Adam gave us a bit of hope this morning. The program of the fifth column: those who were communists in the closet, could be ending. We now need to get rid of the three mousketeers who are socialist internationalists or useful idiots — Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau, and Emmanuel Macron. All three are entrenched in their position by modifications in the electoral laws of their nations, and none of them will resign, regardless.

In the meantime, one of my correspondents sent me an example of the left eating their own. Making ethnic studies compulsory… will work. It will make the majority peoples consider the others as a tribe, not as fellow citizens. That has never ended well.

A measure that would require all California high school students take an ethnic studies course is on hold for at least a year after pro-Israel groups and other critics raised concerns about the curriculum.

The decision was announced Thursday by the author of the bill, Assemblyman Jose Medina, D-Riverside. He said he remained committed to making ethnic studies a graduation requirement, but problems and disagreements with the draft curriculum need “ample time” to be worked out…. Despite his support of ethnic studies, Medina joined other members of the Legislature’s Jewish caucus who objected to portions of a “model” ethnic studies curriculum that is being developed to guide the state’s teachers.

Critics questioned, for example, why Islamophobia is defined in the curriculum’s glossary but not anti-Semitism. Pro-Israel groups, in particular, complained that the curriculum’s brief presentation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one-sided.

Ethnic studies in California have focused mainly on four groups: Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans and indigenous peoples —those present in the Americas before the period of European colonization.

State officials have pledged that there will be substantial changes to the curriculum to make it more inclusive before its final approval, which is scheduled for March. There has also been pushback from some students and ethnic studies teachers in defense of the draft curriculum.

This does not end well. The majority has the numbers, and for the last two centuries conventional conflict has come down to demographics and industralisation. (The only limit is mutually assured destruction, and those players have their own internal problems with their tribunes of the fringes.

A similar dynamic has been playing out with brexit, with the remainers telling everyone that Europe is the strong horse, Britain the weak horse, and supporting Europe (far) against Britain (near) .

In fact of course, Europe is the weak horse, for brexit will likely cause Britain to prosper, and Europe to fall apart. Europe is bluffing from an absurdly weak hand. The British elite love Europe, because they can blame intrusive, stupid, and disruptive regulation on people far away, because they can use the power of far against near. The Common Market made economic sense, because of market economies of scale, but the European Union does not make economic sense for larger countries with larger markets, because of administrative diseconomies of scale, which are biting, and biting hard.

Every time a British bureaucrat meddles, he is saying he is strong, because he is backed by mighty Europe, and the Briton whose life he turns upside down is weak. Government officials love laws that are confusing, contradictory, and incomprehensible, and Europe gives them an ample supply of what they love.

But the referendum made brexit a political issue, whereupon everyone saw the spectacle of remainers siding not just with remain against brexit, but siding with Europe against Britain. Corbyn has sided with every group and faction that is anti British. The squad in America, and brexit in Britain, reveals the leftist strategy of siding with far against near as treasonous and hateful – which gets overlooked if they look like the strong horse, but is apt to burn them when their weakness is revealed. If brexit prevails, the remainers will be burned for supporting Europe against Britain.

The problem with the coalition of the fringes is that fringes have to march endlessly from victory to greater victory, or else normies will notice that the left is not on their side.

They are not on our side. We have a government of three losing parties (Labour, NZ First and the Greens) and they are not on the side of the average Kiwi bloke and blokess.

Our government expects us to trust them. They want the details of our lives at the census, and of our financial dealings at tax time. But they have been too casual with the data. If this was company, their lawyers would be sweating. The woman was on TV last night, saying the required words by rote.

Private details of hundreds of young New Zealanders, including passports, birth certificates and drivers’ licence details, were exposed on a Government website during a digital security breach.

The Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage (MCH) was alerted to the breach by a parent. It has apologised, saying the breach is “completely unacceptable”.

The young people had supplied their details to the MCH as part of their applications to sail on the double-hulled canoe Fa’afaite, as part of the Tuia 250 commemorations marking 250 years since James Cook landed in New Zealand.

The breach could impact 302 people who applied for the programme and provided personal details as part of the process.

All those affected have been contacted, officials say.

At a press conference in Wellington today, MCH chief executive Bernadette Cavanagh and the Government’s chief digital officer, Paul James are outlining the details of the breach.

The breach was discovered on Thursday and the website, a special one set up for the purpose, it was shut down on Friday.

Explaining in detail how the breach was detected, Cavanagh said someone had been fraudulently trying to buy a ticket, believed to be a concert ticket, online using the driver licence ID of one of the Tuia 250 applicants.

The vendor of the ticket thought something was not quite right so contacted the holder of the licence and confirmed that the holder was not the person trying to buy the ticket.

Cavanagh said she sincerely apologised to those impacted by the breach and said it was a “coding error”.

More good news. The UN Relief and Works Agency is corrupt, criminal, probably abusive, and NZ has joined the USA, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands in suspending payments. It took a bit of lobbying, but every win against the globalist tribunate is worth celebrating.

One of the commentators over at Vox Popoli had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. He’s back on his feet, but his voice ss not working that well. Fortunately, he can type. The topic was ungrateful parents, and his comment is worth publicising.

Toxic parents require a great degree of wisdom, patience, and grace to be around. The pain they’ve inflicted pursuing their agenda can be horrifying to recount. The ruin in their wake is stunning. My wife’s father is 89 years old. After a long adventure I do not wish to recount we offered to take him into our home. Prayerfully, with boundaries. We’ve had some real conversations – let me tell you. Over time he received Christ, got sober, started thinking of others and today he volunteers daily answering the phone helping those in need. He is loved and appreciated. Grace is not what we deserve, but it is what we need. Take courage in Christ. Perhaps you may have the great fortune to extend grace. Beau, Vox Popoli

Let us be like Beau. Let us not be like them.