I need to find less boring titles.

I want to start by acknowledging a person in the wider community who has passed on. He tended to be on places I don’t go often, but he spoke truth. This quote applies to those who have been burned, as I have, but then make the choice to continue to grow families and marry, knowing that our society is trying to nuke all marriages, and make all children pozzed and vulnerable.

Life ain’t much different then a boxing match.
The other side has their own plan trying to win their own fight at your expense and it’s unrealistic to think you’ll win every round but you can always win the next round. Or maybe the best you can manage is winning the next fight. Sometimes you knock so,e fucker out in the 1st round. Other times You get caught by suprise and it’s your knees buckling in the 1st round. You get knocked down, you do your best to come back swinging smarter and harder. Sometimes you fight hard as hell for 15 rounds and the best you can manage is loosing. Don’t rightly matter because if you fight hard and loose folks will still pay to see you fight again and you’re still in the money.
Divorced against your will, so to speak,? Well you probably can’t win that round but you can win the next round and the next fight.
Or you can loose a couple of rounds then lay down and die. Just don’t expect anyone to respect that shit.


I use boring titles at times to hide what I’m talking about. This will change, as will the composing system — I am using the old wordpress system rather than Gutenbergy because Gutenberg is simply awful, and awfully slow.

From my days of running cross country, I can confirm: if you look at the ditch or rock that will sprain your ankle you will hit it. And if you consider negatives, you will end up like that which you do not want to be. The correction is to look at what you want to be, and where you want to go. But that requires that you love others, the truth, beauty, and God. Our world does not want to to find that in any internet search.

When Google was launched the company’s unofficial motto was, “Don’t be evil.” The problem with a negative clause is the brain’s filtering system and how it analyses information. For example, you’re driving down the road and suddenly you begin repeating to yourself, “Don’t hit the rock, don’t hit the rock.” In that moment the brain locks on to the main body of the sentence. In other words the brain simply hears, ‘hit the rock’.
Which you do. What you want to focus on is not what you want to avoid but rather where you actually want to go.
For its almost 20 years of existence, every Google employee has been doing their job while assimilating the phrase ‘be evil’ in their subconscious. And they’ve be living down to expectations.

Adam Piggott.

While I’m thinking about changes, I’m keeping Statcounter and trialling Slimstat to see if it works. Please note that I’m avoiding WordPress. There are too many downsides with their terms adn conditions: I use their software but not their network.

And it is better to avoid crowds, virtual or in real life.

I find the deurbanization element to be particularly significant, as the almost-instinctive desire to get out of the cities I’ve been observing among savvier people all over the world for the last ten years tend to fly in the face of the economic and social impulses that continue to draw young people into the cities like sacrifices to Moloch.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli

In the meantime, there is a good review up for the latest Larry and Sarah Monster Hunters Book. On the to read list: I read instead the first Liberation Wars anthology from Kratman’s world. I appreciated that New Zealand (which he called Wellington, sadly. Wellington is yet another Liberal Hellhole, run at present by the greens, but forunately sitting on one of the bigger fault lines in New Zealand) had two stories, and in one he managed to isolate two characters clearly based on certain trollish politicians. No, you have to read it. Kiwis will get it instantly.

I have a soft spot for anthologies in universes, particularly dsytopian ones, and the Carreraverse has hope within it (Kratman is Catholic, after all) but the UN has gone full moron and resurrected the Hindu caste system with slavery as a side dish. Some tyrants have to be taken down, and the way this happened (and more nicely, the way liberals get pantsed) is partially a manual, and partially good story telling.

For in the end, flawed or not, our humanity betrays our ideology.

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2 years ago

thank you for sharing 🙂 .
to my knowledge, we do not know whether or not he has passed from this life to the next. we do know he’s been MIA for almost two months which is very uncharacteristic of him 🙁 .

If this is true, May he rest in peace, and his family find comfort in the arms of the Almighty. Amen.
– – –

Adam’s comment is powerful, too, and i’ve seen that lived out. my ex-in-laws lived exactly like that. there was another ministry couple they served with whom they did not like. at all. and i cannot even begin to count the number of times they said, “Do not be like the ____’s.”

one day i had about enough of that and said to my FIL, “Y’all couldn’t be like the ____’s if you tried!” that didn’t go over well. it had become ingrained into them as their life-mantra.

the truth is that the ____’s were a lovely family, their surviving children went on to do great things in their lives. and my ex-in-laws have become excessively bitter, mean, hateful, and judgemental people. i probably would be able to walk away from them and their evil ways easier if not for the fact that they are my daughters’ grandparents.

their example has motivated me to live life for the positive, not the negative. i think i’ll hop over to Adam’s and share this there, too.

2 years ago

The good ‘ol boy is no longer among us? Whoa.

If this is true, May he rest in peace, and his family find comfort in the arms of the Almighty.