The writing on the weekly wall.

Ah, Saturday. You have a chance to sleep in: the work of the week is done: the week in reaction is put to bed before Adam has his hot links up. You awake, a little too early, because the Dog needs to be let out. It is a glorious morning, when the doomsters from climate change predicted nothing but rain.

However, the news cycle does not stop. This is deliberate. The idea is that we can remember nothing but slogans.

The same people discount any experts whose opinion does not fit with their slogans, seeing them as unintelligent.

I hope that Trump and others are good diarists, so that we can eventually read memoirs of what was afoot in these weird times. Whoever is advising Trump (if anyone) to hold his peace while the Democrats beclown themselves is both a genius and a master of patience. In letting the DoJ reports transform into a Sword of Damocles. The Democrats have to keep saying something while the pages and details and grand juries keep grinding on.

But we understand that, while no saint, there really isn’t any substantial, actionable, impeachable basis to attack Trump. Ever since Trump University never amounted to anything during the 2016 campaign, DJT has seemed the Teflon Don. I am told that his skirt chasing and potty mouth in the past render it some sort of moral failing if I don’t join the #Resistance. (yawn)

The most substantial argument the #NeverTrump weenies have is that hero worship is a genuinely bad thing. Fair Point. But is it worth being bossed around by the aforementioned un-elected pencil necks who natter on about being Experts? Hardly.

Stacey McCain

I prefer to think that the other side is smarter than me, so I have to work harder. I prefer to read almost everyone.

Among the usual places, Adam is up early, and links to a country music song that is such a list of things we have lost as we grow older.

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