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I found this on Linkedin. There are parallels. During the last depression, there was a narrative of self improvement and self talk. Many people looked in the mirror and recited “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” . This did not help their situation: the depression was being driven by forces beyond their control. The current fad for mindfulness, in the context of (in this case, kicking people out of social housing so the site can be gentrified) has the stench of a secular public ritual humiliation of the victims.

Recognising that people were “stressed”, councillors hired life coaches and “spiritual ministers” to run workshops teaching residents how to progress emotionally. The company behind the workshop, the Happiness Project, was founded by the British positive psychologist Robert Holden, the author of Shift Happens! The firm’s motto was: “Success is a state of mind; happiness is a way of travelling; love is your true power.”

That people about to lose their homes were stressed is hardly surprising. The council encouraged residents to look inwards, towards their brain chemistry, and in doing so cast itself as a solution, rather than a cause of the problem. Its response typified the idea of “magical voluntarism”, which the writer Mark Fisher described as “the belief that it is within every individual’s power to make themselves whatever they want to be”.
The connection between stress and economics is well documented. In their 2009 book The Spirit Level, Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson identified a strong correlation between inequality and poor reported mental health. In a report published last month, Dr Dainius Puras, the UN’s special rapporteur on health, stated that confronting inequality would be a more effective prophylactic for poor mental health than excessive therapy or medication.
Yet governments often opt for treatments that focus on the individual rather than social maladies. “Most don’t want to be thinking about how their policies might be contributing to problems in the first place,” says David Harper, a clinical psychologist at the University of East London.

Hettie O’Brien, New Statesman.

At the same time, the narrative after the last shootings is getting the required results. The internet is becoming less free.

The Chief Censor has offered backing to any ISPs which block 8chan – but companies are wary and experts say the discussion reveals gaps in our regulatory framework.
The founder of 8chan, an online forum with far-right political leanings, has called for it to be shut down after the message board was linked to at least three mass shootings in the past six months.
Now, David Shanks – New Zealand’s Chief Censor – has said he “would support any domestic ISP that decided that in these extreme circumstances they would no longer link NZ customers to 8chan”.
For their part, Kiwi internet providers have so far refused to entertain the idea, even as 8chan’s body count continues to rise.
That we even have to rely on private companies like Spark and Vodafone to take action shows the patchwork regulatory framework for grappling with online hate – particularly when there is a link between hateful words and real-life atrocities.

Marc Daalader, NewsRoom.

That’s all it took for Spark to act. You have to remember that a fair amount of the funding for NZ big corporates is from NZ pension funds — and their executive officers often have spent time working for the NZ civil service. Spark used to be a state owned enterprise (Telecom NZ, or the NZ Post Office if you go back far enough).

New Zealand’s biggest ISP said it would prefer to see intervention by the censor’s office, but in light of 8chan’s role in terrorism from Christchurch to Texas, access would be blocked should the site resurface.
New Zealand’s biggest internet service provider says it will block 8chan after the extremist website was implicated in the white supremacist terror attack in El Paso, Texas, on the weekend.
A hotbed of racism, extremism and hate speech, 8chan was the online forum chosen by the alleged terrorist to post his “manifesto”, which explicitly linked the attack, targeting non-white people in the Hispanic-majority city, to the March mosque attacks in Christchurch.
The site, a now infamous incubator of white supremacists, is currently offline, but Spark will suspend access to it if and when it re-emerges, CEO Jolie Hodson revealed last night.
Explaining the decision, Spark’s head of corporate relations, Andrew Pirie, said that it was reluctant ever to block online content, but “with respect to one particular platform, which has shown egregious behaviour on a consistent basis, we think this is the right thing to do.”

Toby Manhire, The Spinoff.

The fact this may backfire has not occured to our elite, or that (just perhaps) the policies of the last twenty years have made young men who see killing as many civilians as possible a worthwhile end. A root cause analysis either apples to all peoples of this world, or to none. It’s very easy to blame social movements for extremists (often who disagree with the aforementionedl social movement)

Public schools are now dedicated to teaching children to hate Christianity, to hate their parents, to hate capitalism — to hate America — and a crucial part of this curriculum is systematic indoctrination about race, gender and sexuality: White heterosexual males are evil!
Having been taught (at taxpayer expense) that their lives are worthless, young white males internalize a suicidal sense of self-hatred, and then everyone acts surprised when some pathetic young loser decides that it would be cool to end his life with a mass-murder rampage.
Next time one of these massacres happens, will anyone in the media mention the role of public education in turning boys into killers? No, of course not, because the media is part of the same system.

The Other McCain.

Needless to say, this old, white, reformed Christian is unimpressed. With the murder, with the kumbaya pablum taught at schools, and with our media who are encouraging their own regulation.

On a more positive note, the use of high intensity and very low intensity exercise works. At present, the beloved and I are going from lazy keto to strict keto, which is a struggle. The alternatives are ten minutes of High Intensity or an hour walk. One or the other. I needs to work, because I need to be 20 lbs lighter to do what I want in the gym and on the road. These things we can control. Let the elite worry about that which they cannor rule — the hearts of their fellow men.

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2 years ago

Thank you for the linkage. I am actually looking forward to the increased fall structure because I have a much easier time sticking to my eating plan under those circumstances.

You’re so right about the schools. There is an all-out war against the truth. I wish more Christian parents were less oblivious about that.