The level of photography in the blog is improving as Gab becomes more populated, particularly by traditionalists. It appears that beauty is subversive again. The Pharisees have always found beauty suspect. In most times, the Pharisees are conservatives, but in this time they are woke. The old fashioned fags hate this. They want their beauty back, not the current Disneyfication of whatever was good and true, within their culture and every subculture, has changed into a twisted celebration and modeling of all that is evil, called gamification.


I am furious to my core at what has been done to gay culture. It used to save people. Now it enslaves them. If you present people with the best that has been thought and written (as I think Matthew Arnold put it), they rise to the occasion. If you feed them slop, you turn them into pigs. And yet, as bad as gay culture is, it’s nothing compared to what has happened to Black America.
It breaks my heart to see black culture reduced to strippers yelling about dollar bills and designer shoes. Of course I love it in a trivial and ironic way. It’s hilarious and fun and preposterous and like all gay men I have a love affair with studied triviality. (Thanks, Oscar.) But the Worldstar tendency, in which ignorance and stupidity and self-destructive clownishness have become aspirational lifestyle choices—that’s truly evil.
And without slipping into conspiracy theory, I don’t think it’s (just) black Americans who have done this. I think it was forced upon them by people with money and power—people who are not black.
That’s why I can’t get too excited—though of course I appreciate the amusing political chicanery—about Ali getting Trump to intervene in the A$AP Rocky case. Because the President is just reimporting a manifestation of infantilizing, soporific dross that is keeping blacks where they are. What a tragedy. There is a word for the systematic enslavement of a people to their carnal desires. Satanic.

Milo, Dangerous.
Pot, meet Kettle.

The elite run our socail media — Andrew Torba, like Trump and Vox Day were of them but repented and sought truth, justice and beauty — so want to shut down any discussion they can’t control. The attempt to stop the manifesto from Christchurch has led to people claiming one of the two publicized massacres over the weekend was modeled on that now illicit work. Or Zombies.

But they are shutting down access via the usual means to much of the internet, destroying in the process its utility.

People thinking that LifeSite is unworthy of being published on its platform because it “shows intolerance” (of course it does; everyone does; Apple shows intolerance towards LifeSite banning them!) are basic enemies of Christianity. It is perfectly useless to try to reason with that lot.
The question is a different one: Apple News is acting like an editor, not a news platform, and should have all the responsibilities linked to it.
I am not angry that LifeSite is not on the internet page of MSNBC. They do their own stuff and decide themselves to whom they want to give space. I am angry when the free flow of information is throttled for ideological reasons by people who act as gateways of thought.
It is as if a company opened a motorway, and then decided whom they want on it. Arguably, it is more important than this, because it can be argued that freedom of speech is even more important than freedom of movement.
This is another example of Big Tech acting as Big Nanny. Already the idea that “intolerance” may, in itself, be unacceptable tells you the blank stupidity of these people. There is no one who is not intolerant towards things, people or behaviour he finds intolerable. We find abortion intolerable, they find being prevented from killing a baby in the womb intolerable.
The solution for this is not begging the evil guy to please be a bit less evil for once. The solution for this is recognise the danger that tech companies pose to Western Freedoms and act accordingly, forcing every company to choose if it wants to operate as a news platform (and be forced to refrain from any sort of censorship), or as an editor (and then controlling the information, but answering for it).
For the time being, reflect on the way Apple tries to control you and whether it deserves your money. Whilst all big tech companies are evil, some are less evil than others. For example, Android is an open platform. It might be more difficult for me to download an app that is not on their store; but if I want to do it, I can do it anyway. On a proprietary system like Apple this does not happen, which is why the Manhattan Declaration never found its way to an iPhone.
Let us stop being nice people begging for a place at the table. LifeSite should start to incessantly demand that Apple be broken up or forced to act as an editor (and I would say there is merit for breaking it up as a Company anyway) instead of kindly petitioning for entrance in the halls of Mordor.


In the meantime, Whaleoil has gone. The liquidators appear to be rather annoyed that the database could be transferred. They have clearly never considered the need to back up a site means that (using the same blogging platform) you can reconstruct a site fairly easily. When you have to destroy a site — and I have — you destroy the backups as well, as an electronic form of dairy burning.

What Whaleoil looks like now.

The replacement site is still a good news aggregator but linking to it now is premature, as the legal beagles may try to take over or take down that site — destroying any residual value social media consultants had. I am sure their creditors are impressed.

In the meantime, the government wants to reform the abortion act (which was decriminalized, but remains in the crime act). The mainstream press promote this, along with euthanasia, climate change, and anything but truth, beauty, and the good. They are to be ignored.

We have enough to do already.