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Alright, let’s start with the obvious places you should look:

One of the local heroes of the silent/greatest generation, Tiny Hill, has died. This is the short version of his life.

S. F. Hill  NZ Army team 1949, Canterbury 1951 and New Zealand Services 1952, in those post WW2 years making that illustrious team would outrank a Super Contract today.

Made the All Blacks,  number 574,  in 1955 at age 28, played three of the four tests against the 1956 Springboks, Captained the ABs twice on his only tour, one  to Australia  the following year in non test games and scored his two points for the National team when he converted a try against a South Australia team.

A very hard man in the times when getting puffed or an injury couldn’t  lead to instant replacement, they just played on.

A lifetime of service to the Army began with his J force occupation task in defeated Japan, then  later in Viet Nam, lasted forty years and along the way Tiny still managed to achieve much in Rugby,
He served as a selector for Canterbury,  services teams and ultimately the All Blacks  in the eighties.

He formed with others The Cantabrian Club to foster age group rugby skill development.
Awarded an OBE for services to Rugby.

We are grateful for his service, Rest in Peace  Stan “Tiny” Hill.

Personally, working on a pile of projects, including both of us setting up analogue schedules for the year (read diaries). Because your phone and computer will die at the most inconvenient time. Which is another reason to have a cheap mechanical watch even if you find your smartwatch is more useful, and record on paper those things you need to monitor. Such as conversations. In real life, I have a couple of publications coming out which will be deemed problematic by the woke.

We should all be problematic. However, that will cost you in NZ: the high court has basically said you have to ensure you have security sorted or any private venue can ban you.

The case was lost. But while the precedent set is bad, it is not so bad as we feared.

The court did determine that in cancelling the event, the council was not exercising any “public power,” but only that of any property owner. But because it was not exercising any public power, the court held that neither the Bill of Rights Act nor the Human Rights Act was relevant to the case. This at least is a relief.

In agreeing however with the council’s claim that the decision to cancel was made “exclusively with regard for health and safety considerations arising from anticipated protest,” the court has now handed a fresh and legally-minted Thug’s Veto to anybody publicly wishing ill on any speaker they would like to “deplatform.” This will mean that if controversial events are to go ahead in future in the teeth of public protest, they will require both a “comprehensive security plan and risk assessment,” and the sort of courage that Massey University is belatedly showing.

In trying to smack the Council this time, the Coalition’s ill-judged legal action threatened to have property owners smacked for all time. Thankfully, they have not been smacked. But all speakers, to the degree they make themselves unpopular, have been harmed.
Peter Cresswell, Not PC

This could work in the favour of churches and such: if there is going to be dissent among the faithful because someone demand that the hall is hired out there is now a precedent to say “no”. If it is good enough for Auckland City Council’s property division, it’s good enough for the local pentecostal megachurch.

Or the local Cathedral.

It appears that Trump’s lawyer is being deplatformed because of Democrat requests. It is not as if the emails between party workers and civil servants remain hidden.  Politicians live by their lies, and forget that the lies will come back and hit them. Hard.

Remember, those who live by the press die by the press.

I am astonished that the comments turned into a Drudge-bashing festival, which certainly was not what I intended. I don’t agree with those who contend Drudge is anti-Trump, although perhaps his assistant(s) might be. My hunch is that Drudge looks upon impeachment (and “scandal” generally) as good for his traffic. Besides, if you think that impeachment is apt to prove disastrous for Democrats (as I do), wouldn’t it actually be your duty as a right-wing journalist to encourage them to pursue this mania? So if Drudge’s choice of headlines seems anti-Trump lately, is that possibly misleading? And deliberately so?

Stacey McCain

This will not go well. I’ve already linked to releases of emails that indicate that the special prosecutors were actively involved in subverting Trump as president. People are now not believing the news. They are doing the most damaging thing one can: switching off.

It is apparent that this is the strategy the Democratic party hopes to ride to victory in 2020. The truth is the Russian Collusion Hoax, which the Democrats in Congress and the media obsessed over for two long years was not just a fabrication, but a deliberate coup attempt aimed at bringing down the legitimate head of the executive branch elected by the American people. The truth is the nominee of the Democratic party for president, Hillary Clinton, bought and paid for the fake opposition research that was used by the corrupt Obama administration as a pretext to spy on an opposing candidate. A climate of hysteria was created about these false charges in the hopes that public pressure could be built up to force the removal of Donald Trump from office. These truths are so outrageous, so unprecedented in American history, that it defies belief that no one has been punished for these actions to this date.

Instead the Democratic party, through their mouthpieces in the mainstream media, immediately shifted the subject to the next attempt to get Trump, one equally ludicrous and self-evidently false by anyone with a modicum of understanding. Just like with the Russian Collusion Delusion, it involves blaming Trump for something a Democrat has actually done, in this case Joe Biden. Biden is on tape bragging about how he interfered in the Ukraine legal system by insisting that the prosecutor investigating his son Hunter for corruption be fired. Yet the Democratic strategy is to convince the voters that they didn’t actually hear Joe say that, they only imagined they did.

Anyone who tunes in to mainstream media ‘news’ broadcasts, a punishment I haven’t inflicted on myself in years, is subject to endless harping on these talking points seeking to pin some imaginary offense on Trump, and totally ignoring the elephant in the room — the fact that the Democrats are generally guilty of the offense for real. Like the malignant narcissist, Democrats believe that voters are so stupid and easily manipulated that they can be made to believe an outrageous lie when the truth is staring them in the face. In a similar vein, the latest push for impeachment depends on the low-information voter being stunned by the word itself into abandoning support for Trump, without bothering to discover the fact that there are no legitimate grounds for impeachment, only frenzied partisan gaslighting going on.

The ‘mainstream’ media are no more than propagandists for the party.

American Thinker

Kea was looking at her phone last night and said that many of her friends are not on facebook anymore and that a large number of the posts that appear are from strangers — on reading one defending climate change I looked at the poster and did not find a decent history of posting. They are not feeding us friends but fake attention. I’ve left facebook, and the noise is now so great that many people are also going, or gone.

Linkedin is getting just as bad, with the NZ goverment energy efficient people buying adds for “generation zero”. Becoming poor to protect the environment from a linear model of climate change that is disproven. But that is our next topic.

The dread Croc-Dot … Peter Grant, via Gab.

The current green farces

Before last week’s post was even up the linkage from the week was coming and the feedback on St Greta the Green and her climate strike was in.

Look, I starred in a few school plays and I can tell you right now that this sort of miserable acting performance would have had our year 10 drama teacher going ballistic at this misbegotten excuse for thespian talent. All they need to do to wrap things up is to make a movie about her life and get the talentless Brie Larson to perform the starring role, as the acting performances will be on par with one another.

William Briggs, correctly, says that our young people have been kept ignorant so that they can be used for photo ops, demonstrations, and protests. You are less likely to force a young, broken, woman (Yes, St. Greta again) from your building than your old, gray blogger, because St Greta is young and frail, while your blogger looks like an orc crossed with a silverback gorilla. Besides, the scam will continue.

Global warming like global cooling was not a global concern. At first. In the late 1980s, the planet-wide coordination of politics, media, and surveillance was just getting started. It’s going full blast now. Global warming was thus hotter than global cooling.

The atmosphere even cooperated with global warming scientists, at least for a while. The heating has now largely stopped, the yearly temperature vacillating with no clear direction. The promised storms, floods, tornadoes, deaths and disasters never showed. No mass extinction, no shortage of food. Tipping points and final dates came and went with more frequency than with Jehovah Witnesses. Nothing happened.

Which you’d think would have killed off the scheme and made the elite sad.

Globalization of politics came to their rescue. Global warming became climate change, a subtle but brilliant move. The climate will always change, so it is no longer impossible to ridicule the theory’s name with facts and Reality.

Every bad thing every that actually happened or might happen was and is blamed on climate change, and climate change itself was blamed on whatever the elites said caused it. With global cooling and warming, the cause was fossil fuels. With climate change, it was fossil fuels, capitalism, eating meat, large houses, anything having to do with traditional freedoms. Their proposed solution is to have the rabble live in pods and eat bugs.

William S. Briggs

Peter Grant, talking about the media, politicians, and advocates crying wolf (and noting they are often the same people) wants them all gone. He should try living in a country with MMP. We cannot vote the bastards out, so we aim to destroy their party and get rid of all the parties.

If a new political party were to arise tomorrow, with its only policy proposal being to impose stringent term limits on any and every elected office (I suggest 3 terms for Congressional representatives and 1 term for a Senator, both amounting to a maximum of 6 years in those offices), and kick out every politician who has already exceeded those limits . . . I’d vote for them in a heartbeat. They couldn’t be worse than our present politicians, and at least they’d hold out the hope for a regular infusion of new brooms to clean out the Augean stable that the Capitol has become.

Unless and until that happens, the only thing we can do is to vote for the least damaging option(s) open to us. That’s a pretty poor option, but nothing else is available through the ballot box. The other options are all worse, in the sense that they’d replace the ballot box with something a lot more dangerous and unpredictable.

Apparently academics have decided bogan is a hate word. Given that half the advertisers in New Zealand see this as a desirable demographic…

But Academics love Chluthu, and Chluthu always swims left. Reporting on the number of progressives (democrat registered) vs conservative squishier (republican registered) Matt Briggs notes.

Engineering departments, i.e. those closest to Reality, had the lowest D/R ratio, 1.3 to 1. Even with the multiplier, it implies it’s still possible to get a reasonable RT-based education from an engineer.

This statistic can function as sort of a canary-in-a-coal mine. Once the ratio busts through the 10 to 1 barrier, students would be better off becoming plumbers than paying tens and tens of thousands a year to memorize disinformation.

That 10 to 1 is not entirely arbitrary. I base it on the plot above (and also at the link). Engineering, Chemistry, Economics, Professional, Mathematics, Physics, Computers, and Poli Sci all have ratios below 10 to 1 (D to R). The next one above is Psychology, at 16.8 to 1. Little needs to be said here about Psychology.

The worst department is “Interdisciplinary”, where Langbert found zero Rs. But that’s not a real field. The first real department is Communications, where again Langbert found no Rs. This is the most expected result of all of them. Communication is a sham field—Applied Propaganda is a more apt name—designed to give the dimmest students the “degree” they so badly need. This is why Communications is so popular; that, and it can so easily fulfill diversity quotas.

It’s the economy, folks

The NZ census is out a year late and with marked problems as we had a low furnout and data was imputed from other sources. However, some of the information is… interesting. In times of inequality, it is far safer to work for the rich, for they can pay. As a result, there is a housing shortage for the poor in NZ.

In Auckland, where housing shortages have been most noticeable because of the sheer scale of migration-driven population growth, the region’s population increased by 156,168 (11%) between the 2013 and 2018 censuses, but housing stock increased by just 6.5% over the same period.

And a look at the figures by Auckland’s local board areas (at the bottom of the table below), shows that there was a much greater rate of housing growth in the wealthier parts of the city than in less wealthier parts where population growth was greater.

In the leafy streets of the Waitemata Board area, which includes the CBD and many of the city’s wealthiest suburbs such as Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Herne Bay (a map below the table shows the boundaries of all Auckland board areas), one new home was built for every 1.8 residents added to the area’s population between censuses.

Other areas with high numbers of new homes compared to population growth were Waiheke (one new home for every 2.4 new residents), Upper Harbour (1:2.9) and Hibiscus and Bays (1:3).

But in the Otara-Paptoetoe board area, just one new dwelling was added for every 12.9 new residents and in Manurewa it was 1:12.6 and in Mangere-Otahuhu it was 1:11.8.

In fact more homes were added in the Devonport-Takapuna board area (660) between the censuses than were built in Mangere-Otahuhu (633), even though Mangere-Otahuhu’s population increased by 7491 over that period and Devonport-Takapuna’s increased by just 2505.

In the meantime, we should note that the current university seems to be making students not more educated and resilient, but the opposite. Instead, there are now deaths where people should be safe. The current ideology does not care about the level of suffering it engenders, destroying the lives of those who come forward to confirm the #metoo narrative. This will have consequences: people will no longer participate in the current rituals that confirm the political beliefs of this time.

It is not as if there is much confidence left economically. The real economy is made in families. We should therefore expect that young people concentrate on that: this is what they should be doing. Their elders can sort out the governance, they should have skin in the game called their grandchildren. It is the childless you should not let lead.

Forget the anti-suffragists. If most of the early suffragists had any idea how utterly humiliating the consequences of their grand cause have turned out to be, they never would have pursued it in the first place.

But it’s not a bad thing for young women to look nice and be concerned about looking nice. Quite to the contrary, looking nice is extremely helpful when it comes to accomplishing the only two things young women absolutely must do for the good of their society and their species, which is get married and have children.

The future belongs to those who show up for it.

The Ladysphere

From Dragonfly’s place

God bless the Ladysphere, for they often deal with a whole pile of emotional irrationality. Dragonfly defends not having visible tattoos as something men like — to a correspondent who becomes more and more upset. I know there are plenty of cosmetic surgeons who can remove such, but there are complications of that, and a risk of infection (particularly in NZ, where hepatitis is very common) when getting them.

Good idea not to.

Elspeth talks about film adaptations she likes, and has the good taste not to put Lord of The Rings, the Hobbit or Harry Potter on her list. Or the disasters: Watership Down and Starship Troopers.

Ame bears witness to the proverb that if you train up a child that is the way they will go.

So, being the third week in a row visiting this itty-bitty church, a few felt comfortable enough to talk a bit more and ask questions. We’re pretty open, so it wasn’t offensive or difficult.

After a brief overview of ‘us,’ my Oldest said to the lady we were talking to, “I can look back over my life and see God . . .”

Moments that make a Mama’s heart swell with humble, eternal gratitude? That was a huge one. HUGE. BIG.

Can I ask for more? No. That my daughters know and *see* God despite all that life throws at them.

Amen. Let them Know Christ, and then grow in the knowledge of God.

The Orthosphere

The lads over at the Orthosphere start of by talking about apostasy with an observation that most Catholics want to be liberal and — agreeing with Bruce Charlton) that liberalisation begins with apostasy. The sheep will stray. The question is what to do.

There is a dangerous anti-intellectualism in this. Recall that I use this word in a distinct way. There is nothing wrong with distrusting most intellectuals or with being uninterested in theoretical concerns. The anti-intellectualism to which I object is the assumption that the answers to the great intellectual problems are easy, that no serious intellectual work or fundamental re-evaluation of given ideas is needed. This must not be true today, at least if Christianity really is true even though so few seem to find it credible. The solution must require breakthroughs in our thinking and our imagination. Having a more forcefully orthodox episcopate or holier priests will do nothing about the fundamental problem of people wanting to be as liberal and materialist as possible.

Bruce Charlton’s own “Romantic Christianity” is directed precisely to the problem of motivation. Right Scholarship has proposed something analogous from a Catholic perspective. In some ways, my thoughts move in directions opposite to romanticism. Rather than becoming more individualistic, I would like us to become more tribal; rather than wanting faith to be more like poetry, I would prefer it could be more like mathematics. Nevertheless, I value the romantics’ work because they recognize how great a change in thinking and imagination will be needed to solve the main problem. People are leaving Christianity because it doesn’t seem likely to them to be true and–perhaps worse–because they wouldn’t even want it to be true.

As a reformed person, I would educate the sheep. One of the problems is that most churches do not catechize. Mine does. and we are going to attend this with one of our children becaue it is good to know what is taught, and confirm it with scripture. One of the reasons the liturgy is there and the patristics is so that people build the basic bones that allow them to think. There is a depth in systematic theology that requires all one’s critical faculties, true.

But in that we must not lose our love of Christ.

One of the things I’m avoiding at present is the ongoing fight between those who are not prepared to see that the world influences evangelicalism — at a slower rate than among the seculars, but with a similar amount of damage.

Whenever Dalrock has a post that manifests these differences, Boxer jumps into the ring with his gloves on, ready to tear into Dalrock. So it seems Boxer is opposed to either (1) the evangelical approach, or (2) Christians calling out Feminist influence within the church, as though this would be hypocrisy, or a subtle form of treachery.

In other words, either he can’t seem to understand, or he’s not willing to address the difference between secular politics and what’s happening in the Church. Hence, he doesn’t see a problem with a Feminist gospel so long as the activities and soliloquies in the Church are coherent with Chivalry (traditional Feminism) in nature.

Jack, Sigma Frame

Assuming women do not have moral agency and cannot be evil is counter scriptural. Assuming men do not have moral agency and cannot be evil is counter scriptural.

The sin is the lie, or intent to mislead – unaffected by the justification that it was just about a small matter…

The sin is the spite: the wanting to harm another for one’s own gratification – not in the magnitude of that which is wished upon them.

The sin is in the resentment – it does not matter whether criticism is ‘deserved’.

Evil is in the believed and argued inversion of virtue – not in whatever harmful consequences of this inversion.

Bruce Charlton

God can and does bring us back to him. Regardless of what we have done. Whatever we have done. Half the people I quote have had periods of brokenness and have had to turn away from that. As have I.

Take a look at good old Saul of Tarsus, who became the Apostle Paul. He was the very definition of a serial killer. He went forth and killed innocent Jews – his own people – for the “crime” of obeying a prophet who told them to be kind to one another, to obey the laws of God and not the words of the priests, to abstain from sins of the flesh and eat of the creatures of God’s Earth, and to be generally good and decent people.

They had committed no crime except to break the laws of the Pharisees – which stood in direct contradiction to the Word of the Eternal and Almighty God.

He killed them for it. In other words, he murdered the innocent.

And he saw the errors of his ways, begged God to forgive him, and became the single most effective Apostle of the Faith out of the lot.

The other Apostles had previously tried to choose among themselves to find one whom they believed to be most worthy of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. They chose Stephen, a pious man of great faith.

But Stephen was the choice of men, not God – and he was stoned to death. For whatever reason, he was not the instrument that God needed to carry His Word to the world.

The Apostle Paul, on the other hand… He was the very definition of a wicked man in God’s eyes. And look at what he became.

One could argue, and it has been argued, that Pauline doctrine completely twists the original meaning of Christ’s ministry to the point where it is unrecognisable, and that what St. Paul taught had very little to do with what Christ taught. I try not to concern myself too much with such theological hair-splitting; as far as I’m concerned, if the Pauline Epistles were good enough for St. Thomas Aqiunas or St. Augustine of Hippo as explanations of Christ’s message, then they are certainly good enough for me.

Didact’s Reach

You have to look at the consequences. Vox notes that the less socially successful are dangerous, but he forgets to note that they are often protected because they have talents — until they do harm. Also note: paper Kiwi — parents in England and dual Russian citizenship.

A Kiwi visual effects technician who worked for Weta Digital on the Lord of the Rings films has admitted brutally murdering his own parents in a row over the family dog.

Sergey Koudryavtsev, 48, is now facing the prospect of life in prison after flying into a rage and stabbing his mother Tatiana and father Vladimir to death at their London home — because he believed they were not caring for his beloved mastiff, Enzo.

Koudryavtsev, who has dual Russian and New Zealand citizenship, called the police to confess to the murders in May of this year, London’s Old Bailey has heard.

Koudryavtsev worked for years for Weta Digital, providing special effects for Hollywood hits such as Lord of the Rings, King Kong, The Lovely Bones and Avatar.

The court heard his 68-year-old mother was found stabbed to death in a bathtub and her husband was found in the bedroom.

Otago Daily Times

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2 years ago

You gave me a forgotten word which I had to look up: catechize. An excellent manner to begin the weekend.