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Firstly, and update on the wombat… who still needs help. The Kiwi social service is difficult — Kiwis don’t have a social welfare system in OZ (note to any Kiwis in OZ: always have enough cash to get back to Godzone. You can get help from family and the state here. But not there). Keep […]

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Monday technical

Getting rid of Google as much as possible is a good thing. The following is a critique of a hardware hacker who produced a phone analogue running FreeBSD (all good) but then used google services. I would add this: every time people try to get me to join a facebook group I cringe. Facebook is […]

Lectionary Life

18 November 19

We are not to conform to this world, or the agenda of this world. When you have a social welfare system and social housing that is priced and market rates — meaning that the average disabled person has to get food packages a few times a year — you have a problem. There are solutions. […]