain weight. So three hacks, bought in one after the other.

  1. Walking. Unless it is howling down and I forgot a raincoat (today) walk for at least 20 minutes at lunchtime, and together in the evening. Most days.
  2. Mini workouts. On the days when it is howling down or we don’t feel like it, do squats and kettleball swings. Or press-ups, burpees. Or whatever. Variety matters.
  3. One meal a day @ breakfast. This is unusual — most people have it at dinner, but we are not most people. We have intense days, and if we try to intermittent fast until dinner we end up snacking. So we load food at the beginning of the day, and have nuts on hand for later. Both of us can’t stand carbohydrates at breakfast.
  4. Black Coffee, Black Tea and water. No sodas. No coconut milk. No A2 milk. Drinks do not have calories.

This will not last. The aim is to get to goal weight — we got close but adding in parts of a normal kiwi diet did not help — and then the gym. And, hopefully, running, tramping and general activity. My beloved (kea[1])is going to put the meals up within one of her facebook groups.

Friday morning: weight loss this week (five days)


2.8 kg


3.0 kg.

The worst days were the travel days (two this week). We planned on doing a slow cooked meal on one of those days which meant we were up at “o dark thirty” to fire up the oven and get it in for two hours. Which meant we did not sleep well. Sleep matters.

So does relaxation. One hack is to meet after work and walk the dogs together.

  1. I would call her keruru, for the wood pigeon is very beautiful, But it is very, very stupid. The kea is as beautiful but intelligent and mischievious, and lives in the hills of the South Island, which my beloved loves.
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2 years ago

LOVE the nickname for your beloved.

I went on the Flu Diet and lost 10lb in 2 weeks! Not recommended. 😛 I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym and pursuing my DL/weightloss goals again soon… I hope to get back to light workouts/stretching next week. There’s just something about picking up heavy things that washes all the stress away….