Friday Fitness Fulminations

Sleep is important. I travel too much and get the sleep out of whack and I get sick. I spent years sleep deprived — and gained weight. Nine hours of sleep and my physiology loves me.

This means that the days of training twice a day — a 6 am run and then a second one in the evening — are long gone. But that time is the period I got continually injured.

I have long been a big proponent of sleep. I need eight hours a night. If I don’t get that then I will feel it and the negative aspects accumulate quickly. Sleep and proper recharging of the system are critical if you want to go the long distance in relatively good condition. You might think that you don’t need eight hours sleep, but you do. I know people who have sworn to me for over twenty years that they only need five hours sleep a night. Today that overuse of the system is obvious in their lined and haggard faces and their general poor physical condition.

I have had relationships in the past where the woman in question wants to go out partying all night. My approach is to say go for your life, but I’m off to bed. I’ve also had to educate women on how to spend a day on the couch. They always want to be doing something, as if in the doing they are meeting some achievement. But activity does not equal productivity, and anyway, who wants to be productive all the time? Not me, I can’t. I know my limits.

Sickness is a sign that you are misaligned, that you’re doing things wrong. I had a big health scare early on in life and I believe that it helped me. Since then I keep an eye on myself. I rarely overdo it. I enjoy myself but without going overboard.

Adam Piggott

Now, the American College of Physicians has done a meta analysis of diets which say the evidence for eating red meat increasing the risk of cancer is very low, based on poor quality studies. This hath offended the official narrative.

The lead author of the EAT-Lancet Commission, which in January advocated a plant-based diet for both environmental sustainability and health, excoriated the new work.

“This report has layers of flaws and is the most egregious abuse of evidence that I have ever seen,” said Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, himself a vegan.

He said many of the participants of the study were young and unlikely to succumb to illness in the short time period involved in the trials. “The magnitude of risk reduction by replacing red meat with healthy protein sources is similar to that of many drugs we use for treating high blood cholesterol and blood pressure, and we spend massive amounts of money on this,” he added.

Sarah Boseley, Guardian

Willett is correct about the numbers, but I don’t take low dose aspirin because the of similar numbers. A vegan has an emotional investment in telling all omnivores they are doomed. However, he can be mocked, and will be mocked.

The American food subsidies are probably bad for us, and their food pyramid was written after the food subsidies were in place.

Ironically, NZ is less fertile, but we can grow protein from grass, which means we can undercut most US farmers… milder climates matter.

Certainly small farmers are growing their crops at enormous risk. However, it’s not clear that agriculture is any different than other high-risk industries – especially because the United States is blessed with some of the most fertile farmland in the world, and a highly skilled labor force.

Subsidies don’t just cost taxpayers, an expense that might properly be justified by showing a return on investment. Subsidies also provide powerful disincentives against innovation, as well as cost effectiveness and diversification of land use.

There is also a strong case to be made that farm subsidies are a major driver of the obesity and cancer epidemic in the United States. Every time Washington interferes in the private sector, they are picking winners and losers. The winners chosen are companies producing food that’s high in calories and low in nutritional density – and that helps make Americans sick and fat, because it distorts what food is available at what price.

While President Trump has sometimes discussed reducing farm subsidies, the solution to the problem is much more radical – the total elimination of all farm subsidies from the federal budget.

You have got to build exercise into your life not as something you go to for training but as something you do for fun. At present, the roads around us are being ripped out and rebuilt so there will be cycle paths — which will allow us to ride and walk safely, and make drivers less likely to end up in the harbour (you are not considered a local until you have one this. We are therefore not locals). But I move between five work places, and bikes get nicked.

Besides, they are not fun. They need to be made such. Brompton, who recommends normal clothing and no helmets, is helping here.

This week we have been dealing with illness — the spring viruses that have taken out half the people I work with got us both after going to a meeting. Con crud is real. This led to dehydration, and false numbers. Since we have friday to friday measurements this week… I’m slightly up but Kea is down.

We are hoping that next week as we feel better and there may even be days without rain we can get more walks in.

Kea Weka
Total loss (week eight) 6.9 kg 7.4 kg
Week loss. 0.5 kg -0.1 kg


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2 years ago

A year of low-carb, high-fat, high-protein, eating red meat 5+ times/wk in my late 40s yielded a reduction in all my lipid numbers, including cholesterol. My doc says I have a .8% chance of dying in the next decade from heart attack.

Have been getting some walking in in addition to gymratting. Coach has me back to full powerlifting, but that requires serious calories or I flatline after (see your paragraph about sleep and recovery – also requires that I get enough rest, we have a deal where my big workouts are at the end of the week!)

I would love to see farm subsidies die. I’d like to see family farmers get paid for their work and the suicide rates drop… not to mention corn syrup not be cheaper than dirt. Small to medium farms with more-or-less closed circles are better for the people who run them, the people who eat the food, the planet, the animals… yeah. So, let’s subsidize that if necessary, but not Monsanto. Kthx. Or FeedLots. OhMyGosh those are disgusting. If you’ve never heard of the one just north of LA on 5… -gack- Yeah, let’s not pay for things that hurt us. -shakes head-