Technical Monday (purge mozilla).

I am in the process of rationalising this place, by setting up a schedule which will be sort of followed.

Lectionary Daily
Technical and geeky issues Monday
Imagist and modern poetry Tuesday
Kipling Wednesday.
Thursday Church Fathers (Patrisitics)
Friday Weekbook of quotes and links
Saturday Fitness journal
Sunday Sonnet

This week, I am in the process of removing Mozilla from my life. What’s happening (note that I use both macs and linux boxes)

  1. I have installed gnome on debian on the server and then used

    to add gnome. I have not used gnome for about two years, and it is much improved. In particular, evolution is now faster and more stable than thunderbird. Thunderbird is going, going, gone.

  2. Firefox has been broken for a while now. Both the ESR version that Debian uses as default and the rapidly changing versions that they recommend. Falkon is good enough for most all that I do now that I don’t use Zotero for references — and Zotero is now standalone — and Opera is useful when you need a full fat browser
  3. On the mac, I’ve gone back to Safari. It’s native, and it is fast. I have to use microsoft office as work uses an exchange server (which Evolution groks: Thunderbird can handle the IMAP alternative but that lacks functionality)

The Mozilla foundation is very politically correct, but their products have cruft. Use alternatives: if you don’t like evolution consider Kmail.

An aside note on Debian 10. Managed to install on the server and the test laptop — the server is running stable and the laptop testing. Rock stable. One reason is that when the laptop dies I will go for a pine book — which defaults to debian. Spotify works. R works. Graphic processing with marketable works. It’s easier to administer than thunderbird.

If all this is stable, these posts should be short and poring.