Looks like WhaleOil is down, and won’t be back up. It is being rebranded: this was inevitable after Cameron Slater was sued into bankruptcy and had a stroke. There is a replacement, with the same team running it as has been running Whaleoil for a while. The new place is up and running, and on song.

Unfortunately, Australia has a long and sad history of paternalistic politicians of both stripes thinking that they have some sort of right to treat Australian citizens like children whose delicate ears need to be protected from things they don’t want us to hear. The Morrison government, which just won an election in no small part due to Australians’ rejection of increasing restrictions on liberty, needs to start living up to the name “Liberal”, and actually defend free speech from the censorious left.

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In the meantime, the consequences of insulting your market are clear. Within the close family lemme see — Dad shaves, my brother in law (two) and brother shaves, I don’t — of the four adult sons and son in law ONE shaves, two have five o’clock shadows, and one a full hipster beard. The one who shaves has to as it is a job requirement.

Hey, Gillette — that’s one painful nick!
The 118-year-old razor maker’s parent company, Procter & Gamble, on Tuesday revealed it will take an $8 billion writedown on the men’s grooming brand.
One big problem, according to P&G: Millennial men aren’t shaving as often as their dads do.
“Lower shaving-frequency has reduced the size of the developed blades and razors market,” P&G Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller said Tuesday on a call with analysts, referring to markets in the US and Europe.
In addition to beards and five-o’clock shadows, the strong dollar has slammed sales by sapping revenue from overseas markets.
To make matters worse, analysts say Gillette has faced stiff competition from upstart brands such as Dollar Shave Club, now owned by rival Unilever, and Harry’s.

On Tuesday, the Harry’s Web site was offering eight blades for $16, while Dollar Shave Club was hawking four fancy blades for $10. By comparison, an eight-pack of Gillette SkinGuard blades costs $21.

New York Post.

In the meantime, lock up your daughters who like acting. Tom Cruise moving to NZ, but wants to spend half his time at the Scientology Centre. In Auckland. In my view, Scientology is poison, and all non Kiwis who promote it need to go back.

Tom Cruise is reportedly planning a move to New Zealand and is already “scouting” for appropriate properties.
While probably not permanent, RadarOnline reports Cruise is likely to spend a lot more time here in the coming years as it’s expected the next two Mission Impossible films will be shot back to back in NZ.
A source said: “The New Zealand Film Commission is secretly romancing producers to come back after they shot one scene of Fallout there, and Tom’s 100 percent on board.
“He already has people scouting for incredible home rentals in the South Island wilderness.”
There is one small caveat though, and that’s that the property must be close to a private airport or chopper pad.
Why? “Because he wants to be able to get to the fancy new Scientology center up in Auckland.”
Cruise often stays in an apartment in Clearwater, Florida, but RadarOnline’s source says the star “no longer has a home base on the West Coast of America” and has been “dividing his time between Scientology addresses and hotels instead.”
While it seems Cruise will only make New Zealand his home for the duration of filming, the source did add: “He’s looking forward to putting down roots somewhere beautiful for a while.”

Otago Daily Times.

In a similar matter, it’s fairly clear that Beijing considers Chinese students in NZ to be Chinese. Fair enough. But if that is the case, and they are here for their education, bringing internal conflicts from the Middle Kingdom is bad taste, and they should not be accounted as Kiwis.

Po say they’re still looking into an incident at Auckland University where a pro-Hong Kong activist was pushed over by pro-Beijing supporters.
Video of the altercation on Monday has been circulating on social media.

Police have spoken with the complainant, and say they want to hear from anyone who knows who the other people in the video are.
The university is also investigating what happened.
Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon has emailed staff and students, saying he is aware of disagreements and disputes on campus between students with differing views of the protests in Hong Kong.
He said he had asked campus security to ensure such situations did not escalate, and he expected people to respect academic freedom and freedom of speech.

Radio NZ

There is a clear conflict between the NZ police (comment from friends who saw it on TV — playing bullrush at school was more violent) than the Chinese Autorities, who clearly do not believe in current false ideology of a “gentle and caring” approach.

The China Consulate in Auckland has praised the “spontaneous patriotism” of Auckland University students opposed to Hong Kong secessionism involved in a scuffle on Monday.
On Monday, at the University of Auckland campus, students supportive of Hong Kong as part of China clashed with students demonstrating against an extradition Bill in Hong Kong and Beijing’s influence in the city.
The extradition Bill has been extremely controversial in the “one country, two systems” nation as it would allow those in the city to be extradited to mainland China for trial. Massive protests in Hong Kong saw the Bill suspended in July, but some continue to protest that it should be withdrawn.

Jamie Ensor, NewsHub.

While we are at it, using diversity as a hiring criteria doth let the orcs in. You are left with the damage, and the accountability. Hire for competence and nothing else, lest you be sued by the current woke legal scum. And if you want hackers (they have uses) make sure they are competent.

Obvious question: How could someone so dangerously crazy be hired as an engineer by a multi-billion-dollar company like Amazon?
Oh, that’s right — “diversity”!
Filling the LGBTQ quota, you see. And it’s all fun and games until the deranged tranny hacks the data of 100 million people.

The Other McCain

In short, do not be one of their favoured minorities. For you will be like them. Be instead the one they insult, for that is whom they know is not like them. And the diversity of life is what they fear.