Friday Fitness: Alphabet has gone Feral.

About two weeks ago I predicted that Google would datamine health data from fitness trackers. for the purposes of tracking steps, most watches have internal systems that do this. Alternatively, just note the time you leave and get back: most aerobic fitness should be by time not distance.

Yeah, right. I predict that the data will anonymised, bent, spindled, mutilated and turned into untested, proprietary algorithms.

Note that Apple are (probably) doing the same thing, but they are slightly less evil.

I underestimated the evil that they would do.

According to a new bombshell report from The Wall Street Journal, Google has a secret division known as Project Nightingale that amasses private health data from millions of Americans across 21 states.

Project Nightingale’s data allegedly involves lab results, doctor diagnoses, hospitalization records, and more. The data is compiled into a complete health history that is connected to a patient’s name and date of birth.

Sources told The Wall Street Journal that Google’s development of this initiative began last year with a partnership with the St. Louis-based health system Ascension, the second-largest company of its kind in the United States. Ascension allegedly shares health data with Google without the approval of patients or doctors. The source affirms that some 150 Google employees have access to this data.

However shocking this might seem, it appears to be completely legal. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 allows hospitals to share patient data with third-party companies assuming that sharing is “only to help the covered entity carry out its health care functions.”

Android Authority

Memo to self: switch Google Fit off and uninstall. your fitness data down in a journal Google (Alphabet) cannot hack the analogue, but will hack the digital.

If you have not worked it out yet, Kea is a trained cook. We cook most days. Once. If you can’t do that — follow Mark and do it once a week (and hope your fridge and freezer can cope). We can’t manage as many pepper as he puts in — nightshades are not our friends.

This week there has been, in Casa Weka two changes.

  1. Tumeric is being added to vegetable smoothies. With a bit of pepper. A half teaspoon is barely tastable. But it may help us: it is hay fever time now, and I can’t take antihistamines and work.
  2. We are finishing off the shower with the water on full cold.

Kea has increased her long walk time to 90 minutes. We are finding that the puppies can (just) do it but it takes them two days to recover. I’m on the busy week of the month, and the main issue is survival. My aim is to not spend money on food or coffee away from home. Brown bag what I need.

This week she lost significantly. I’m standing still.

Weka Kea
This week. +0.4 kg -2.1 kg
From baseline (13 weeks: three months) – 7,9 kg – 7.9 kg