The week in reaction

This is the week where I put up a midweek post because of the euthanasia bill — seeing our parliamentarians congratulating themselves for joining the green death cult caused a certain amount of wrath. Then nausea. It is also the week where the Democrats went full moron. Stacey and Wombat are good folks, and Wombat […]


The writing on the weekly wall.

Ah, Saturday. You have a chance to sleep in: the work of the week is done: the week in reaction is put to bed before Adam has his hot links up. You awake, a little too early, because the Dog needs to be let out. It is a glorious morning, when the doomsters from climate […]


16 November 19

Many people seek the kingdom of God, but it is here in part. The Church should be his kingdom. but it is human, carnal, broken. But the faithful in the church truly are of the kingdom of God. It is not seen in external pomp and ritual. It is seen in the reformation of a […]