Time for Tumbleweed.

This started with a problem on the desktop, which has run Fedora for… about five years. I need something that will handle photo manipulation and deal with scanners. Lightweight distros don’t cut it. But DNF is currently — borked. The entire thing is locked down, not able to work. So I do what any geek would do — lose a night trying to fix it.

The trouble with Fedora is that it can and does break. Unacceptable on a work machine. Manjaro sort of works well most days — as does debian. But sid is unstable, and testing not good. So… time to test out Tumbleweed again.

First thing was — back up the hard disk on my old acer laptop (my second, older, laptop now won’t even boot and is heading to the electronic scrapheap.

Having done that, download, and use BalenaEtcher to burn to USB.

The install went fairly well. I chose to try KDE plasma, which has improved, and to avoid deepin at present. The initial boot looked like this (before install nvidia drivers, which is the first thing I did after connecting with wifi)

Once that was done, the laptop was stabilized, and seems to be working fairly well. Some investigations found that most of the software I like is available in Opensuse — I have set it up before. What I did notice is that plasma desktop — which I have not used for about two years — is now mature and useable. Since I don’t like gnome, will probably stick to it with xfce as a backup.

Onto the server. First thing — back it up. I have a very large USB stick, but I do have three hard drives that need to be saved to it — all smaller than the USB. The machine is ancient, and kept on crunching. In the end, left it running in command line.

Back to laptop. OpenSuse is configurable — I can remove kmail (does not work with gmail, which I have not yet quite replaced) and installed thunderbird, falkon, opera, darktable, and colour calibration.

Checked for updates — none as yet. I note that there are various webcomics and tweaks to the appearance which I’ll play with. OpenSuse seems to be as fast as or faster than Fedora — and more stable, already, than Arch.

Have been using if tor a few days. Some difficulty with rkward>: not as much the programme but it plays badly with ggplot. Will need to install R and stop using the gui — which is what I do most of the time on the mac, where I avoid R commander. Have not installed spotify. My bluetooth mouse is working well.

I tried a netinstall from DVD onto the main desktop server at work, having backed everything up. This did not work. I will, after a break, burn a DVD for OpenSuse tumbleweed and try that.