Long fermenting quotage.

I am saving this draft and going to sit on it for at least a week. Adam is not saying he is a saint: if you read his books (and you should) you will realize that he has had is times of self loathing and simultaneously being a cad. He’s repented, and he gives old fashioned advice. The current dating scene is radioactive. This makes me glad to be married, for I am no cad.

Men need to change their behavior. This is the only acceptable solution because it keeps the power in our own hands. If you’re just going to sit around and hope that women collectively wake up then you’ve never witnessed a woman on a power trip, and this is very much bigger than that. No, we have to change our behavior and here’s what we have to do:

No hooking up.

Reading the tawdry description of Jonathan Kaiman’s bumbling sexual encounters, I was reminded just how pointless and lonely that whole enterprise must have been for him. There is no doubt that it was not worth it, but even if the #MeToo bandwagon hadn’t swept into town it still wouldn’t have been worth the brief sexual release. If women are determined to make meaningless sexual encounters radioactive then men have to position themselves accordingly. So either you need to be an out and out cad who cares naught for their feelings and will never back down, apologize, or resign, or you need to become a monk who only has sex with the woman that he marries. This is difficult enough as the prog left have done their very best to poison the marriage bed as well.

See what they’re doing? The left are determined to destroy heterosexual relationships, whether they be long term or short term. This goes hand in hand with the promotion and normalization of homosexuality in all its forms.

From observation of some of the blowups among the rainbow community, they are just as likely to attack each other via twitter, doxing or #metoo. The number of useful  global activists in that movement who have had their lives ruined in a similar manner is sufficient to get a pattern.

But that pattern can be broken: gently, or if the lies have been great enough, violently. Between Adam’s comments and Joker the movie coming out there were more progressive scandals — as those who were most woke are found to be guilty of the very abuse they preach against. But the woke always project.

Imagine a child who is routinely abused emotionally and physically. Commonplace, right? Now imagine what happens to the child’s mind when the only adults he knows tell him/her his parents are saints and selfless. To me this is gaslighting. What is black is white, what is bad is good. Self-obliteration, or perhaps the obliteration of the gaslighter, are the only ways out. The gaslighter may wish for his victim to suicide out. That may be the perp’s projection, but it is real.

Joker was raised by a delusional, self-justifying monster who beat him, chained him, starved him (Phoenix must have lost 75 lbs for that role) and told him she loved him and by golly he loved her or else. She lies about his very origin — on two levels. (I’m trying not to spoil the movie.) So in middle age Joker still worships her, bathes her, soothes her. She has successfully gaslighted him. He wants to die. Everything that is bad he now requires himself to believe is good, but none of it is; it doesn’t add up. As he notes, he has never passed a single day in his life when he was happy. But his choices were to honor his mother and the house of lying cards she constructed for the two of them, or reject every element of what he was trained to believe.

Almost by accident, Joker severs his chains (which he loves, as they are all he has known), transcends his gaslighting. This is unfortunate for many other people, who preferred him drugged, ill and groveling. (They dead.) He no longer wishes himself dead. He wishes to claim his humanity at the expense of those who have denied his. This is a problem for Gotham.

The projection of all evil on one class or subgroup of humanity has an underlying flaw. Those people begin to hate. And they will demand a reckoning.