The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

The sexual revolution did no one any favours. Even those who got a fair amount of action are, in their later years, regretful, or are being sued. The rules around consent and disclosure are casuistic , pharisaic, and the penalties huge. The accepted rules of morality — families leading to children, and encouraging fidelity within marriage and marriage for those who desire — work without huge amounts of propaganda and subsidy.

The revolution may be in its last stages, to be one with East Germany and the Soviet Union. It is worth noting that the beginning of the end was the denouncement of Stalin and correction by the Soviets. At that point, they were not seen as new gods making a new soviet man, but fallen tyrants, to be resisted. The fall then took time.

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It’s striking, then, that the last decade has seen some acknowledgment that the loosening of sexual mores in the ’60s had its victims. In 2010, a horrifying Der Spiegel article urged the German left to look honestly at its past. “The members of the 1968 movement and their successors,” wrote Jan Fleischhauer and Wiebke Hollersen, “were caught up in a strange obsession about childhood sexuality.” Fashionable kindergarten networks openly discussed whether sex with children should be part of the program. The influential magazine Kursbuch (circulation: 50,000) printed naked pictures of toddlers, whose sexual activity with adults was described. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, today a prominent E.U. politician, wrote about “five-year-old girls who had already learned to proposition me” and later remarked: “When a little five-year-old girl starts undressing, it’s great, because it’s a game. It’s an incredibly erotic game.”
In Britain, similarly revolting tales have been plucked from the dustbin of history. It’s been remembered that the Paedophile Information Exchange achieved respectability in progressive circles: Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee has recalled her “sinking feeling that in another five years or so, their aims would eventually be incorporated into the general liberal credo, and we would all find them acceptable.” Other aspects of the sexual revolution also look different in hindsight. David Steel, the architect of Britain’s abortion liberalization, has said he never expected “anything like” the number of abortions that followed.
Hollywood, which did so much to foster the revolution, has started to have second thoughts. As Kyle Smith recently pointed out, in a decade and a half Roman Polanski went from receiving a standing ovation at the Oscars to being kicked out of the Academy.

Dan Hitchens, First Things.

Mundabor, who follows American Politics more closely than I do, notes that the left are not winning — they are losing. I’d note that they can still do a lot of damage in their losing.

The best case (the selection of Harris, Sanders or Warren) will create another McGovern situation. The less best case (the selection of Biden) will put Trump in front of a candidate he can, and will, eat for breakfast, particularly after this candidate has veered to the left to secure the nomination in the first place. If it’s not McGovern, it will be Mondale.
All this is being observed by those, among our adversaries, who still have a head on their shoulders. But they have no guts to openly challenge the Socialist Mob, lest they be branded traitors and Trump’s fifth columns forever. There is, therefore, currently no way for the Baby Killers to get out of the hole they have digged for themselves.
Granted, as the convention gets nearer and has passed, we will see more moderate tones in a desperate, late attempt to lure the sane and the normal. But months of insanity will not be forgotten, and even Creepy Joe will find it very difficult to flip-flop again.
It we keep White House and Senate, it will be eight years of Judicial Appointments Party. Already that will repair a good part of the US and, God willing, pave the way for the end of legal baby killing.
We are, I think, about to witness another 1972, or another 1984.
Libtards don’t “do” history.
They keep making the same mistakes again and again.


Getting rid of abortion and euthanasia is a good start, and that is how I will be voting next year when the Kiwi election cycle happens. (Our so called “right wing” libertarian party has shown itself to be in favour of societal corruption, and it too will fade as soon as it is no longer the Tories useful poodle).

And do not he like them. The tide is turning, and do not follow them to failure.