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Midweek quick linkage.

Firstly, Kevin at Other McCain needs some help. He has health issues. For those that don’t know, Kevin has been a large part of the success of this humble site. A few months after I began I approached Kevin to get on the almost daily link posts at The Other McCain. It was cheeky, I […]


Wednesday Kipple

I am using Bartleby as a source for poems, and it is very good. What amuses me here is that Upton Sinclair, an Edwardian Revolutionary, counted Kipling as one of the progressives. He was seen as a radical, not an imperialist. Under this title the English poet has written a striking picture of the social […]


13 November 19

If we are judged by the standards that we apply to others, we will damn ourselves. That is the standard that will be used against us: in all its fullness. There is a reason that Christ said that we should not judge, for we will be judged. However, Christ is not just the righteous judge, […]