The spam is getting less creative. I do have google analytics on but I have all the bots switched off. However multiple spam artists hit me with this.

Yay google is my world beater helped me to find this outstanding website!

The killfile

I am not the most grammatical writer, but I’m better than that. I dislike google, amazon, and big media. Here’s hoping, as bad behaviour has been updated, that the spam filters now work… better.

I’ve had to kill this blog about five times — one time, to remain employed (there was a political hit job on me) I changed URL, went anonymous, deleted all backups of the old stuff, and tried to ensure that it was not on the wayback machine. But I don’t have sponsors or paid subscribers. What happens when you are sued into bankruptcy and you have a large subscriber base? The whaleoil case is one such.

Sources have indicated to The Spinoff that the liquidator believes Social Media Consultants Ltd, the company behind the site, may have been essentially asset stripped. Those assets have then been migrated to WOBH Ltd, the company behind the, rather than the latter site being a new entity. 
WOBH Ltd was incorporated by Atkins in February this year, just a month before Social Media Consultants Ltd was put into voluntary liquidation. 
In the farewell post (on the .net version of the site) Juana Atkins indicated that some of the information would be kept. “If you are an existing Whaleoil subscriber the new site will honour your subscription at the new site. Just visit The BFD and login. We hope you will.”
Various subscription and membership offers were available to Whaleoil readers. It is unclear if payments from readers are continuing along with their login access. 
Many posts on TheBFD site are duplicates of those that were being posted on Whaleoil, starting from April 1 this year.

The Spinoff, interviewing their typewriter.

The elite pushed Slater (who was an abrasive bastard) into a stroke. They are not going after his wife. They hate you and they want you gone. Putting this up in a week where there were at least two mass shootings in the USA (the ongoing mass killings in Democratic cities don’t seem to make the news) is evil.

This will not end well.

It is always a good idea after a tragic event to wait 24 hours. The destigmatization people are saying that we should not judge people — but when you have someone who is dangerous, perhaps you should. Before he starts shooting people.

So, this makes at least two girls he dated with whom he “bonded over their shared mental health struggles.” …
Did I mention he was pro-Antifa and a registered Democrat who expressed support of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?
And there are millions of these Bernie voters out there.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Other McCain.

Matt Briggs is correct. P values can be avoided, but one has to then give up the idea that there is an easy answer. And, probably, most meta analysis — the assumptions that all studies are the same is generally false.

Resistance to such a strategy stems primarily from the desire for easy answers; essentially, the sentiment is “Don’t confuse me with facts (effect sizes); just say ‘yes’ (P < .05) or ‘no’ (P ≥ .05).” However, correct answers to important scientific questions are rarely easy, and facts matter. Second, researchers are tempted to try to answer all possible questions in 1 study. It is easy enough to design a valid, adequately high-powered HTS to reach strong conclusions for one or a very few hypotheses, but it is risky to include dozens of different research questions in the same study. Finally, P values have been used in medical research for more than 50 years; in effect, the argument is, “This is the way we’ve always done it. It must be right.” However, the proliferation of nonreproducible results in the medical research literature would suggest that how we have always done it is not completely right.
Whether P values are banned matters little. All readers (reviewers, patients, clinicians, policy makers, and researchers) can just ignore P values and focus on the quality of research studies and effect sizes to guide decision-making. This does not, of course, solve the problem of poorly reported studies in which presented information is not credible or informative. The burden of identification of such problems must still fall on the shoulders of reviewers and editors.

Kraemer HC. Is It Time to Ban the P Value? JAMA Psychiatry., 2019. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2019.1965

Sigma Frame hits us with a truth. Marriage is not for our happiness or self-fulfillment. It is to glorify God.

The bottom line is this: Obedience serves to manifest God’s nature, love, and glory. A strong marriage is a reward of continual obedience, and as such, is a powerful way to glorify God in this life. If you want a good marriage, you have to glorify God.
If God hasn’t called you to marriage, then he intends for you to glorify Him through some other way. But if God has called you to marriage (which I believe is the majority of people), but you make other priorities in life which don’t glorify God as much as marriage does (e.g. being an underemployed soy boy, or a blue-haired feminist with a Ph.D.), then you are failing to fulfill God’s purposes for your life, one of which is to glorify Him.

Sigma Frame.

We are like children: when we are beyond childhood’s end, and see God as he ought, many of our fears, anxieties, ambitions and labels will fall away. The chief aim of man is to glorify God and know him forever. Do not let this elite steal that from you.