Immigration is anticultural.

I referred to SFC Ton a couple of days ago. The author has reposted this at her own blog, and I’m linking to it. It is worth noting that he was aware of the issues we are discussing today — and if those who hate our nation are worried (about their safety as immigrants) they can go live elsewhere.

I’m sure the woke will say that SFC Ton was phobic. Because he spoke truth about their vectors of destruction.

This is via Adam, but it sums up the issue with immigration. At a certain point the immigrants are not a minority assimilating into the host culture, they are a colony. this is happening in NZ. With Americans, bringing in Green Terror, Libertarianism, and a sense that the moral rules we used to have that led to a functional society are outmoded. They abandoned God, Christ, then King and Empire, then nobility, truth, and justice, and are now abandoning life.

On a humorous note, 4Chan wants Trump to give us the word, and 70,000 of us will migrate illegally to Greenland, take it over demographically, and then vote to secede, and join the US. Ironically, it would work.

Historically, this is how Hawaii became the 50th State of the Union.

The NZ euthanasia bill is in final committee stages, and the rearguard action is in place. This is one of the real tests. Woodhouse, unmentioned in the paper, is Catholic, and he’s talking about Catholic owned services, often run in part by religious orders. They do a lot of good. There are parallels with the Presbyterians and other mainline denominations who historically ran rest homes and aged care because someone had to meet the need. These regulations have to have an objection status. Canada did not do this.

My prayer is that the bill will die at the third reading.

Dunedin National list MP Michael Woodhouse has stepped into the euthanasia debate, introducing an amendment to the End Life Choice Bill to allow organisations to have a conscientious objection to assisted dying in their facilities.

The Bill, sponsored by Act New Zealand leader David Seymour is back before Parliament today.
The contentious legislation is at its committee stage and a raft of proposed amendments have been introduced by opponents to try to slow its progress through the House.
Mr Woodhouse, who before entering Parliament ran surgical and aged-care facilities, said many organisations offering critical and palliative care were set up by groups with beliefs opposed to assisted dying.
”They may be faith-based or have a mission of care that recognises that dying is a natural part of life and that, while good care at the end of life is important, death should not be hastened.”
Mr Seymour had proposed to amend the Bill to allow individual clinicians to refuse to take part in an assisted dying process if they had a conscientious objection and it was only right to extend that to organisations, Mr Woodhouse said.

David Seymour the sole ACT (libertarian) MP is sponsoring the euthanasia bill, and over the last decade or so his party has been ineffective in halting the rot. However, at times he does speak the truth — the gun buyback in NZ is failing. I would add that the Tories (National) and nationalist cucks (NZ First) have noted that many of their supporters hunt, and they don’t want the police turning them into criminals. Getting further legislation through parliament will be hard — Labour plus the Greens do not have a majority.

I have been told that only fifteen per cent of known military style semi-automatic owners have attended a buy-back event, and in some cases they have only handed in some of their firearms to test the water. In reality, perhaps only one-in-ten of known MSSAs have been handed in, and that still leaves the unknowns out there.
“Not content to go by anecdote, I looked at the Government’s own figures. According to a Police press release on Friday:
Five weeks into the buy-back scheme, 7573 firearms owners have been processed, handing in a total of 10,844 prohibited firearms and 46,129 parts and accessories.
The amount compensated to firearms owners is a total of $22.4 million.
“According to the buy-back price list, the average part in ‘new or used condition’ is $179. If Police paid the average for parts, then $8.3 million was spent buying parts. That leaves $14.1 million to buy 10,844 prohibited firearms, or $1,300 per firearm.
“According to the price list, however, the average centre-fire semi-automatic rifle – the type used in the Christchurch tragedy – costs nearly twice that, at $2,556 in used condition.
“The only logical conclusion is that the taxpayer is buying a lot of junk. Old and low-powered firearms in poor condition are being handed in, bringing down the average price. Meanwhile, the buy-back is not being effective at attracting high-powered firearms at all.
“In addition to the quality of firearms being handed in, there is the number per person. From the Police release:
Five weeks into the buy-back scheme, 7,573 firearms owners have been processed, handing in a total of 10,844 prohibited firearms and 46,129 parts and accessories.
“These numbers suggest that most people are handing in one firearm. However, if estimates of 1.5 million firearms in New Zealand and 250,000 licensed firearm owners are correct, then the average person has six.
“The Government could easily clear all of this up by releasing a breakdown of the types of firearms they have attracted, but I suspect they will not want to accept that the situation is much worse than the headline figures.

Liberals are liberals — because they are internationalist (and have been since Marx, if not Napoleon). It’s far better to accept that we are in nations, and nations are different in customs and way of life. Mass immigration destroys this. The current hatred of the majority is a consequence of the liberals encouraging the destruction of the people. They want to elect a more amenable population instead.

And this has generally, over history, led to evil.

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2 years ago

thank you.

i was talking with my daughter about ‘diversity’ this week. it’s not that ‘color’ matters … what matters is what people believe. we are a nation founded on Christian principles. when you bring/allow in enough people who hate Christianity, you divide the country … and the Bible says a house divided will not stand. God is so firm on this that He wiped out whole groups of peoples who hated Him.

we need to protect our families and our nation from those whose sole purpose is to do harm. unfortunately, there are many 🙁

Ton did/does understand this better than most. he knew what those people stand for and how they patiently and methodically plan for generations to take down a country.