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Midweek Notebook.

After Monday’s technical post becoming quoate (I never said I would be consistent) driven by the local body elections, back to the usual run of things. The woodpile report and Week in Doom were not up on Monday: they are now. Quotage VFM Bear said it best: it’s the indoor plumbing that I’m going to […]


Wednesday Kipple.

It is not often you introduce a poem by quoting the poetic preface to an allegory. Kipling saw the great war not as much as a test of empire (this was the third year of the war) but as a test of the souls of men. And he looked to older books and survivors of […]


16 October 19

A teacher or master has to train his apprentices or disciples, and part of that is doing what they are taught. You cannot learn any profession, trade, or craft out of a textbook. You need to do it under guidance. Initially see it, then do it with guidance, then do it by yourself. Christ was […]