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What are the woke afraid of? The melanin deficient. Yes, the woke are useful idiots, and yes, their masters are irrational, but there are memes about white supremacy and how all goodthinkers must oppose this. Here we have to turn to Brother Zed, who usefully defines the phenomenon. I think they conflate the neopagans and nazis, who are few, with the many.

I should note that the NZ media tend to take their ideas from CNN, which no one in America watches.

One of the features of current year America is the occurrence of panics, particularly among the managerial elite. The most recent is the White Fright, where the media is hysterically reporting every disturbance as the act of white supremacists. This panic appears to have been triggered by the El Paso shooting, but it is a manifestation of a much longer occurring paranoia among the managerial classes. It dates back to at least the last presidential election and has roots in the Obama years.

The underlying assumption of the White Fright is a belief that whites are secretly organizing to overthrow the current order and impose some sort of pale patriarchy on the country. These white supremacists are everywhere and look just like normal everyday white people, so any white person could possibly be one of them. These people can, at any moment, turn into a violent spree killer, if exposed to certain kinds of content called “hate speech” which is found on-line.

The similarities to medieval witch hunting are too obvious not to notice. The adversary is not something that appears in material form. Like Old Scratch, white supremacy is an evil spirit that works through the infected. Once under the control of white supremacy, the person no longer has agency. Not surprisingly, like the accused witches in Salem, the modern white supremacist is most likely to be someone that vexes the moral authorities, either by their presence or by their actions.

Now, many on the Right have been conditioned to look at this stuff and come up with an explanation that makes the Left seem less nutty.

Adam is on a roll. Leaving wordpress has been good for him. What has happened in NZ is that the white population has stayed stable, while the new immigrants have swamped the indigenous, and everyone is talking about white supremacy as if it is terrorism, genocide, and worse than Hitler or the Russians. Most if is about as real as Russian collusion. But a meme to annoy them — a real (old) advertisement, I think from Persia.

The thing is, white people haven’t perpetuated many genocides. The Turks did the first two, first of all against the Greeks and then a second shot at the Armenians, and then the Jews did the big one in Russia, and then Germany apparently did one back to the Jews in retaliation, and then China did a really big one, and then Cambodia got in on the act, and then the Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s gave it a really good going over, and there was a little one in the former Yugoslavia, but that was small cheese.

So let’s add it up. The horrible Ottomans score a big double, and even a triple if you count their descendants in the former Yugoslavia. The Jews have one, and then the Asians have a couple, and bringing up the rear are the blacks and the whites with one each.

Oh well, it’s not as if the blacks are known for their educations.

I got that list from the old Wikipedia so it must be true. But a lot of the genocides show figures under 5% of the population. If that constitutes a genocide then we already have a genocide against white people in Australia. Australia’s white population has plummeted since the 1970s. And the progs are arguing when it suits them that reducing a population is the same as killing a population.

Adam, Pushing Rubber Downhill

By Adam’s rubric, Planned Parenthood is guilty of genocide, for they have aborted well over 5% of black pregnancies for a generation or two. But they don’t worry about that: they are too busy defending and promoting cannabalism. No wonder China wants to have nothing to do with our elite: they saw the Red Guards do the same, and they have not forgotten.

On browsers, there are currently problems with both the firefox and chromium codebase. I can’t use webmail: working in wordpress is difficult, as is accessing shared documents (google docs works on chromium, of course). I am getting better results with Opera or Dissenter. Mileage always varies with this. What I am seeing is that certain sets of open source tools are now considered badthink, and using them leads to deplatforming. This happened to spinster, because they used gab code.

The antiwoke purity spiral is getting more incoherently stupid by the hour. The news no longer reflects reality. We ere retreating to books and old movies and dog walks.

But it is starting to affect real lives and real people in New Zealand. Consider this:

The lady in my story has lived in New Zealand for 19 years and she attends a Greek Orthodox church. There is no Orthodox church in Tauranga so she attends church services in Auckland, Wellington or at the Holy Monastery in Levin.

The prayer that she was harassed about is called Akathist, which means “unseated hymn” and is dedicated to a Saint, the Virgin Mary or God.

Nearly a million people across the world have agreed to pray together by the Akathists. Times are set and they adjust to their time-zone so that they are all praying together, at the same time.

This Prayer by agreement is the prayer of many people praying simultaneously in different parts of the earth.

Tauranga airport doesn’t have a prayer room but during this year and last year she has prayed in public in the same manner throughout Asia, Europe and even in Dubai, and she has never received a complaint or comment. This mirrors the experience of the Christian street preacher who has been doing what he has been doing for more than 19 years. Like her, it was only this year that his freedom of speech was censored.


This is not someone praying in front of people and making a display. This is private devotions: there is a fear from some of any Christian display of worship. To worship or to pray is deemed offensive by the woke.

And this is different from the street preacher — he did his duty and confronted.

In the meantime, Jordon Peterson has shown he does not have a sense of humour. Again.

In real life, we spent today trying to sort out our oven, which has a habit of smoking. It has inserts that are supposed to attract grease and then burn them off. Not working. We have criteria for a replacement if we can’t get it working — and that will be expensive. Which is why we have cash reserves, and don’t listen to financial planners.

I’d add that we don’t have a month’s worth of food in the house: we have a garden, and limit carbs. We do have a month’s salary saved for emergencies. We may need to dip into it to get the pyrolytic oven that we really wanted two years ago but compromised on. Sometimes economies are false [1]. (We live at the end of a supply chain: Fisher and Paykel started in NZ making appliances because importing them was not cost effective. If F&P made a 60 cm pyrolytic oven we would get that — it would be cheaper and probably better. They do not.)

Alia and I had already talked about other investments – having a month’s worth of food around the house. Being prepared for emergencies. Having a set of jumper cables in the car. These are small things, but they can do everything from making your life more convenient when you accidentally leave the lights on, to saving your life when that first aid kit pays off.

I’m not saying that we are the best people in the world with money. People are more important than money, and too many people with money want to be seen as good thinkers, out of misplaced guilt.

They want to be part of the elite, when the elite are making foolishness mandatory.

1. The other options are OEM ovens without local repair (which is what we have now), or require we reconfigure the kitchen, which costs a lot more. A basic oven here is less… but much more than in the states.

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2 years ago

I recommend a wood burning stove. It heats your house and cooks your food. The best part of course is that it needs wood, which you can source yourself when times are tricky. Look at this stove headache as a blessed opportunity to limit your dependence on the grid. I used an old one for many years when I lived up in the Italian Alps. It was wonderful. Secondhand will be your best bet but here are some ideas:


Here’s a secondhand model for sale in Italy. Same one that I used for years: