The weekly reactivity

This week locally has been marred by thunderstorms and hail. A woman in Palmerston is having her oak tree taken down after a lightening strike that (praise God) missed the shed where she was feeding the calves. Locally, we have had alternating days of heavy hail and beautiful fine weather. Spring is late, but here, with venom.

Locally, the equivalent of cable, Sky TV, is in a death spiral, having lost about 7/8th of its share price.

As far as the usual stuff, Matt Briggs has a doom collection including a death from body dysmorphic disorder, Adam has been analyzing the difficulties with petty eco-bureucrats and how they start fires (which is in Godzone). The woodpile report is always worth a read.


I got an email from Adam in which he quoted from the article he satirized, which is behind a paywall. It was a hagiography to the vacant, and the reality is probably more frightening. He’s also reminded me to be afraid in Aussie. I knew their bureaucrats were petty tyrants, but imprisoning a person for doing the right thing?

Making fire breaks is the right thing. Our greens are equally stupid. Sadly, they also have power.

I made the point that landowners in Australia are prosecuted by government for attempting to manage their own land. I was pointed to this article dated 2013 which outlines the case of a Western Australian farmer who did clear some scrub on his property for fire breaks and ended up in jail.

Those of you pondering where to flee when it all goes to crap may as well cross off Australia from your list. This was almost 10 years ago and if you think it was bad then, it’s a lot worse now. It all comes from what the government calls “management plans” and their intent or design is to ensure that as a landowner you have no rights.

How did this happen? Proportional representation. This means that you have to build coalitions, and swallow a fair few dead rats to get anything done. In Australia, it has turned the Senate into a clown show, where firefighters are called wife beaters. By Senators.

The Greens are evil, and they own town planning. Adam is clear on how this now works. All scrubland is unique. The process is the punishment.

He misses the other arm: play the cultural card when convenient. The new invention in NZ is Mauri — life force — because we are no longer officially Christian, but animists. Part of the decolonization process.

The game is played like this: morons clutching some piece of paper from a higher institution of brainwashing know just enough to be dangerous. That is, plants and animals adapt themselves to their habitats. But what is the defined minimum size of such an ecosystem? There is none. So your very backyard can be classified as a unique ecosystem because some bug changed itself slightly to avoid being stepped on all the time by your kids. Truly, this is how they operate.

In this way every building development, mining operation, or simple farmer wanting to manage his own land can be blocked on environmental grounds under biodiversity laws. These regulations have done more to remove property rights from individuals than anything else in the last 300 years. Prince John would have been impressed. In other words, as soon as you let the bastards on your land, you’re stuffed, mate. Because they will find something, and the more trouble you give them then the more that they will find. And it is unchallengable.

Yep, Aussie’s stuffed. Sadly, we have the same credentialed morons on NZ. The one advantage we have is rain, but they want to go zero carbon without considering how many rivers we can still dam. Or how many wind farms, or solar systems.

Of course, the greens are globalists, and evil. Evil makes you stupid.

the greens are duplicitous. IF climate change is influenced by Human activity, why is it that entire systems are excluded from the equations used to evaluate the carbon placement?
The largest carbon sink is soil, and yet there is no recognition in their equations to recognise this fact.
Plants though the wonder of photosynthesis power the transformation of CO2 and H2O into oxygen and carbohydrate (oh noes, a carbon based product). The plant then exchanges that carbohydrate with rhizomes in the soil, in exchange for nutrients collected from the degraded material in the soil by the rhizomes. A symbiotic relationship. This allows the rhizomes to feed other microbiota in the soil, thus growing carbon based populations in the soil, securing carbon.
Herbivorous animals then come along and eat the plant matter, then eliminate onto the soil, which closes the circle, providing the nutrient for the rhizomes to secure Nitrogen etc for the plant to use. The process is sped up if something scatters/ breaks up the poop, be that insects or birds.
Farmers need to start pounding the fact that soil is a carbon-sink, and not allow the Greens to misdirect the argument with factory farmed animal’s gaseous emissions solely. How else would 60M buffalo have grown 10 feet of top soil, only to be destroyed by soy and corn farmers disconnecting the herbivore from the cycle.

Mort, Crusader Rabbit

Our green moron mayor deliberately hitchhikes to work. He does not drive, and chooses to live out at the port. Do not ask for an early morning appointment with him. The only good news is that he’s not that efficient, so he may have the damage he does limited — but the council owned power company is ensuring that we all get poorer by increasing line charges.

This blogger is agreeing with his local MP on this issue. The locals are seeing if pigs are flying around the nation.

Power price hikes of up to $500 a year are a result of ”deliberate and sustained negligence”, a Dunedin MP says.

Aurora Energy yesterday released its draft pricing structure, which outlined a three-year, $400million programme to tackle ageing electricity infrastructure in Dunedin, Central Otago and Queenstown.

Aurora chief executive Dr Richard Fletcher said the proposed plan was about the ”prudent investment that is essential to meet the needs of our communities now and into our future, to address the errors of the past and position the network for its future use”.

It outlines estimated increases in residential line charges of up to $21 a month in 2022, or $252 for the year, followed by up to $10 a month in 2023 and 2024.

The announcement has come under fire from both Dunedin South MP Clare Curran and Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult.

Ms Curran said the price hikes would severely impact on households.

”People on fixed incomes, low and medium wages simply cannot afford an extra $250-$500 annual price increase for a basic utility.”

The increases were the result of years of under-investment in basic infrastructure by a council-controlled company that had never been held accountable for its negligence, she said.

”In my view, Aurora has stuffed up big time and their plan is not prudent. It’s deliberate and sustained negligence.”

She said the price increases were well flagged, but not by Aurora or by its owner, the Dunedin City Council.

”Instead, it took the research work of a former employee turned whistleblower to warn people that big price increases were coming.’

Otago Daily Times

Unfortunately, the decolonization woke exist in NZ. They have recently vandalized a statue of Queen Victoria.

Ellison was one of the people who got a fair amount of the South Island returned to tribal ownership. He is respected and effective. And he hates when the old things are defaced for the passions of the moment.

A respected Maori elder has deplored the brazen graffiti of a 115-year-old statue of Queen Victoria in Dunedin.

The memorial statue in Queens Gardens had a significant splash of red paint over it yesterday, and the words “Return stolen wealth Charles” and “Uphold Te Tiriti” (uphold the Treaty) were also spray-painted on the statue in red.

Otakou kaumatua and New Zealand Conservation Authority chairman Edward Ellison played a key role as a Treaty negotiator in Ngai Tahu’s successful claim against the Crown for breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi, and said he was shocked and disappointed by the act.

“I think that’s a very bad example of very bad graffiti on what is an important monument in the city.

“We certainly deplore that sort of action. There are proper ways to deal with these things – issues that people may have.”

The woke are going to lose, and they know it. But they will rage in their defeat.

The Dread Ilk

The fake conservative movement is now defending immigrants working for slave labour — not. They are defending the company that exploits immigants working for slave wages in their greatest wet dream — an atomized gig economy. Slaves were generally known to their masters. Uber is not to their drivers.

Uber has never made a dime, which is really hard to believe given that all they do is run a smartphone app. Uber never had to pay for its fleet of vehicles, it got volunteers. What a bonanza. All Uber ever had to do was hook riders up with drivers. It’s a “finders fee” app at best.

But no, Uber has always insisted that is much more than that. No, Uber has visions about transportation and the relationship of humans with transportation and oh so many DEEP THINGS about life can be organized PROPERLY.

Uber is a deeply evil corporation. It was from the beginning. The first and best smartphone app in this space was SideCar, which is now defunct, but in every way conceivable the SideCar app surpasses Uber. As a driver for SideCar, for example, you could define on a map the areas of the city that you were willing to service. You could also define your own rates per mile. And more!

All that is crazy talk with Uber. Uber is a top-down autocratic concern, if you drive for Uber everything is standardized by Uber and your cut WILL shrink over time. Well, it always has before.

The Deplorable Podunk, Vox Popoli

One of our friends clued us into the evil of Uber a while ago. We are allowed to use it for work expenses, but I’d rather walk or call a real cab. Fortunately, that, too, is an option. Avoid. The worker is worth his hire.

The times are indeed troubled. The Devil Mouse executives are trying to get us to sign up for a streaming service that is old Disney movies, Marvel and Star Wars, which they have all subverted to feed their nefarious desires.

(I’m linking to the comments by Vox Day not to the articles. He read that part of the news so we don’t have to.)

Notice how these sex criminals preying upon children are always reported as “former Disney employees” even when they were clearly working for Disney at the time they committed their crimes. The moral corruption is active on all levels; from top to bottom, Disney is one of the most evil corporations on the planet. It goes well beyond the usual social justice convergence. You should not even consider supporting its new streaming service in any way, shape, or form.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli

Disney is the Devil Mouse. It is about as real as the incredible burger: to be avoided.

Vox Day has noted that Chik fil A has managed to go woke by hiring in a person for their giving side who had too many credentials. Avoid such. He’s moving them to supporting the UN and not the Salvation Army. Because the Sallies do good and don’t care about virtue signals.

Heresy of the week

The Episcopal Church in America is now converged. The believers have generally left and joined Anglican missions in the USA — initially planted from Africa — and they are continuing. Here the church still has some healthy branches — I note that the worst of the progressives have been weeded out by the local bishop, and some of the most abusive leaders have left — not to join another church, but to found their own.

That is risky, but not as risky as being part of a church that has had a deaconess who thinks she is a priest elected as the head of the pro abortion movement. (hat tip Matt Briggs)

For decades, Katherine Ragsdale, a false prophet, has been trying to put religious vestments on child-killing,” Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life and president of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, told LifeSiteNews. “She led the ‘Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights’ (now the ‘Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’), which actually provides rites of blessing for parents about to kill their children, and for the facilities in which the blood is shed.”

That group also provides “Scripture studies that attempt to say exactly the opposite of what Scripture says about what God thinks of the shedding of innocent blood,” explained Pavone.

Fr. Pavone said it’s not surprising that NAF chose Ragsdale to lead it.

“It actually reveals one of the greatest weaknesses of the abortion industry: science is not on their side, logic is not on their side, and history is not on their side,” he explained. “They ran out of arguments a long time ago to try to justify abortion. So now, all they have left is to disguise it in ‘spirituality.’”

“They try in vain to take the stigma out of abortion — but that effort continues, and that is what this new development represents,” he said.

The deplorable remnant.

Israel Folau is now preaching, and I think he is onto something here. Excuse the syllogisms. The rejection of God meant that people sought a new spirituality, and found it in nature, which morphed into the green death cult, and (see Adam’s stuff in Godzone, above) meant that people could not husband their land well. This has increased the risk from bushfires. if we reject God, he lets us face the consequences. Of course, this is deemed insensitive.

The more worrying thing is that a Pentecostal Prime Minister has cucked.

Rugby player Israel Folau has drawn anger for linking Australia’s bushfire crisis to the nation’s same-sex marriage and abortion laws.

Folau, who was sacked by Australia in May for making anti-gay remarks on social media, described the fires as a “little taste of God’s judgement”.

Six people have died since last month in blazes raging in eastern Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemned Folau’s remarks as “appallingly insensitive”.

“He is a free citizen, he can say whatever he likes but that doesn’t mean he can’t have regard to the grievance [and] offence this would have caused to the people whose homes have burnt down,” Mr Morrison told reporters on Monday.

Folau, who is Christian, gave a sermon in his Sydney church on Sunday in which he said Australia’s decision to pass abortion and same-sex marriage laws had gone against “God’s word”, adding the nation needed to “repent”.

“Look how rapid, these bushfires, these droughts, all these things have come, in a short period of time. You think it’s a coincidence or not?,” he said.

His comments sparked outrage from many Australians online, who noted the widespread devastation of the fires.

BBC news

The error here is that God is seen not as a being with emotions — all of them anger not exempt, but instead a machine, without moral agency, who will only produce compassion and love. Regardless of our attitude to him. Yet he said we show our live to him by keeping his commandments. This should not be a shock. We show our love to our spouses by considering their interests before our own. So should we be with God.

Although rich in mercy, God also cast the angels out of Heaven and expelled Adam from Paradise. God’s patience is great, but He also destroyed the entire earth in a catastrophic flood. God displays compassion, but He also sent fire from Heaven to judge the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Nowhere is God’s righteous anger against sin more clearly demonstrated than at Calvary. When the Lamb of God hung on the cross bearing the sins of all God’s people, the thrice holy God poured out His divine punishment upon the Messiah. The Bible makes this clear: The God who gives grace is also the God who judges sin.

It is an error—and sometimes a fatal one—to misinterpret God’s patience as God’s indulgence. God mercifully withholds chastisement as He calls us to repentance. But Satan tempts us to regard withheld punishment as God’s lack of concern for our sin. We are then emboldened to continue in sin. “Do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?” (Rom. 2:4). The Holy Spirit displays God’s goodness to us and directs us to repent; Satan tells us that God’s goodness is evidence that He won’t punish sin, and therefore we don’t need to repent.

Robert Spinney, Meet the Puritans

The Arts

The woke are ruining fantasy. They consider everything allegory. They have forgotten that Tolkien wrote imagined history and novels within that history.

I’ve read some Jemsin. She’s awful.

Before the talk came to a close, Jemisin gave attendees a preview of her new book, The City We Became, out next March. It finds her in new territory: Earthbound and grappling with the frictions of our current moment. “For the first time I’m writing in New York City in 2019, and I found it a lot harder, because I can’t just make stuff up,” she said, laughing. “It’s a little awkward.” Nonetheless, the world-building exercise still applies. “Even though it’s New York and I theoretically know it like the back of my hand, I actually changed something at the universal level in that story, and I had to work through how it would affect the world on down.”

World-building does not mean predicting the future—it’s about mirroring the present. In fact, Jemisin said sci-fi writers have historically been pretty bad at prophecy. “The tendency to center on technology is typically one of the worst ways when focusing on futurism,” she said. “What we need to look at are the ways in which human beings are evolving, societally speaking. I have no predictions for that.” But, she added, “I have a great deal of hope that we will start to realize that allowing certain kinds of manipulations is actually dangerous to the societies that we want to create. Right now, only some of us seem to realize that, and the rest of us seem to think that it is perfectly OK.”

You have to be as talented as C.S Lewis or John Bunyan to do allegory well. If you are woke, write novels around that world — Stross does, and neither Stross nor I want to live in any of his worlds. They are too awful.

For the left cannot imagine hope.

There are not many movies and reviews of movies that do have hope. This is a recent one. It has not made it to NZ yet. I hope it does.

As one would expect, Rotten Tomatoes has the critics score at 0.73: the audience however give 0.97. Always trust the audience over the critics. They like Jesmin.

The Ladysphere

I have, for years, recommended that most children should do an apprenticeship. I’m saying that as my two sons are finishing degrees — and trying to work out what to do with them, and the associated debt, and a stepson is doing an apprenticeship after finishing a degree.

Credentialling is broken. Elspeth saw this years ago, and the Practical Conservative notes that even the practical certifications that have replaced it are being gamed.

The evidence is pretty clear that the college-for-all model has missed enough intelligent, capable people that we keep taking stabs at modular educational models, oriented around sitting for exams and completing x number to demonstrate competency. This has the benefit of matching up more with actual white-collar, highly paid work these days, which is frequently project-bound but open-ended as to how you complete it and it also has the benefit of not costing average or below intelligence people buckets of money if they can’t hack it, which will be at least as frequent as it is now. But there’d be tiers they could hack and still get decent pay.

It’s also an approach that works well with unionizing/guild-izing at even very high pay levels.

It wasn’t that bad a model for IT, although rampant fraud combined with unrestricted immigration broke it, but then rampant fraud combined with unrestricted immigration is a major part of why college is no longer much of a filter for what college-educated parents believe it to be a filter for.

Hearthie adds a book I have not read but should to my reading list.

Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of those books that “everyone” has read – unless of course everyone includes me. Somehow I missed memory-holing that it’s one of El’s favorite books – for every reason!

In my search for more wisdom, the first book out of the gate was a great choice. It challenged me, it educated me, it enlightened me. This book made me wonder why people talking about Christian community don’t … you know… read it? It seems like most efforts to form/maintain Christian communities (either full-out, living together or just as a church body or part thereof) are stepping right onto the mines that Bonhoeffer points out in this (short) work.


Over the week, about 3600 words. May there be something good for the reader.

This took a bit longer that I hoped because real life got in the way — we managed to get things Kea needs for her job today, and have spent time reading manuals. Real men do read manuals.

Anyone who works in any kind corporation — state or privately owned — should read Corporate Cancer, It is brief, and it has solutions for how to deal with the otherkin who want to ruin your quiet earnings, generally from staff positions.