Criminal Doctrine.

I note that the current fashion of tolerance is becoming fascist. Those parents who do not want their kids to be sexualized by the pozz vectors in the culture are being told they must be tolerant: these lessons on gay fiction (called history) are compulsory.

An evangelist in the states has spoken up about this.

He said this is an affront to God and he was very clear to say that he wasn’t speaking for the committee. These were his personal feelings but he’s correct. This is an affront to God. And I don’t believe that these schools have the right to teach our children something that is an affront to God.

And so the mayor is absolutely right. I back him 100 percent. You know God made us and created us. He made us male and female so that we could carry on the population – that we have children and that we would increase. And homosexuality goes against God’s plan for for the human race. And so the mayor is correct.

I’m not against gay people. I’m not fighting them or anything like that. So if you’re gay and you’re listening I want you know that I do care about you and I love you. But at the same time I love you enough to tell you the truth that homosexuality is a sin against God. I’m not your judge. God is but you will have to stand before him one day and give an account for how you have lived your life. All of us do. And I just want to warn you that God is going to judge all sin but he’s willing to forgive sin if we’re willing to repent and that means to turn from our sin and by faith believe on his son Jesus Christ who came to this earth to take our sins and die on the cross and shed his blood for each and every one of us.

Franklin Graham

New Jersey is a progressive hellhole. The Socialist love death, have liberal abortion laws, and euthanasia is legal there. Melbourne is also a progressive hellhole, but with better weather and a equally corrupt bunch of socialists who love abortion and have legalized euthanasia,. They are also going after a church.

Note the rhetoric: the priest is not the one who sins, but he is blamed for the sin. I’d add that the biggest medical scandals I know of involved people who had perfect records and peer review and patient feedback. The predators know how to make the paperwork sing.

Melbourne’s Catholic archbishop insists three years jail is preferable to breaking the seal of confession and reporting child sexual abuse to authorities.

Priests will risk prison if they don’t report child abuse revealed to them during the sacrament of confession, under new laws introduced in Victoria on Wednesday.

The bill, introduced into state parliament would make religious ministers mandatory reporters of abuse suspicions alongside police, teachers, medical practitioners and early childhood workers.

“I don’t think in contemporary and mainstream times, knowing what we know now, that we can do anything other than say the rights of children trump anyone’s religious views,” the attorney general, Jill Hennessy, told reporters.

“Ultimately this is about making sure that we start to right the wrongs of systemic abuse.”

Archbishop Peter Comensoli said he’d ask someone who admitted abuse to tell him outside the box but if they refused he would “keep the seal”.

“I hold the principle of mandatory reporting … and I also hold onto the principle of the seal of confession. My own position is that I don’t see that as mutually exclusive,” he told ABC Radio on Wednesday.

The archbishop’s office later released a statement saying the church welcomed the proposed expansion of mandatory reporting to include religious ministers, but denied the seal of confession was an obstacle to mandatory reporting.

“Confession doesn’t place people above the law. Priests should be mandatory reporters, but in a similar way to protections to the lawyer/client relationship and protection for journalists’ sources.”

Catholic archbishops in the ACT and South Australia have also vowed to defy similar laws.

But, I hear the reader say (all three of you) mate, you are not a papist — and yes, I’m not. But the same people have attacked those of faith for saying what Franklin Graham did. There is a reason that the old blog was destroyed and I went anonymous. The left hates us all. They go through our words trying to find any error — and we all make errors. If we do not make errors, they will claim that we are something that offends their theology: for truth and true doctrine are progressive heresies.

Yee gods; someone taking my bad advice. It’s rather unsettling to discover that mindless throwaway lines that you say on a podcast episode which I have already forgotten can hit someone so hard that they go out and, well, sleep with hookers. I’m not sure what to say about this one other than maybe I should watch my language. Words are powerful after all. Hopefully it did him some good but I’m probably going to have to seek penance on this one.

Just as long as he didn’t call out my name.

Adam Piggott

Words may be powerful, and there are those who would censor us all. Because if we stop all speech, then the word of God may not get through. But it does: and in times of silence it is more powerful than in times of noise. The truth will out. Do not worship the father of lies, or be like him.