Weekend notebook.

Where to start? Firstly, the incumbent of the Rose Office has decided to call the legal weasels in his congress — who opposed him before election, as querulous litigants. This was interpreted by the local press as more signs that America is losing it. Our press, however, are active political players. no longer report what is going on, and are mistrusted.

Most people don’t watch the TV news or listen to the national programme: it is playing to pensioners and the senior common room.

The Blue Pill

Locally, we have had a lethal student party. A first year girl was killed. Sympathy for the family, but I’m now questioning what we are doing encouraging the current student culture. It was better when the students partied in the pubs and burned couches: now the pubs have been closed by cheap supermarket beer and the university buying up all the pubs and turning them into study centres.

We are encouraging young people to get deeply in debt — at a time when I know law graduates and teaching graduates who can’t get jobs. It would be better for most young women to get a local job, young men to get an apprenticeship, and for the local churches to have regular social events, controlled by grizzled old grandfathers. People did not die in overcrowded staircases then, and people had savings to start a family, not student debt.

So the gals are now struggling to find the right guy and we are all supposed to be concerned. I wonder where this will lead? What fate awaits the women who rack up lots of debt, choose not to have a family, implode their family even if they have one because feelings, and ultimately do not plan even a little bit for the future?

More older women sleeping in cars.

Adam Piggot

Every aberrant behaviour has an industry to support it. In this case the social justice industry, supported by property taxes. San Francisco, as always, serves as a warning.

By now the lines of the debate are becoming clear. Enquiring minds want to know whether government is the problem or the solution. As you know, leftists believe that bigger government will solve all of our problems. More sensible folk tend in the opposite direction: believing that government can solve problems disempowers individuals, undermines societal norms and creates more trouble than it is worth.

The problem, she notes, lies in a community that refuses to enforce norms of civilized behavior. You can talk all you want about civility. You can drool endlessly about the prospect of people having civil conversations. And yet, when you allow your major cities to become open air toilets… because to do otherwise would compromise someone’s rights… you are smoking the wrong kind of cigarettes

Stuart Schneiderman

There will be advocates that keep faeces on expensive real estate if it promotes their virtue signals. Read the whole thing.

The homelessness industry loudly protests any abandonment of the local housing ideal. “San Francisco must invest fully in housing that keeps impoverished families in our city,” Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness, said in 2018, objecting to a program that subsidizes apartments for single mothers outside the city. Impoverished families are the “city’s lifeblood,” according to Friedenbach. That is a disputable proposition. The advocates’ fallback position is that moving people outside the place where they currently claim homelessness severs the ties that can get them back on their feet. There is no evidence supporting this proposition. (San Francisco also provides bus tickets to about 800 individuals a year to rejoin family or friends elsewhere, an initiative that should be expanded as much as possible.)

Heather McDonald, City Journal

Gunner Q, noting that the advocates are trying to subvert the remaining faithful churches (and that the Jesuits remain a vector) is trenchant.

Civil wars are bad. The reason they start when the feedback loops stop because the rulers are truth phobic.

The reason anybody looks forward to a civil war at all is because we have become non-participants in our society. We have no say in the government, in the corporate-dominated marketplace and our SJW-infested church who thinks it’s a Christian problem that our society might not continue its democracy-fueled death spiral.

Gunner Q

The Bow Tie Bros

virtue seeking is endemic in NZ. We all think we can control what others think or will do or will act. We want everyone to follow our morals. And when there is a pushback the woke do clutch their bow ties or pearls. i would add that NZ putting sanctions on Uganda wan’t work: it is a client state of China now. China does not care.


The Ugandan government wants to murder gay people:
Uganda has announced plans to impose the death penalty on homosexuals.

The bill, colloquially known as “Kill the Gays” in Uganda, was nullified five years ago on a technicality, but the government said on Thursday it plans to resurrect it within weeks.

The government said the legislation would curb a rise in “unnatural sex” in the east African nation.

The death penalty is barbaric enough. Seeking to apply it to private acts between consent adults is utterly mind-boggling. That’s simply not the proper domain of the state, let alone of state murder.

Last time Uganda’s bigoted government tried to push this law through, the international community responded with sanctions. Hopefully we will do the same again.

we have local body elections now. In which I do vote, primarily to keep the virtue signallers out. I want the drains fixed — the spring rains flooded the road to my village axle deep last night. The press are worrying only a third vote. I consider that acceptable: in a republic only those with skin in the game are allowed to vote, and mandatory voting in Australia keeps the Greens going due to the bong vote.

I hear many commentators across all their media bemoaning the very low number of folk voting in these council elections. ‘This is terrible,’ they cry. ‘Too many don’t’ care!’ they wail. ‘We must get more participation in our democracy,’ they insist.

Have these whiners considered that people not voting are participating in democracy? That, in fact, there are many, many reasons not to care about the smiling drones whose names appear on their ballot papers? That by not returning their voting papers, binning them, or not even bothering to read them, that non-voters are casting a vote?

The vote they are casting is for None of The Above.

It is for A Plague on All Your Houses.

It is for You’re All Such Sacks Of Shit That I Wouldn’t Vote For One Of You If My Arse Was On Fire.

It is for You’re All As Bad As Each Other So It Matters Not A Jot Who I Vote For Anyway.

It is for There Are Many More Important Things In My Life Than Wasting It On Choosing Between Several Different Kinds Of Liar.

It’s a non-vote. Which is still a vote.

There are many entirely valid reasons in every election for people choosing not to fill in and return voting papers. But that’s what they choose to do: not to fill out and return them. It’s their choice — and not a single cent of government money should be spent dissuading them of that choice.

Because that would be an affront to democracy.

I’ve quoted from the far left and libertarian right of NZ politics, but neither can change anything. They are trampled over by the woke routinely. They are horrified by any pushback. These nice debates don’t make a difference: what does is action.

There is a reason I don’t join unions now. I don’t want to fund the woke bastards.

It would be an insult if an official from any other country were to suggest New Zealand’s right to exist were up for debate or a matter of belief. I’d also be surprised if any of our officials would so casually suggest there is a question mark over the existence of any other UN member country.

But the right of Israel to exist is questioned, and there are concerted efforts to demonise and delegitimise the Jewish state and to deny the right of Jews to self-determination in their indigenous land.

Leaders of the NZ Trade Union movement, which Mr Minto is involved in, curse Israel for alleged crimes and call for a boycott of Israelis, yet they are happy to host Indonesian delegates without even raising the actual crimes of Indonesia against West Papua. I’m sure many union members (that pay union fees) would be shocked by the anti-Israel sentiment of the leaders and of their gross hypocrisy.

Similarly, no one is suggesting that China shouldn’t exist because they are actually putting Uighur Muslims into concentration camps and actually occupying Tibet; or that Turkey is illegitimate because it really occupies Cyprus, for example.

Only alleged crimes of Israel are used to challenge the existence of Israel and the Jewish nation is clearly singled out as a people who should be denied a state.


John Minto, however, has some use. He is reliably wrong on all issues. Do the precise opposite of what he advocates, and you will do well.

Because the left are fomenting rebellion, thinking that it is 1918 again. They forgot that they lost in Germany in 1918, (they only won in Russia) and that the conditions are not what they were a century ago. They are worse.

Z-Man makes the points that there is no need for the Left to revolt. They already own the institutions, so why would the Left revolt? The biggest threat, he felt, was from white suburban dudes. Those were precisely the people who are kept in debt, and absent a significant economic dislocation, they wouldn’t risk anything in today’s world.

That’s not really the case. At the Bundy Ranch hundreds of people showed up to stop the Bureau of Land Management from taking Bundy’s cattle. Was this something I loaded up the Wildermobile® and took the streets to help with? Nope.

Hundreds of people did, however. With rifles. As I looked at the pictures, I was surprised to see not only young men, but women, too. And even more so, there were older men. I’d expect that some of the men in camo had never been in the service, but I’d expect that many were. The fact that Bundy was able to round up this many people to quite literally put their lives on the line for his cattle was surprising to me.

What surprised me the most was the number of old dudes with white hair out there. While it wasn’t “nothing but old guys” there were plenty of people who were taking social security but were slinging an AR or a six gun and weren’t afraid to die. I’m sure that they’re happy they didn’t die because none of them were married to my ex-wife, but they had seen how the Federal Government dealt with women and children at Waco. They weren’t dumb. They knew what the stakes were. And they still stood there in an act of open rebellion against the government – a position the Left would call treason, since the Left views people as serving government, hence rebellion against government is treason. The Right views the government as serving people, and open warfare against the will of the people is treason.

Which explains why we’re in our current mess.

I absolutely think that Z-Man is right, and we’ll see people throwing “sand in the gears” at various places when the rebels get Mom’s password. Last year at this time I was skeptical – an active Civil War II represented a stage that was important enough to talk about, yet such a departure from the past it seemed unlikely that we would we see it. We been stable for a long time as a country.

I’m still not certain that we will see a Civil War, but as I trace the developments of the last year I have become convinced that, while not inevitable, Civil War II is likely, and likely to be messy and filled with atrocity.

I’ve seen too many refugees from civil wars in countries once civilized and generally socailist. It can happen here. And it is always nasty, with no side being innocent. It would be far better for the woke to allow people to quietly dissent. To vote for something else. To accept that traditions exist for reasons.

To not walk against Christ.

But we did not choose the times we live in. We instead, were chosen to be witnesses in this time.

The Ladysphere

I’m allowed to link to links, and here is Elspeth’s.

I disagree with Amy on this: the virtues are shared by both men and women. Moral agency is shared by both men and women. What differs is how this is expressed: most women prefer men to be masculine — strong, protective, and gentle to them, and aggressive to the wreckers and raiders. But women can do the latter as well. When you have to defend, never do a small injury, ladies. Make sure the bastard can’t get up again. As Amy said, the hard are brittle, and ensure that they are squished.

Let’s talk about gentleness a bit. I am a gentle person. I prefer to be kind and polite to those around me. I enjoy it. I don’t care for conflict. Every few years this results in an explosion when someone in my circle thinks that this gentleness is the same thing as weakness, and that my polite tendency to give way when I can means that I don’t have boundaries. They push too hard, and find the wall – and kaboom! – they get mad. At me! And then usually they go away.

If gentleness was the same thing as weakness, our Lord, described as being as gentle and meek as a Lamb, would be weak. Jesus isn’t weak. And neither is gentleness. Gentleness is founded upon godliness, it’s rooted in God’s strength. In order to be gentle, you have to be strong. Hatred is weak. Hard people are often brittle.

Things in families — change. The blogging was interrupted by stepson calling and we realizing he is in town and not working so we had to organize to meet him. As parents, you have to be flexible. The woke don’t get that until after babies.

Planning is a sensible thing to do. But any schemes involving a baby have to be loosely defined and flexible, because babies have a way of upending perfect, elaborate scenarios. Just as you can usually plan for how your birth will take place–hospital, birth center, home; epidural or not; cesarean or vaginal delivery–so you must recognize that your peaceful home birth might turn into an emergency cesarean, or that you won’t be getting your epidural because the kid decided that the freeway shoulder was an excellent place to make his debut into the outer world.

Parenthood is learning to recognize the limits to your control. Make plans, by all means, but also know that your plans may be utterly undone by circumstance. And for goodness’ sake, don’t befoul your plans by naming them anything as revoltingly precious as a “baby-nup.”


The times are not good right now. Kea and I have spent nights discussing what friends need to do. we are not, repeat not perfect. We live in the real world and what we have done to get where we are (such as buying a house well below our mortgage limit and paying it off) would not work in some places, like Auckland.

For instance, Bison Prepper recommends an RV on Junk Land, and that works where he lives. In NZ, you can’t freedom camp unless you have a new RV which is completely self contained and even then only in designated places. But… in part for my kids, who are all in the process of leaving the educational system…

  • Go rural. If you can: some jobs are only in big or medium sized cities. (I’m in that situation). The rents are generally lower. You may be more secure because there will be less trades or professionals available. You will have to be more independent. If you can’t move from the city, live on the outskits.
  • Grow your own stuff. Here it helps if you live closer to the equator than we do: Auckland as a metropolis is awful to live in, but we could grow anything (and did). Gardening is frugal and good for you.
  • Live on one salary. When you are starting out, you have to anyway. If you marry, still live on one salary: save the other for kids/paying down the mortgage
  • Work your ass off. Your twenties is when you can work 100 hours a week and do side hustles. This period of life does not last. So plan to cut down when the kids come, or sooner.

That’s enough. Enjoy. And take enough time to recover.

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2 years ago

One grows…. I am still a gentle soul, but I am learning that second shots across the bow are all the warning I can give. More is pointless, you’re taken for weak. I’m not weak. Weaker than you? Sure. But not weak. It still makes people mad to find that out, which invariably hurts my feelings. Oh well, they heal up quickly.

I’m growing in this area, and there will be work done here and then work done elsewhere. Thanks for the word. I’ll chew on it. 😀