Wednesday Kipple

The trouble is in this fallen time no one can tell a good pastiche. Kipling’s conceit is to write this pastiche as if Chaucer was looking at cars and the new motor vehicle laws. The Consolations of Memory Circa 1904 Done out of Boethius by Geoffrey Chaucer — The Muse Among the Motors (1900-1930) Blessed […]


26 Sept 19

There is a reason that the state wants to educate our children. They do not want them educated in the way they should go. They do not want them to see danger, or snares. They want them trapped by debt and injustice. They want them never to hear the truth but only the words of […]

Lectionary Life

25 Sept 19

One of the things that annoys me is that the young are being disabused of any hope and thus being turned into political pawns. When I was the age of Greta Thunberg we were worried about thermonuclear destruction and were protesting about the Reagan missile defence system while the ecologists talked about a coming ice […]