Why the woke are hated.

Thesis one: the progressive left have lost control of patriotism. From Stacey McCain — and I should note that there is now a nascent South Island independance movement, generally despised, as is Salvini, by all the woke (the current useful idiots) and their masters.

In majority white countries, they are hated. In majority Chinese countries, or Isreali countries, or African countries, the majority is still hated.

At a time when Italy’s political establishment was dominated by the interests of its more backward southern provinces, Lega Nord advocated independence for Italy’s prosperous northern region (“Padania”), and thus was a secessionist movement. This phenomenon caught the attention of certain intellectuals in the United States, who saw in Lega Nord an omen of a future in which the large nation-states constructed in the 19th and 20th centuries might be disaggregated. Why should “lines on the map” be considered sacrosanct? The breakup of the Soviet Union, the return of independence to Eastern Europe, the separation of the Czech Republic from Slovakia, and the civil war that turned the former Yugoslavia into several separate countries — all of these events seemed to be pointing toward a future of reorganization and realignment.

It was this emergent trend that inspired the formation of the League of the South in 1994, advocating “the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people.” Six years later, the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the League a “racist hate group.” My former association with the League (circa 1996-97) then became the basis of smearing me as a “white supremacist,” even though it could be shown from contemporaneous emails that I had argued strongly against any racialist platform. But facts don’t matter to the SPLC, which has since lost all credibility as an arbiter of “hate.”

The past 25 years, as the intelligent reader must perceive, have validated the judgment of those who, like League of the South president Michael Hill, saw in the Lega Nord an omen of future political trends. What propelled Salvini’s Lega and other “right-wing” nationalist movements into prominence was the phony “refugee” crisis that began in 2014, which was a predictable consequence of the so-called “Arab Spring” that Hillary Clinton’s State Department endorsed (and perhaps orchestrated via the CIA). In Italy, as in other European countries, the unprecedented influx of “refugees” was welcomed by the Left and respectable centrists, and this center-left consensus in favor of the foreign invasion (to call it what it actually was) understandably provoked a reaction that favored the so-called “far right.” If the only alternative to surrendering your country to foreigners is an “extremist” party, every patriot will become an extremist.

Thesis two: the woke lie. I particularly like the rubbish bags my local council uses that are so expensive that having a private contractor put all your refuse in the landfill is cheaper. Besides, Australia has a lot of bankrupt mining companies with open cast pits that need filling.

Most green companies rely on state subsidies to survive. Solar (with current technology) has a 20 year payback where I live. It is far better and cheaper to coppice some trees for firewood.

How about that; we haven’t been recycling this stuff at all. We’ve simply been throwing it all together and shipping it off to China of all places to then be stored in landfill. We were also shipping it to Indonesia but they told us to stop sending the crap over a year ago. Imagine that; a country the size of Australia with all of its available desert for landfill was shipping waste to Indonesia which has approximately 0.0000001% of free land available and that is already covered with rubbish.

Do you have any idea how much energy is required to ship waste to China? The engines on a modern ship have horsepower measured in the tens of thousands. You don’t go $100 million into debt in a business that is profitable, which should make it very clear even for the most dimwitted of you that there is no money in recycling outside of aluminum.

That we have a waste crisis in a country that has more space for landfill than anywhere else in the world is appalling. The fact that we were dumping our shit in other countries so as to continue the illusion that recycling is “saving the planet” is beyond shameful. And now that recycling has been exposed as the ironically polluting scam that it is, what do we hear from the people that perpetuated this fraud and the idiots that eagerly participated in it?

Crickets, people. Crickets. The sound of silence.

Thesis three: the woke will take your kids. Again from Adam Piggot to begin with, who is describing how children’s aid uplifted a teenage girl from her parents because they did not approve of her being sexually diverse.

Attached to this is an ugly truth: the woke do not procreate. They are parasites: they need the religious people to do their duty: be wed, and make the world peopled. Then they want to steal our children.

Being a Christian and following the Catholic faith is not hard in of itself. It is hard to do well, of course; we are all sinners. But being able to follow your faith in Satanic times is much more of a challenge. There are many opportunities to discount or abandon your faith and these are often cloaked in benign language. Such as the encouragement here for the parents to get with the times. The DCF worker was technically correct to say this as the times they are indeed a-changing. Whether or not the changes are for the better is seemingly unimportant for proponents of modern ideology.

The exhortation for the couple to evolve their religion is a sneaky way to attempt to trick them into abandoning their religion which should be obvious but I assume would be somewhat effective in the pressure of an emotional confrontation of this sort when the threat of the loss of your child is hanging over you. The DCF worker is on the right side of history as far as they are concerned. I imagine they would have been frustrated at the uncooperative attitude of the strange people who insisted on continuing to follow an outdated and old fashioned religion.

Thesis four: the woke insist on regulating all activities and all thought. They talk about fighting stereotypes, but what they really want is to make a newspeak, a new English, where dissent has no words. As if we will not create new ones. In the UK gender stereotypes are now banned in advertisements. This is going to fail.

A gender stereotype is showing a mother pushing a pram, as I think youse English guys say, or a stroller, as we say. Look most anywhere and, given common experience, the chance a woman is pushing the stroller is greater than fifty percent.

Except Brooklyn, where the probability is inverted. If in that hip borough you hear “I just saw a person pushing a stroller” you’re more likely to conjure an image of a bearded man wearing the exact same clothing—down to the socks—as every other bearded man, a bar of Soy Delicious sticking out his back pocket, and a haunted look in his eyes.

Context matters. But that, as regular readers know, is always true. All probability is conditional. That means all stereotypes are conditional, too.

Biology is a condition. Hence the high probability of a breast feeding female. And of a woman mothering a child. The verb is a stereotype, once common in the English language, and based on biology and simple, extended, indeed overwhelming observation.

There is, however, a cure. Stop trying to signal virtue. Stop being woke. You might, even, to your shock, get your life back.