I need some motivation. Nothing like a few wormtounges and heretics trying to redefine biblical and the Bible. Gunner Q notes this among the Baptists.

To Mark Dever, “Biblical” does not mean “pertaining to God’s Word”. “Biblical” means “I tricked you into taking me seriously”. “MY theology, MY understanding of the Gospel, but first, I want to make you uncertain about your own beliefs.”
These are the people who are abandoning your project, Tom. The children of the Devil Himself, who is real and not merely the villain of a really good book. Do not consider them peers. Do not seek unity with them. Do not assume they are disagreeing with you in good faith. Praise God, thump the Bible and denounce the Social Justice that has overtaken the SBC!
People will buy tickets to a show like that.

Gunner Q

In the general news — the rule of always waiting 48 hours before commenting applies. The leaked autopsy comments on Epstein’s death in jail are interesting. I think the authorities are correct to keep their options open. Epstein had too much dirt on too many people. There is evil in this world, and the battle is ongoing.

What these lukewarm Christians need is to be confronted with the full face of evil. Let them personally witness human sacrifices, black sabbaths, and elite sex rituals. Perhaps then they will begin to understand that Christianity concerns, first and foremost, never-ending conflict with the fallen world, not peace with it.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli

Truer words were never spoken. I tend to think people mistake the kind of internal peace that comes from surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ for being at peace with the world. They could not be more opposed.

Also, red flags go up when Christians talk about losing their faith and being happy or at peace about it. I have a Christian friend who feels like he’s losing his faith, and he’s utterly anguished about it. That seems to me the proper response of someone on the precipice who genuinely understands the core of his religion.

Stickwick, Vox Popoli

Do not be them. Do not be like them. And know this: in your worship of God, the leader of the worship does not matter. It is God that matters.

Good advice from the Didact. My short version: if gender studies graduates are there, leave. You can tell them by their ugly haircuts, problem glasses, unfitness, and hair that is not a colour found in nature. (Regardless of self assigned gender).

You have to read the entire thing: it talks about costly disciplines: forgiveness, gratitude, speaking the truth, acting in the truth, and leaving the corporate bubble. If you are married, your wife is your ally and use the Spence rule: never be alone with a woman except for her. A godly wife is truly above rubies. A foolish wife, will nuke her family, destroy her marriage, and then blame anyone but herself.

You will find literally hundreds of blog posts over six years providing direct solutions to all of the problems you have listed, but here are a few from my experience to spare you some effort:
Don’t hire women into your workplaces or teams. Don’t join all-female or majority-female companies. Don’t work in female-heavy industries. Don’t be in any meeting room alone with a woman – ensure that all of your conversations with them are recorded and that at least one other witness is present.
Don’t send your kids to public universities – put them in trade schools instead. If you do attend a university, do a technical degree at a serious school that teaches serious subjects – whether it be Oklahoma Wesleyan University for a small Christian school, or CalTech/MIT/U Chicago for research.
Homeschool your kids. Go to church regularly, engage in fellowship and brotherhood with your Christian brothers (if you are a Christian, that is), and make sure that your church isn’t cucked out.
Don’t give your money to big globalist corporations that promote misandrist garbage, like Gillette – for instance, switch to using safety razors and shave soap, which will give you a vastly better shave than anything that Gillette can come up with.
Spend time in male-dominated clubs and societies, such as shooting ranges, hunting groups, and serious martial arts dojos. Girls generally dislike direct physical conflict and stress, so you will find brotherhood, fellowship, and guidance in those places, and so will your sons.

Didact’s Reach.

The Atlantic despise those who seek the truth, and do not adhere to the globalist feminist rainbow of tolerance. We are the enemy. We are the Goldstein. We must be shut down, silenced [1]

The idea that feminism is decadent, and is destroying Western civilization; the idea that women’s natural role is to have children, and to be subservient to men; the idea that strong men are needed to save the world through violence—all of these arguments are found across extremist websites, and in the words of shooters themselves. Anti-feminist rhetoric is a powerful gateway to violent white nationalism, and it is calculated to appeal to the demographic overwhelmingly responsible for mass shootings: young white men.

Helen Lewis, The Atlantic.

These women need to check their privilege. They are insulated from the consequences of their actions. They are credentialed but idiots — and they don’t have enough original thoughts to be considered intellectuals. They do not improve the nation: they destroy it. But they have been fisked. Good and proper.

That is, the typical far left Democrat is a highly educated white person with a well above average income. They are the very picture of the “privilege” described by intersectionality theory. In order to assuage their guilt at their own privilege, to make themselves feel like they are “giving back”, to justify their own perpetuation of that privilege in their children and so on, they very openly, vocally and vehemently support every single SJW cause they can in a rigid, lockstep way that is every bit as intolerant of dissent in its social ranks as any 1950s Christian community ever was. And as for the Republicans in their midst, it’s more or less fine if these people disagree with them about tax rates and regulation, as long as they are on board for the SJW social issues — because being on board for those social issues is the litmus test of one’s personal morality for this social class. It is how one demonstrates one’s moral bona fides in a post-religious era. (In fact many, including me, see it as an emergent pseudo-religion of its own, but that’s a large topic for another thread.)
This is why the entire social right has to be demonized, and in a way that the economic right or the hawk right does not. It’s all about how the elite class (which includes the writers at places like The Atlantic, for certain) perceives its own moral justification for its position of privilege — it’s all around the social left, and the issues embraced by SJWs and intersectionality theory. Therefore the entire social right has to be demonized as immoral, evil and beyond the pale — and the way you do that is by linking the entire social right, all of it, to “white supremacy”, which is a code word for KKK-style white racism. However tenuous the tie, it’s critical to make the association so that the meme spreads that anything that is not SJW-style social leftism is associated with KKK-style racism. Against abortion? You’re a white supremacist (aka KKK). Against unlimited immigration? You’re a white supremacist (aka KKK). Against the excesses of #metoo? You’re also a white supremacist, because some people who are white supremacists read the same blogs as people who are critical of #metoo, so you’re all tied to white supremacy, and therefore you’re all white supremacists and essentially the KKK. And so on.

This division of people into deplorables and elite is not good for society. What makes it worse is that the elite are the pagans, and the deplorables those with faith — indeed if you have faith our elite count you as a deplorable despite any skills, status or credentials.

Be not like them.

  1. I do not approve of Tarrant, but all inmates have the right to send and receive mail. (He is currently on remand: he has not had a trial). Posting that mail on /pol/ was inevitable. The correct response to feminists is to make a family, and leave them to their cats. For the personal is familial, and families together make a nation.