This week in reaction.

The notebook is back to being weekly. This is a week in which Jacinda drafted a bill with fishhooks which don’t merely grab all the guns in NZ by the ability to have order in council but allow for warrantless searches and remove the right to silence. One of the coalition parties is getting a lot of pressure from provincial NZ (where they get their votes) on this, and we hope they will white ant the Labour led government. The Tories should oppose this: it will be used against them. We should preserve freedom, particularly for those we don’t like. Otherwise, this will end badly.

It looks like NZ will have a referendum on euthanasia, and that will be binding. NZ First insisted on it, and the whip is on them: they are not acting as representatives, nor moral leaders, but cowards claiming the tawdry rags of democracy. We need to vote against this, and (since the progressive cause — the Greens aligned with NZ First — seems to allow international pressure to be applied, we should return the favour.

Over in the US, the Obama method of bureaucratic decree is failing: the conscience clause is being re established.

The parents have returned to Auckland, and their presence with us was a deep blessing. I being teased about being on the national news, but that will pass in a couple of days.

The casino that funds the Sky Tower in Auckland was evacuated by a fire, which led to the current socialist government panicking, because the new convention centre there is supposed to host APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Congress) in 2021. Perhaps we should not be so globally minded.

It looks like the globalist icon, Trudeau, has hung onto power. Just. The Tories there are weak conservatives, and an old fashioned, nationalist, High Tory (God, King and Evensong) that pulls back on multiculturalism and intersectionality may remake a nation. The current elite, on both sides, hate Christ (at least they think the Catholics and Christians are conspiring against them) and are destroying any remaining nation that was Canada.

Trudeau, himself, is a muppet. He has about as much leadership as the current world cycling sprint women masters (35-39) champion is female

The Brexit delays and negotiations continue. Johnson should roll back the Blairite reforms, as this is a situation that would usually lead to a snap election. But more delay won’t help those who oppose him.

Well, the Woodpile Report for this week is here.

This week in Doom is here.

Adam puts his posts up on Friday: there will be one for next week.

The Nationalist Reaction

It appears that we are not allowed to win elections, because the progressive parties will form grand coalitions. Not that this will matter over time, because poltics runs downstream from culture. The current elitist culture will lead to death, and the younger people, knowing that the elite hate them, are starting to rebel. There will be more Hong Kongs. There will be more Catalonias.

Tom Kratman commented over at Didact’s place — quoting an old column. He was writing to the French, but it applies to the West.

You have two sets of enemies inside your country. One set are the unassimilated, indeed, increasingly unassimilated and by now well-nigh inassimilable, Moslems. Some of them, or their co-religionists, have just killed over a hundred – at last count one hundred and sixty or so; it will probably go up – of your citizens and legitimate foreign sojourners in Paris.

Yes, yes, we all know that only American and Swiss Amish shout “Allahu Akbar” before firing into crowds, and that the American National Rifle Association is deeply enough troubled by problems in Syria to recruit and dispatch Methodist and Baptist suicide bombers. And, of course, it only happened because America killed the British lunatic known as Jihad John. Never mind that we just offed the bastard yesterday while attacks like those in Paris take from weeks to months to plan and prepare for; clearly we are to blame. And we can also be sure that it was in response to old child molesting allegations directed against Catholic priests. And, yes, as all right minded folks know, it was George W. Bush’s fault. And that passport showing one of the attackers was a “refugee” who passed through Greece seeking “asylum” was an obvious plant by the doubleplusungood forces of racism and reaction…

Aren’t you sick yet of doublethink, newspeak, and lies? Surely you must be.

How many of the attackers were French citizens? That, we don’t know, though at least one was. One would have been very surprised, indeed, however, to discover that none of them, and none of the people who aided them, were accorded the privilege of French citizenship. Their grandmothers and grandfathers were mostly trying to be French. Their grandchildren want to turn you into Dhimmis. Yes, sure, maybe they were not treated as well in the past as they might have been. So what, that ship has sailed. It is too late to undo any alleged injustices of the past. They detest you as they detest the Scandanavians, the Germans, the British, the Italians, and the Spanish. They detest you for what you are and for what you are not. They detest you because they see you are weak, because every time they demand it you bend over and grease yourselves to accommodate them. You cannot change this by anything beautiful or sensitive or wonderful or caring that is in your power. In the words of a certain group of entertainers of the 1960s and 1970s, “Money can’t buy [you] love.”

The other enemies are your rulers, safe in their internationalist positions, denationalized themselves, well connected, corrupt, and not caring about you in the slightest. Note that people like Dominique Strauss-Khan and his colleagues do not just rape hotel maids; they’ve had you and yours and those of every state in the EU bent over and screwed for decades now. You know the group to which I refer; it is the same group that has been greasing the path to your future dhimmitude. Speaking of which, that recurring pain in your rectal orifice? That’s them.

If you want a list of names of your enemies, you could start with the class rosters of Institut d’études politiques de Paris.

Sad, is it not? You had a revolution to get rid of one set of aristocrats, and had another set within about fifteen years, if memory serves. At least the second set were mostly deserving. Would that you could have that second set of aristocrats again, for they loved you and would have, and did, die for you without counting. They were, even when foreign born, French in their hearts.

Your current aristocracy? Your alumni of Sciences Po? They may care for their fantasies, France, but they do not care for you and yours

Civic nationalism is a dead horse, and the climate is moving away from globalism: you cannot trust the bureaucrats who believe that diversity is an improvement on competence (the Chinese, at least, used to have examinations to enter the civil service. Competitive ones). But things are changing.

The God-Emperor’s primary weakness is his bone-deep civnattery. His secondary weakness is his strong preference for negotiation with his implacable enemies to war with them. But his rightful heir and successor gets it. If the father can drain the swamp, the son can actually begin making America American again.

You can almost hear that sweet sound of the helicopters flying.

The current controlled opposition is breaking. Libertarians and Jungian self help gurus included.

This guy is such a train wreck, it’s almost not even funny anymore. Not that he doesn’t deserve every bit of criticism and mockery he receives, because he does on the basis of being a complete intellectual charlatan who should never have posed as any sort of lifestyle philosopher, but he’s now obviously just a frail and weepy shadow of the man he pretended to be.

And remember, this is the man who claimed community doesn’t matter and every man should stand on his own, by himself, and without any allegieance to a group identity. Now he’s literally crying because others don’t come to his defense soon enough when he’s quite rightly attacked.

Adam notes that some Godly men went and removed the various Indian Idols the current idiot appointed as the Bishop of Rome had placed in St. Peters and did the traditional thing: tossed them in the Tiber. As they are unliving, there was not need to drag them to the top of the Tarpeian Rock first.

The latest low point was the worship of pagan idols, specifically South American fertility idols, at the Vatican. In a big ceremony. Which kind of breaks one of those pesky ten commandments, the number one commandment no less. Let alone the fact that these sort of idols were actively used in the past for human sacrifice. Christianity was supposed to move us on from that.

But there are still some courageous Christians out there.

Enter the church in which the idols were being blasphemously displayed. Nick off with the idols. Dump them in the Tiber river, a symbolic act in of itself seeing that in the past, heretics of the Church were thrown into the Tiber, including one particularly bad pope. Which should be the next step, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

These men have more courage but more importantly, more historical validity than any of the morons protesting for the climate. Protesting for mother earth. Protesting for the great Gaia. Protesting on the side of these very idols that are now no more.

In years to come nobody will remember the climate extinction dirtbags. But this noble act will be remembered. And it must be replicated. Young men of today whinge and moan that there are no possibilities for great courage and exploration and noble deeds like in the past.

There are rather a lot, in fact. This is but one example of the possibilities. The time for being a quiet and passive Christian is over. Acts and deeds are now of utmost importance. Not protests.

This offended some Papists, but Adam’s correct: clean up your house, or find that the Glory of God has departed. We are branches off the vine of Christ, and without Christ and his spirit we are nothing. These policies apply not only to the Papists.

Why so violent? Pour encourager les autres. To repent, or leave.

Here is what I would do to clean out the Church if I were in charge.

After a subtle period of quiet investigation, all members of the Vatican council who supported the current pope would be arrested, along with the man that they elected. There would be a public trial and then they would be executed for heresy and thrown into the Tiber. Along with the now defrocked pope.

At the same time there would be a complete purging of homosexuals within the priesthood. These men would be defrocked, publicly humiliated and then castrated after being thrown out of the Church. A new Vatican council would be held where, amongst other important issues, homosexual priests would be banned from the Church. In addition to this the mass would return to the Latin liturgy.

If you are living in sin, you should not lead. This is not to say that we don’t sin: but one should repent and reform first. Clean up your own mess, submit to Christ, and step back. And if you want to be merciful to these pestilential apostates, they can be lay brothers in a silent order.

The Arts

From the Woodpile Reort. Read about it there.

Soviet Men, being reactionary, have learned from Mayavosky. Do not be part of the current Woke Realism. Read old poems instead. The most recent post is about the romantic poets: Wordsworth, Coleridge and their school. One I normally avoid, but there is good stuff there.

I agree with them about Byron, a man who acted on his convictions and paid the price.

When his lover left her husband after initially describing Byron as “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” you know he is a poet of the dark side — and thus to be read with wisdom. His path ended in futility. Lord Melbourne, however, did not.

Elspeth reviews a book I have not read: Brave New World Revisited. I’m biased. I despise Huxley.

The doomsters

The writer of the Woodpile report is in a bleak mood. He sees his nation imploding (the elite lost the last federal election in the USA — badly — and they are still angry about it). He comments from a nameless Appalachian hollow.

I agree about the idea that enclaves will be targets. Live is small towns: and if you don’t have much money learn how to grow things. How to make waste work for you.

Preppers are kidding themselves about large, elaborate enclaves. Such communities with their gardens, livestock, solar powered utilities, weapons, comms, storehouses, workshops, tools and supplies would be fatally attractive. Training with light infantry tactics and weapons is understandable, but repelling serial attacks by gangs and other armed opportunists would include attrition, i.e., the worker bees would win battles but eventually too few would remain to run the place. And when it became unviable, so would they.

Such redoubts have their place when the meltdown eases, but in the initial phases, less is more.

Well placed and practiced survivalists could get by on a onesey-twosey basis. Two may survive where one wouldn’t. Three or four may be better, assuming an adequate reserve of food and supplies. With more than four the liabilities are likely to outweigh the advantages. It assumes the deepest of deep larders, extensive supplies and harmonious wisdom in all things. Unless each make an irreplaceable contribution of critical value it’s probably too big a footprint for this phase. Loosely allying with similar small groups for mutual benefit may be the better choice. Five or more is a crowd, a danger to itself.

Famine is a given in contemporary civil war. Those embedded in interior cities have no chance, so, next item. The ruling class would continue to work against middle America’s existence. As said above, they’d confiscate local stores of food on a continuing basis, seize major food producing areas intact and grab the needed transportation facilities. Make no mistake, their hirelings would be granted license for absolute ruthlessness. Free fire zones and minefields are not off the table. Skilled labor, if otherwise unwilling, would be arrested and compelled to work.

Feeding their base would guarantee the loyalty of supporters, inflict mass death on the deplorables by ‘no cost’ neglect and keep armed confrontation largely confined to flyover country. But note, as said here before, this is a precarious solution. The coastal megacities are fed from the outside by vulnerable arteries passing through what would be hostile territory. In the end, feeding them would stutter and fail. Even now they’re cauldrons of seething hatred, barely repressed, often organized. With real scarcity and hardship they’d fall on each other and tear the place apart.

Privation, disease, hunger, murderous chaos and high intensity combat would likely peak in the second year. This is the knothole which would separate the survivalists from dabblers and hopeful idealists. In the years that follow, when the maelstrom had largely exhausted itself and the situation clarified, those who made good use of their resources could be largely self supporting, coalescing into tribes, forming families with neighbors and partying like it was 1319.

Be a survivor. The who and what of a civil war would matter only occasionally. Food would matter every hour of every week.

The Problematic Faithful

Matt Briggs notes that it is all Saint’s Day holiday, with Brexit exit (sorry, All Hallow’s Eve) the day before. He eviscerates the woke guidance for this day.

Adam noted (above) that this is not a time for protests, but a time for action. He’s correct, and we need to begin by walking away, defunding, and shunning the heretics among us. The test now is not the details of communion or the number of sacraments. I’m quoting Papists, as a reformed Protestant, because I did not leave the Presbyterian Church — but it left me when it decided that Jesus Christ was not Lord. The same thing has happened, sadly, in the Vatican.

I did happen in Moscow, but that Church has repented and is now in revival. We are problematic, and we are praying for reform. And acting.

Please stop what you are doing, make some popcorn and go to the Barnhardt site, where two versions of a wonderful video exist: wooden statues of “Pachamama” taken away from the church and thrown into the river, where they belong.

Oh, joy! Oh, what a laugh! And the politically incorrect act of throwing them all in the Tiber!

Of course, the Tiber is highly symbolic here. Heretics were thrown in the Tiber. Pope Formosus – after the synodus horrenda – was, too!

One wonders what other modern Pope might have deserved to have his corpse thrown into the river after his execution for manifest heresy. Of course, one would have to declare him deposed first. Alas, we don’t do these things anymore. Not Christian enough, you see.

My rosary tonight is for the people who have done this.

One video says more than 1000 blog articles.

Well, it is good, so here is the other part of it.

On a more quietist note, Hearthie has this meditation on being thankful. We should be. And we should recall the mighty acts of God.

We should thank God. All the time, because He gives so richly that there’s always something new to appreciate. But put reverse this – do you want your kids to get up every day and thank you for the shoes on their feet? Every day? Every.Single.Day? No. If they came up to you and said, “you know, these shoes are so comfy and I really appreciate you taking me to the good shoe store so my feet don’t hurt – thanks, Mom!” randomly three months after you bought new shoes, that would make you warm and squishy. But as a ritual? “Thank you, dear mother, for the shoes on my feet”. Bleh.

We need to accept the gifts we’ve been given. To TAKE them as granted. To say, “Thank you, Lord Father” and not pretend He does take-backsies.

Sometimes rehashing old ground is … rehashing old ground, and not useful at all.

Pray about everything, and thank him for all that is resolved. This is a hard teaching to do, and an ongoing challenge.

The Ladysphere

Many of the Ladies in this corner of the blogging world are home educators. They know that modern schools worship pride (what else is self esteem?) and do not train humility. They do not want to expose inflated self worth to the harsh light of true genius. They see humility not as a sign of wisdom (for the wise know well that they don’t know everything, and much is a mystery) but as weakness. This is a correction.

In the same way, classical Christian education is for the weak. We approach Dante’s Divine Comedy not to show off our intellectual acumen, but rather because we feel like we are lost in a dark wood; because our souls feel shriveled and cold; because we long for a Vergil or Beatrice to lead us back home. We read Augustine’s Confessions not to outwit our theological opponents, but rather to see that even our “minor sins” are full of depravity, that we are halfhearted in our own repentance, yet that there is hope even for us to be changed. We read Plato’s Republic not to impress our friends, but to understand what true friendship is, to shun our own self-deception, and to yearn for that City that is yet to come.

It is tragic that our classically educated young men or young women might be pompous or proud. It should not be our goal to train students to become exceptions to Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians—“Not many of you were wise . . .” On the contrary, it is precisely because of their weakness and foolishness that we bring them into the presence of those men and women of the Great Tradition. And as their educators we must recognize that we approach these same books and tradition for the very same reason—because we ourselves are weak and in need.

This is for those who need care: in the case of Ame it is her daughter.

Oldest and I spent a few minutes talking with our Pastor and his Wife as we left church today. Somehow we got on the topic of some of her physical disabilities and how I tend to be a bit on the protective side with them.

The Pastor looked at her and kindly said, “Accept her care.”

The more I thought about that the more profound it became. It’s so much easier to give than receive, isn’t it. It’s hard to learn to accept the care of others.

I used to be extremely independent and self-sufficient. I did not need or want any help; it was embarrassing to me, and I honestly did not know how to receive care of any kind as my mother did *not* nurture me at all. Actually, she went out of her way to intentionally *not* nurture me. So to have anyone care for me at all, even and especially if I were ill, was extremely uncomfortable for me. It’s still not natural, but it’s a lot easier.

I think we need to learn how to graciously receive. It brings such joy to others when their gifts are received with warmth and kindness, gifts including care.

Blending Ame

There is some good advice for women on social media: most women I know use this to communicate with each other. My advice to men is simple: don’t have a profile unless mandated by your employer. But to women I say this Don’t show your kids. You can message the grandparents with photos or have private photo sharing fairly easily.

And Instagram is almost as bad for your mental health as Twitter.

I do object to women who insist on putting their children’s faces all over Instagram – this strikes me as astonishingly stupid, especially in this day and age of unprotected 24×7 social media exposure. But, overall, if a girl wants to post pictures of her holiday up on social media, I don’t have any particular problem with that.

That is enough for this week. We have a long weekend ahead in the antipodes — left over from when unions were strong enough to limit the hours you worked to 40 a week.

May we call what is good, excellent, and worthy of praise. And may we not be of this elite, nor like them.

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2 years ago

Ah, I see. He did seem fairly possessed with the necessity of curtailing human reproduction and fear of over population.

And Euthanasia as a ritual. Around my age

2 years ago

My curiosity is highly piqued. Why do you despise Aldous Huxley? I confess I know nothing of the man save his two books, Brave New World and Brave New World, Revisited. I confess that while neither book strikes me as the works of a poetic wordsmith, just as with Ayn Rand (whose writing wasn’t great either), there are keen insights into the nature of humanity and how we *tick*.

I am always struck when unbelievers seem more shrewd and insightful about these things than the sons and daughters of The Most High.

So what is despicable about Huxley? Do tell!