I do have advanced degrees, and work, and do advocacy within that — but this blog is anonymous, so I don’t talk about such. I do quote, with this observation: all three sons are finalizing (last papers) their degrees, and all three, though bright, have no intention of gaining advanced diplomas. University is a waste of time for young men unless they are called to a learned profession. Do an apprenticeship instead.

It’s not only Communications “degrees”, it’s PhDs in mathematical statistics from top universities, such as Yours Truly possesses. Sure, if you gain one of these sheep skins you’ll learn lots of math and the like, but almost nothing else. I’ve complained many times that you can get this “advanced degree” without ever having to crack open a book of philosophy. Or history. Or theology. Or et cetera.
The same again holds true for PhDs in Physics, Chemistry, and—you get the idea.
The danger is not these people coming away not knowing their subjects. To the extent these areas of study haven’t yet (yet) been infested with the cancer of intersectionality, Equality, and Diversity, they convey genuine knowledge. But very, very specialized knowledge.
What is worrying is that graduates come away thinking they know everything, or enough.
It’s true that to be able to study hard subjects require robust minds. These people almost always can learn other subjects. It’s no that they can’t, but that they don’t. Even more than people without a basic “degree” they are likely to believe a little learning is a lot.

Matt Briggs.

Mencken’s argument is that the vital essence of an artist is not the beauty or elevation of his thoughts, or the virtue of his technique, but the irrepressible drive to express himself at all costs.  Milton was Milton precisely because he was neither mute nor inglorious–because he could not stifle the longings of his heart.
Mencken’s view is, therefore, precisely opposite to that of the liberal.  Whereas the liberal believes we should do all we can to untie the tongues of shy and speechless Miltons, Mencken tells us that nature tied those tongues for a reason.  Mankind can get by with very few Miltons, so there is no reason to artificially boost the supply by coddling and coaxing men and women who could have stifled the longings of their hearts, and who consequently could have pursued some useful career of drudgery and care.
This is the nub of the argument that a child can be “spoiled by education,” or what is more often called “over-education.”  It is that education produces a surplus of marginal mediocrities for which there is very slight demand, and that these marginal mediocrities are unfitted by their education for useful employment.  Thus, a rustic Milton can be coddled and coaxed until he uncorks and decants some lines of verse or criticism, but this verse and criticism was not needed, and the rustic Milton is now too affected and sissified to go back to the farm.

J. M. Smith, Orthosphere.

Divorce is hell. Have that T shirt. This is only a partial metaphor. When I was in the middle of mine I sat in the back of the church and wondered why I was there. But I stayed, and I don’t think it was my doing.

You may think that you know your wife but you do not. In fact, you know nobody else on the planet. There are only two entities that you truly do know – yourself and Jesus Christ. Everyone else is a mystery. For many people they do not even know themselves. I know myself because I have spent my life being continually tested. The realisation that you are truly alone in this world is quite frankly horrifying. The Church exists for a very good reason.

Adam Piggott.

It is better to love, and be loved, than it is to end up enamoured with someone in cyberspace, and be supporting them. Not all women are saints — as with men, saints are rate. Divorce is horrible, but in our current system, there is not much you can do if one person tries to nuke your marriage. And we are all tested.

Locally, the official cash rate is down, and term deposits are dropping below three percent . Mortagage rates are below four percent. This is not a time to take out a big mortgage. It is a time to retire any debt. Our biggest company — Fonterra — has posted a large loss. The trouble is that much of the real business in NZ is done by networks and trust. We were a small country and everyone knew everyone else — and this is being eroded by immigration and fraud — but that means that our decisions tend to be conservative. This is a very good time to be conservative.

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