Half Weekly Notebook

These posts run to thousands of words, so I’m going to split them up. I’m also going to get the trackbacks going, in part to annoy Stacey’s Minions who keep track of who quotes whom. I’m still using headings, and trying to cover more than just doom and gloom.

OK, where to find stuff?

This is a week where we had extinction rebellion fail locally: this is not a mass movement. It is a bunch of very silly girls (and boys). Photos are from Stuff, which is promoting this as a mass movement. Yeah, Nah. There were more people at a lethal party in Dunedin over the weekend.

This, folks, is how to lose an argument. Besides, they are (probably) wrong. We are heading towards a solar minimum: it is getting cooler, and I’m lighting fires in late spring.

The bow ties

There are some truths said by conservatives. These should be acknowledged, though they themselves are not the people who get into the muck and fight. Well, not any more. They are too polite, being deluded that the lovers of death and lies value politeness and civility. When instead they hate.

Stacey probably does not belong with such, but his summary of the slavery discourse — with which I have seen foolish American Blacks try do damn Kiwis not knowing that we banned slavery with the treaty of Waitangi — is accurate, hatred included.

In my lifetime — today is my 60th birthday — I’ve seen the history of slavery employed two different ways, equally dishonest. First, slavery (and racism generally) was portrayed as an evil unique to the South. This was just a way for liberal Yankees to put down Southerners, to smear the population of an entire region as morally inferior. Being a student of history, I was always willing to defend my homeland against such insults, because the fact is that the North was by no means innocent in regard to racism, or slavery for that matter. Go to Providence, Rhode Island, and look at those fine colonial mansions — how do you suppose the commercial shippers of Providence made their fortunes? What cargo might have been so lucrative as to have made such handsome profits possible? Widespread ignorance about the North’s role in slavery is, of course, a legacy of the North’s victory in the Civil War. “The winners write the history books,” as they say, and so anti-Southern propaganda (which had done so much to foment the crisis that led to the war) was smuggled into history, branding the South with a hateful stigma. To this day, many Yankees are utterly ignorant about the true facts. “Slavery’s hidden history in the mid-Hudson Valley coming to light,” was a headline last year in the Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) Journal, where most local residents had no idea that slaves once worked the farmlands of the region.
The anti-Southern version of slavery’s history, however, has more recently given way to the anti-white interpretation of slavery. This is leftist identity-politics grievance-mongering, a deliberately divisive libel intended to inflame racial resentment, justifying a “social justice” belief system borrowed from Marxist-Leninist ideology. Even white people whose ancestors did not even arrive in the United States until after the Civil War are expected to feel guilty about an institution in which they are not implicated, and the collective grievance of black people is extended even to people whose ancestors were never slaves in this country. For example, neither Barack Obama nor Kamala Harris are descended from African-American slaves, and yet are permitted to leverage racial identity politics to their advantage, without any critical scrutiny.

Our Canadian friends note that this means censorship… another reason, folks, to self host your blog and build your own darn platforms.

The New York Times, America’s leading “liberal” paper, has published an article openly declaring war on freedom of speech.

It, and much of the left, has been at war with free speech for a while — but its new article, bluntly titled “Free Speech is Killing Us,” is its most unequivocal statement yet.

The author of the piece, Andrew Marantz, solemnly declares he has “spent the past few years embedding as a reporter with the trolls and bigots and propagandists … I no longer have any doubt that the brutality that germinates on the internet can leap into the world of flesh and blood.”

Blazing Cat Fur

Such people forget that speech moderates wrath. They are making the Saxon Hate. You don’t want that. (Note that these progressives want to make any discussion of the evil of their plans hate speech).

Euthanasia is available for all age groups in the Benelux and Venezuela already.

This is what I personally expect to happen over the next decades, bit by bit (though I would like to be wrong): Euthanasia on demand for all age groups, including consenting children, and for those (including babies) whose guardians deem it advisable. It is the ultimate answer to the health care funding crisis and entirely in keeping with the progressive values most Canadians embrace. Health care professionals are, even now, not allowed to refuse to refer (presumably, they could not refuse to refer even if they knew the patient was being railroaded).

Because of the “sensitivity” of the situation, anti-suicide ministries will come under fire, in the same way pro-life (= anti-live baby dismemberment) counselling services come under fire today. Eventually, all may be forbidden by law because they upset progressive people.

Many who cheerfully vote for progressives because “Andrew Scheer is a racist” will in fact be voting for their own untimely deaths, never mind Justin Trudeau’s blackface. But these things have happened many times before in modern history and those people will only be upset if anyone points it out.

I am, in real life, working with professional groups to make the provision of euthanasia unthinkable and unworkable. Regardless of what the current judicial fascists say in their woke courts. Their rulings can be subverted, for we must not serve such. (No, no links. I have already had the woke try to sack me because of previous iterations of this blog).

The Reactosphere

I should note that here be truths that hurt. The first is that right living matters, and living unrighteously means that you are aligned with Chulthu, the pagans, and death. Be unfashionable instead: the fashionable will throw you under the bus anyway.

I had never heard of Douglas Murray before this but I have scant respect for him, both because he is a fag and because he is a conservative. In other words, he has conserved nothing whilst enjoying the fruits of being fashionably homosexual, that is until it didn’t last anymore due to the fact that it got a wee bit too totalitarian.

All fags are totalitarian. The only difference lies in the degree.

Adam Piggott

You see they run most of the movie studios, most of the mainstream media, all social media and they hate you.

Devil Mouse Wars is the new star wars movies, which are… unwatchable, and I think all the star wars movies after the first three are unwatchable anyway.

The point of Devil Mouse Wars is not to create things which are good, beautiful, and true. The point of it all is instead to ram a purely Satanic agenda right down your throat, whether you like it or not.

When you force yourself to think like a PsyOps officer planning a campaign of deliberate psychological destruction against an enemy, then you will begin to understand how these people think, and why they do these things. They hate you and everything you represent, so they want to demoralise you by destroying everything that you love.

Didact’s Reach

Bruce Charlton comments — and I think this is best here, dealing with where we are now, than in the Orthosphere — that we are probably in the end times, or an end time.

The End Times are when the assumption of the unreality of the divine is normal, propagandised, assumed, and imposed. When, in other words, the default is for people to choose their own damnation (choose to reject Heaven).

The End Times seems to refer to a state of positive-feedback when this becomes prevalent, and worsening.

Why? Why does it happen., Why is it allowed (by God) to happen?

The answer is perhaps because the End times are also the era of maximum clarity, of maximum differentiation between salvation and damnation; between choosing Good or evil – the dwelling in Heaven or the various personal hells. For some incarnate Men, this is the best time to be born, the best chance.

What will end the End Times?

The best answer is that they end themselves. In the End Times, values are inverted – hence evil, death and spiritual destruction become the implicit objective of human motivation (albeit, motivation is itself severely weakened by the inversion and the consequent deep-confusion).

Kunstler comments about all this — you should really read the entire article — we are running out of resources (he sees fracking as flogging a dead horse). Not in NZ, mate, Not in NZ. Instead our Green Taliban won’t let us drill, driving the province my family first settled in (Taranaki) into depression.

A lot of readers (some of them former readers now) have been angrily twanging me by email for writing about the three-year Resistance effort to un-do the 2016 election. I did not vote for Mr. Trump (or Mrs. Clinton) but I resent the coup mounted to overthrow him. I object to the bad faith and dishonesty of the Resistance. I object to the criminal misconduct among the federal bureaucracy, and the mendacity of its partners in the news media, and the hysteria they continue to generate — at the expense of other matters that concern our future.

The political disorder spooling out is the political expression of the long emergency that the nation faces as it finally encounters the limits to growth we were warned about decades ago. The techno-industrial phase of history is ending, and we are left only with inadequate fantasies for coming to terms with it and moving forward. The dynamic relationship between affordable energy supplies and the operations of money roils at the core of this predicament. They are undoing each other and the result will be a contraction of human activity. The big question we refuse to face is how to cope with contraction.

Welcome to the Alternative, James. We do have cookies. And we know that the woke have removed the blindfold of justice.

From LinkedIn: Street art in Spain

The Orthosphere

It looks like there could be a Vatican III: the rules on priestly continence (we are all to be chaste, that is have our sexuality within correct boundaries, but the Roman Church wants is priests single and asexual) may be put aside, but there is a risk of not merely woman pastors (generally a very bad thing) but woman gay pastors. I have seen such. It is always a disaster.

The Ladysphere

Two quotes, and both blogs worth reading and visiting: both reflect on a good habit: reading old books. Elspeth first:

I just started reading Dorothy Sayers’ Mind of the Maker, originally published in 1941. In light of our current political, social, and cultural trajectory, this quote from the first chapter stood out to me:

The more closely the moral code agrees with the natural law, the more it makes for freedom in human behaviour; the more widely it departs from the natural law, the more it tends to enslave mankind…

This corroborates what we already know, at least some of us. Our tendency to enforce utopian ideals by fiat, despite their blatant incongruency with the ingrained laws of the universe, is not a new one. It hasn’t worked before, and despite the technologies that have shrunk our world, it isn’t working now, for obvious reasons:

The moral code depends for its validity upon a consensus of human opinion about what man’s nature really is, and what it ought to be, when freed from this mysterious self-contradiction and enabled to run true to itself. If there is no agreement about these things, then it is useless to talk of enforcing the moral code.

It’s not that we don’t know these truths. We do, but it sates the soul when those who have gone before, and are smarter, more articulate and presumably more wise than we confirm what we can see and sense in our hearts as true.

This is old, but very true. The Humble can be corrected and learn wisdom. The Proud, less so… and those who God will destroy he makes fools first.

The Valley of Humiliation in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, is an allegory to when we go through extremely difficult seasons of being humbled. It can be from friends, but most likely the humbling or humiliation comes from people we call enemies. It might not come from a person themselves at all, however, but simply be a time or season in your life when everything seems to be going terribly wrong, or you have no direction or can’t discern anymore from God which way is right to take. Often it is a combination of all these things, which is what Pilgrim’s Progress describes, and is a season of affliction coupled with attacks meant to humiliate. Whatever this Valley may look like at a certain time is not as important compared to the necessity of this being something you need to learn how to handle, and how to handle well.

May you be a lady of wisdom, who when she is rightfully humbled, realizes it and acknowledges it with grace. And may you have the wisdom to see even the slightest bit of Truth in a severely harsh rebuke or criticism, and choose to treasure it, instead of despising the Truth.

OK. That’s about 2000 words. Some questions to the readers: Do you want this twice a week, once a week, or never? Do the links work? Is there anyone I should be reading regularly and have missed?

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2 years ago

I enjoy reading these whenever you choose to write them.
“The answer is perhaps because the End times are also the era of maximum clarity, of maximum differentiation between salvation and damnation; between choosing Good or evil – the dwelling in Heaven or the various personal hells. For some incarnate Men, this is the best time to be born, the best chance.”

I agree with Bruce – at least in this part. I’ve often wondered, “how do the Horsemen ride into town and the humans on the planet explain things away?” … and the rampantly increasing evil, hatred, etc answer me. I don’t think they’re going to be a surprise to anyone.

Our job is to be lights on the hill, and even the smallest light in this dark time will shine – which makes it a good time to be a Christian, too. Not a peaceful time, but a good one.

2 years ago

As always I thank you kindly, sir, for the linkage.

I think the links work, although I haven’t clicked them all.

I enjoy the opportunity to read bits of what others have written since I have much less time these days to peruse blogs.

If it is at all non family friendly I try to warn — some people put things together in odd ways.