Stats three ways.

I mistrust stat counters, and I have three of them. Slimstats says 1600 page views this month. Statcounter (which I think is the more reliable) also has 1600 page views. New Stats press has 1500 visitors and up 7800 page views, but 24K spiders. I’m a bit twitchy about enabling Jetpack from wordpress, Google Analytics, […]

Fitness Life

Friday Fitness Fulminations.

This week has been challenging. We both managed to get sick: we fell out of ketosis and felt far worse. My mobiility is decreasing, and I know I won’t be able to get back to the gym until early next year due to the need (for both of us) to let things heal. Last year […]

Christianity Lectionary

1 November 19

I’m reformed, worshiping with the Bapticostals. The pagans were out celebrating Halloween, not realizing that this refers to all Saint’s day, which follows. Many don’t bother with the following day, which has, been a day of remembrance from the third century. The Disneyfication of Halloween and the current (imported) fashion of trick and treating still […]