This is the weekend linkage.

I’ve tried multiple posts during the week and this did not work… much.

I miss this week in reaction (now gone). It was an essential read, very long, but took the geeks in social matter all week do. I can’t do as well, but it may be better to have one post a week and let’s put it up on Saturday. What’s up this week? I’ve been busy: have Mum and Dad Weka staying with us and in real life I’ve been dealing with the press and annoying pro euthanasia politicians. This blog is anonymous so I am not linking to what has been in the press.

So this may be short and not as organized as the longer ones. Adam’s starting his links this week with an apology

The hawt chicks & links has had a tough old week, with work and responsibilities causing us to actually have to work and stuff. Quite horrifying, if you really want to know. Where’s this white privilege at, I ask myself. I gotta get me some of that there privilege that they’re talking about. My great granddaddy sure had a lot of white privilege. The mean old bugger had a Lithgow coal cart full, or so I’m told. That’s an old coal mining town just out of Sydney. Where my folks are from on my daddy’s side. And my mother’s side were croppers down in Camberwell, which is an outer suburb of Sydney now but back when she was a girl it was beyond the black stump.

So much privilege.

Via Adam, this confession: when I was young I read all the correct things: the guardian, economist, wired. I ignored the underbelly. But it did not take. I grew up on the working class side of the tracks, and there is a contempt hidden by pity among those who grew up privileged. I get feral when those privileged intellectual idiots claim oppression by race, sexual habits, or transracial state (there are many wiggers among the woke). I have become a badthinker: this was not driven, as in SovietMen, by free speech as much as finding that my Calvinist church went woke and abandoned the gospel.

That church is dying. I’m praising God with the Pentecostals, because they still believe.

Most of my readers are Badwhites. You are at least sympathetic to Trump or approve of the cat-among-the-pigeons effect he’s having upon those who hate you. You consider the whites of your country, broadly, as a kind of extended family, and you are angry about the way the poorer of your cousins are being treated with such policies as the importation of hostile foreigners who are placed in their neighborhoods, the economic liberalization that is sending their jobs to China, and the crushing of their dissent against these measures, especially in the case of multiculturalism.

And this is where I come in. I used to be a Goodwhite. I believed all, or most, of those things that you’re supposed to believe to join the club. I only fell down on my stubborn support for free speech. I socialized exclusively with other Goodwhites. I consumed only Goodwhite media (The Age, Radio National), and I supported Amnesty, Oxfam and all those other Goodwhite organizations.

What did I think of Badwhites at that time? Did I, too, view them with contempt?


I found I could not hate my suburb and schoolmates — the cost of university socialization was too great. I never quite fitted into the culture: I read too widely, have too many relatives who sell things or run businesses, and find reality breaks theory every day. Most bright people are a little geeky, and the ones who are less bright — called, accurately, by Vox Day the midwits — believe stupid stuff. A wiser society identifies their geniuses, and puts them in a sheltered workshop where their eccentricities are ignored and their public proclamations tolerated. Because geniuses make nice toys.

All of the above can be put into the category of autism-spectrum or something like it. It seems that by turning off the socially aware part of our brain that prevents us from appearing to others as an obnoxious eccentric, we turn on the parts that think about higher matters.

Another category of smart people being stupid stems from overspecialization. I was once a brainless arts student who found himself in a class with clever business students. Our tutorial group was discussing environmental problems.

If you want everyone to be a good, politically correct droid you will have struggle sessions against all the geniuses. Which is why we no longer have nice stuff.

What happened

It looks like the Trump is getting high energy in his campaign, while the left screech about how he does things impolitely and demand his impeachment.

The death spiral of journalism as a mass media continues: it looks like only state media will be left. The tax payer supports one TV channel and a radio network. Ironically, commercial radio is profitable.

One of our second string universities — what was the agricultural college — has gone woke, and now will censor speech. Israel Folau is well rid of the Aussie rugby team — they are out of the world cup in the quarterfinals.

Boris managed to negotiate a deal of sorts for Brexit. It will be opposed by the long parliament — who know they will be voted out next year.

The turning is here and the times are changing.

The doomsters

I firmly believe we should help our family first. Then our brothers and sisters in Christ. then our neighbour. But do that through the church, so that (a) you maintain security of where you live and (b) they get the gospel taught with the meal and a cot. In any disaster, food will run out — even if the disaster is 500 km away (this happened after the Christchurch Earthquake, as all the food distribution warehouses were based around Chrischurch — it took about two weeks to get alternative supplies working).

It helps if you have a stash of food and can cook. But you still need to deal with the human cost.

I deleted my facebook and twitter accounts months ago. They are not helpful. They are used against you. Wise people ducktalk there. The government is monitoring what you do, and has weaponized social media to do it. (Another reason this is self funded).

The aim is that there will be no place for the truth — but there is so much signal that any noise is swamped, and the elite are now shunning each other for stale statements — going back to usenet, if necessary.

This spiral of revulsion does not make for good analysis or decisions.

Here’s one big reason that America is driving itself batshit crazy: the explosion of computerized records, emails, inter-office memos, Twitter trails, Facebook memorabilia, iPhone videos, YouTubes, recorded conversations, and the vast alternative universe of storage capacity for all this stuff makes it seem possible to constantly go back and reconstruct reality. All it has really done is amplified the potential for political mischief to suicide level.

It’s a major unanticipated consequence of the digital “revolution.” It has gotten us stuck looking backward at events, obsessively replaying them, while working overtime to spin them favorably for one team or the other, at the expense of actually living in real time and dealing with reality as it unspools with us. If life were a ballgame, we’d only be watching jumbotron replays while failing to pay attention to the action on the field.

Before all this, history was left largely to historians, who curated it from a range of views for carefully considered introduction to the stream of human culture, and who managed this process at a pace that allowed a polity to get on with its business at hand in the here-and-now — instead of incessantly and recursively reviewing events that have already happened 24/7. The more electronic media has evolved, the more it lends itself to manipulation, propaganda, and falsification of whatever happened five minutes, or five hours, or five weeks ago.


Cyberspace is not real life, and trash talking is not threats. The progressives have forgotten that too harsh a set of laws breed rebellion.

The neoreaction

I don’t like the term Alt-Right: not because of the 16 rules that Vox Day wrote, but because it has become a term used by those who Vox would call the Alt Retard. He prefers the term nationalist right, and that is fairer.

To be part of the neoreaction you have to see realistically the situation we are in. This is no a triumphant progress, as the unconscious Whig historians curating our media proclaim.

You can see that the situation is falling apart. But you should not despair. You should provide for your family and support your church and do good. This means working hard. Working hard is good for you.

A soul thrives on doing good work that matters. Doing good work excellently is hard. The Mrs. teaches, and works hard at it – I can see from her talking about her students, talking about the ones who learned and improved, the ones who keep coming back to her classroom to report on their lives that her work matters. Working hard at work that matters is what makes us the best humans we can be. If you think you worked too hard, you weren’t doing anything worth doing. The good news? Change now. You have an entire lifetime to fix that mistake.

Adam comments on the need to have standards in your relationships. You need to be choosy: the correct response to any situation is “not my type” (if single) or “I’m taken” (if married). Many of us married poorly first time up. Don’t make that mistake again.

Today I am very careful indeed. Most men are irrational when it comes to women which is something that women count on as well. In my life I have been both choosy and irrational. I have always had standards but I have not always heeded warnings of unsuitability, mostly because a woman at the time infatuated me. That is no longer the case, and I have been tested on this recently. A young woman that seemed very suitable had a few red flags that were obvious to me. In the past I would have ignored them, but this time I managed to make the correct decision.

We all make mistakes. What counts is the ability to learn from them.

Stacey chimes in. He notes that his wife and him discuss issues around the kids privately then present a united front. This is needed. You have to back each other — and at times you have to back hard. In a family you need standards. The kids push against them, but they need them. Otherwise we raise not men, but doormats.

Feelings are more important than facts to Team Woman, and we must pity this poor guy who’s been dominated by women his entire life.

Family unity, as I say, requires parents to maintain a United Front of authority with their children, and there are many unfortunate consequences of failing to do this. One of them is that, in a divided household, children don’t develop a proper sense of self-respect. Under wise parental authority — the United Front — children learn to live by the shared values of the parents, and to respect themselves according to how well they live up to those values. Children often go through a rebellious stage as adolescents, but once they reach maturity and get on the right track, upholding the values they learned growing up, the well-raised child will say, “I turned out all right, so I guess Mom and Dad must have known what they were doing all along.” The decadence of our society in the 21st century is simply a result of millions of bad parental decisions.

Well, I could extend this lecture a long way before exhausting every relevant point, but I’m nearing 1,500 words already, and I expect the readers will want to share their own insights. Bottom line, I reckon, is that we shouldn’t wonder why the suicide rate is now so high for men. Their souls are being crushed to despair by Team Woman.

The Ladysphere

I don’t hang out in the Ladysphere that much: Kea does. She’s not a “stay at home Mom’. In our town a fair number of decisions are made by women with very rich husbands who do stay at home a bit but do look after themselves over their kids. They tend to lunch in nice cafes. You cross them at your peril. it appears that this pattern occurs throughout the US.

For the very well off, having a few kids (three to five) signals that you can afford to send that number of kids to (expensive) private schools and elite (expensive) universities. Where they become good little goodthinkers, and of no earthly use.

It’s one thing to say SAHMs are getting to be a higher and higher income proposition, it’s another to determine if there are political variations. I didn’t expect to find what I found looking at major metros like Chicago, DC, Seattle or LA, among others. I looked at Big Cities and outlying exurbs and suburbs in red and purple and blue states alike, and the basic “very few lefty-likely SAHMs, but mostly clustered together plus have top-quarter family incomes for their area” and “many more righty-likely SAHMs, but spanning the top 3 quartiles for their area and not concentrated in the highest one, not much clustering at all” holds up across a wide range of voting patterns.

The lady who lunches is fairly likely a Democrat these days, as is the SAHM with a nanny and two kids in tow. Or the yoga mom who’s kept her figure after four kids.

But there’s very few of her. Not many liberal women seem ready or willing to make those arrangements to have families. And it is interesting to me that while liberal-leaning women want to have kids/form families at much lower rates than right-leaning women, they SAHM at really high rates.

I’d add that the Practical Conservative is correct: being a solo Dad (which I was for a decade) is bad think of the darkest sort. You are supposed to not breed. At all. Unless, you are elite or of the approved minorities.

Onto lighter subjects. Elspeth likes Gala apples — and notes that us Kiwis bred them. She’s correct about Austen’s Persuasion. (I like Austen for the observation and language). Rachael reads Mark Sisson, and is going dry this month. Scott, Elspeth and Hearthie have a long discussion about Gen X as the are turning fiftyish. Not sure about teenage culture then: I was investing and then losing money in a stock boom (and crash).

We are more at the post teenage phase.

There’s been some cooking, a little baking, and a lot of cleaning going on at our house. I miss my daughters terribly even though we talk/text/message nearly every day. I miss their presence at the house and the shouts of “Mama, do you know….”. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy they’re doing their own thing, even if I don’t approve of some of the actual things. It’s just that my heart knots itself so tight and tears build up and I am overcome with how much I miss them. Letting go is hard to do.

The Crunchies

The truly problematic belong here, for we do not repent of calling for repentance for sin, even when that is called bullying. The faithful. They are Catholics disappointed with the heretic sitting on the throne of Peter, Orthodox, Calvinists, and Bapticostals. Some have appeared above.

I think Bruce Charlton is trying to reason is way out of the existential basis of phenomenology — by bringing the divine back into it. This adds richness, for with that can come symbol, and the ability to embrace knowledge and subcreate.

He is correct about the media and government being dishonest hype.

Because it is God’s creation that is good/ true/ objective – and we are a part of that creation; so it is the only possible source of the GTO.

The creation we must love is God’s; and it is this love that enables us to participate-in creation.

Not to love God (and goodness, and creation, and the objective) is – like nearly all modern people (including artists and scientists) to be self-excluded from genuine creation. Instead there is the fake-creativity of mere-novelty, extrapolation, selection and combination – plus dishonest hype (i.e. dead bureaucracy plus the mass media).

These people hate the truth or reason or beauty. So they use lies, calling it propaganda.

You may recall that slogans played an important part in the political life of George Orwell’s Oceania. In that happy land, the Ministry of Truth had three slogans: “War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery,” and “Ignorance is Strength.” The first two might be called paradoxes, and the last a debunking of an old prejudice, much like “Diversity is Our Strength.”

Although each of these slogans can be given a political meaning, they do not actually express Party doctrine, and are not meant to propagate public truth. Their purpose is to destroy the meaning of the words “war,” “peace,” “freedom,” “slavery,” “ignorance” and “strength,” and more especially to destroy the concepts and culture behind these words.

The slogans do this by a sophistication of meaning. To an unsophisticated thinker, war is the opposite of peace. But to a thinker sophisticated by repeated use of the slogan “War is Peace,” war appears to be a corollary of peace (e.g. “we are at peace here because we are at war there”). Freedom is likewise the opposite of slavery in the mind of an unsophisticated thinker; but to a thinker sophisticated by slogans (or a university education), freedom is a form of slavery (e.g. to necessity), and slavery is a form of freedom (e.g. from responsibility).

When sophistication has done its work, most people will be confused, demoralized, and disgusted by reason, evidence and argument.

The conclusion would be as this elite hate God, they hate man, made in his image, and want us instead to become something else, perhaps Orcish.

Do not be such. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Do not be them. Do not be like them.

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Will S.
2 years ago
Reply to  Will S.

Excellent. May God bless and prosper them, then. 🙂

Will S.
2 years ago

Can’t you find another Reformed church to attend?

Or are those Pentecostals like Matt Slick’s CARM, charismatic and doctrinally Reformed? It happens… 🙂

The latter

2 years ago

Yes, I am enjoying the apples right now.

And although 50 is still a couple of years away for me, I’m finding that -finally!- the thought doesn’t horrify me the way it did even a year ago.

Life is good.

2 years ago

Thanks for the linkbacks. And cool idea. Definitely need a “week in” kind of thing to replace the previous.

2 years ago

Aussies played their rugby quarter final but lost. However, they offended nobody, used all the correct pronouns, and most importantly did not quote from the bible. They can stand proud before their progressive masters.