Prayer and help list

Firstly, and update on the wombat… who still needs help. The Kiwi social service is difficult — Kiwis don’t have a social welfare system in OZ (note to any Kiwis in OZ: always have enough cash to get back to Godzone. You can get help from family and the state here. But not there). Keep him in your prayers. Drop some dollars when you can.

I want to start by thanking all the people who responded to Stacy’s post last week and sent badly needed cash, either to my PayPal account or to the GoFundMe. Now that the stress of the eviction and moving is done, I’m in transitional housing north of downtown Las Vegas, and I’m finally done with the course of Cipro my wound care nurse put me on, I’m feeling a lot better, and ready to get back in the blogging saddle. It’s been a very difficult couple of weeks, and there’s no question that your kind words and prayers helped as much as the donations.

The VA came through for me and got me into the previously mentioned transitional housing, which those of you who have served in the military would immediately recognize as a civilian version of a transit barracks – someplace to stay while the organization running it works with you to find someplace more permanent, and on finding income streams to support you. In my case, that means sorting out the problem with Social Security that’s holding up my SSDI, starting the paperwork to claim VA disability pay, and ditto for a small VA pension, which I am entitled to as a side effect of being poor & qualified for SSDI.

Sadly, in NZ there are many who will be without help. Locally, we support our church at this time — through their nationwide giving.

There are a bunch of people around the blogosphere who are hurting and we know of by email. They won’t be mentioned by name, because that would break the first rule of blogging — don’t hurt civilians. I have got an email quoting the sponsor of the euthanasia bill that implies that I’m an example of the declining academic standards in NZ, and I do appreciate those who pray for us.