The week in reaction

This is the week where I put up a midweek post because of the euthanasia bill — seeing our parliamentarians congratulating themselves for joining the green death cult caused a certain amount of wrath. Then nausea. It is also the week where the Democrats went full moron.

Stacey and Wombat are good folks, and Wombat is in trouble. Please support them.

What to make of all this? It’s all a giant pile of bat guano craziness. Our Constitution grants the President nearly unlimited authority to conduct diplomacy, which was what President Trump was doing on that call to the newly-elected president of Ukraine. Somehow — and I swear, I can’t fathom it — Democrats have convinced themselves that urging President Zelensky to take a look into Hunter Biden’s Burisma hustle, etc., amounted to “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Because no further psychiatric damage was possible after the Tide lost Saturday, I decided to switch the TV in my bunker office over to CNN. Yes, lets attempt that Gonzo voodoo channeling of the Ghost of Impeachments Past to try to understand exactly how in the Hell they’re rationalizing this delusion.
“McCain’s lost it,” the readers will mutter in the comments. “He finally pushed it too close to The Edge and freaked out.”
No, ma’am. Your concern is appreciated, but despite three-days of binge-watch CNN’s round-the-clock Impeachment Wank-a-Thon, I’m still clinging to reality. Certainly, suspicions of that bipolar hypomanic “high” are justified, but I’m OK. Honest.

Stacey McCain

As far as link love is concerned, The woodpile report, Adam, and Matt Briggs have places to go. Visit them. I’ll wait.

Comments this week

Context for those who are not from NZ. At age 65 you can apply and get superannuation regardless of your income. It is not means tested, but the age of your spouse or partner matters. In NZ Law there is no difference between a marriage before God and one determined by living together and co signing the mortgage or children’s birth certificates (the latter is deemed a civil union: you don’t need a ceremony). Winston Peters is a sleazoid Tauranga Lawyer, a blot on his iwi, who is the leader of NZ First an the current deputy PM. He’s suing a bunch of people for breach of privacy.

I never thought for one second Winston Raymond Peters was trying to trough a few bucks out fraudulently for his Super. He has spent literally DECADES happily troughing with everyone’s consent as a politician for a lot more money.

I just concluded from the leak that he was a bit of a nong for not taking charge as a; lawyer, then former Deputy PM and Treasurer, and perhaps our smartest and most cunning politician in history, of filling in a basic bloody form correctly and completely.

I then had a giggle about it. Many people did.

And now for three weeks we are going to be reminded once again of his lack of reputation for capably filling in details completely and correctly on a simple form that hundreds of thousands of 65 year olds have managed perfectly adequately before and after him

Cactus Kate

NZ First is not nationalist. They are Faux Nationalist, trying to divert the issues of the young and conservative, and managing the decline for their leftist masters for profit. They will die as a party, with the next election, for Winston Raymond Peters is now done.

Boomer guilt is this

They abandoned their families (no fault divorce)
They murdered their children (no fault abortion)

And they refuse to repent.

Indeed, a repentant Boomer, one who fought the above tooth and nail, while taking a loss of status, or even employment to speak the Gospel truth is trans-generational.

Overgrown Hobbit, Vox Popoli


The current flux in the political parties is such that the old conservatives are concerned that nationalists and Chrisians may get a seat at the table. If you are Maori but argue that way, the Tories will still call you a Nazi.

I have talked about how our Parliament has decided for legal death for the inconvenient, and the right cuck cheerleaders of the Green Death Cult.

Over in Oz, the bushfires are continuing. Adam blames us all for not managing the fires well. I blamed the Greens and their minions — Adam replied that we, collectively voted them in. We have similar issues in NZ, including the removal of mature trees (that burn slowly) for native scrub (that burns fast).

Police and tree-cutting contractors turned up at Ōwairaka/Mt Albert in the early hours of this morning to try to begin the removal of exotic trees, protesters say.

A small group turned up about 4.15am with police, and left about 5am after being unable to access the summit road of the Auckland volcano.

The Tūpuna Maunga Authority – made up of iwi, council and Crown representatives – is having 345 non-native trees removed to restore native vegetation and wildlife to the mountain.

The tree removal was meant to start on November 11 until mid-December.

But protesters are maintaining a round-the-clock blockade of the summit road, calling on the authority to scrap its plans and stagger the tree removal process.

Other locals have voiced support for the project, calling the opposition a “slap in the face” for Māori and ignoring the history of colonisation and land alienation.

One of the protesters – Kieran McLean – said the contractors turned up out of the blue this morning.

“Police are talking with the residents and the people up here. A crowd of people are rapidly forming at the gate.

“There’s various security hanging around and a few members of TreeScape as well, trying to get equipment in this early in the morning.”

The council wants to restore the mountain to a pre European state and expunge the last 175 years of history. (It is called Mt Albert because of the Prince Consort).

The management approach recognises that the maunga are distinct from other parks and open spaces, in that they are wāhi tapu “ sites of immense

spiritual, ancestral, cultural, customary, and historical significance to Mana Whenua. Most of the maunga in Tāmaki Makaurau, including Ōwairaka /Te Ahi-kā-a-Rakataura, were important pā (settlements).

One management objective is to facilitate the restoration of the natural, spiritual and indigenous landscape and to help restore and enhance the mauri (life force) and wairua (spiritual essence) of the maunga. Another is to preserve and enhance the authenticity and visual integrity of the maunga so that they are markers in the landscape and their cultural and natural features are visually apparent.

Vegetation management is one way the Tūpuna Maunga Authority is seeking to achieve these objectives. Native vegetation is one of the natural features of the maunga that has diminished over many decades, replaced by an increasing number of exotic (non-native) species. Removing exotic species and replanting and restoring indigenous flora and fauna is therefore a long-term goal across the network of maunga in Auckland.

It appears that the traditions, history, improvements, laws, and existence of Pakeha — the European New Zealanders — is now accounted by Auckland authorities to have no value. This reasoning leads to race wars.

Of course, talking like this is the kind of stuff that annoys the elite, and gets you deplatformed.

The Arts

I have a second blog (yes I do, less anonymous, but it has been dormant. This has changed. I’ve got photos from the weekend up, and have linked it, as an experiment, to Gab, MeWe and Linkedin. Let’s see who hates scenery.

I have also changed the theme to Twenty Twenty and saw an instant increase in speed, but Kea instantly commented on the fonts and readability. She picks up such things — but she is a professional photographer.

Elspeth reminds us that the definitions of words matter. Writing should make us precise. Often, it does not.

Adam has hopes for the movie of the Witcher (Having seen the shorts, and noting it is from Netflix, don’t get your hopes up).
Gunner, however, corrects him, and I concur: there are no movies worth watching, even if you have as low a set of standards for your fiction as I do.

Cultural arsonists don’t know how to make anything new. That’s why they do sequels & prequels instead of new stories, and also why they license and copyright the creative beans out of their intellectual property. They, in their zero-sum ideologies of envy, can’t imagine how letting other people play in the worlds they make (or more often, purchase) can possibly do them any good. Visible, tangible proof such as the Star Wars Expanded Universe and innumerable Star Trek conventions notwithstanding.

And the plots! My God, the plots! Man surrendering his glory to a woman is the most prominent one and none recognize the parallel to Eden because no Christian cracks a Book anymore. The other movies are unfunny parodies of whatever did well in ages past, as if DisneyCorp’s mission statement is to overwrite my childhood memories like a faulty hard drive.

And the technical work! They neglect the art of storytelling to fuel their obsession with CGI. See, their religion is achieving Shangri-La by murdering all proof that Shangri-La was never real. Knowing deep in their Grinchly black hearts that they cannot turn reality into a fantasy, they embrace cinema’s ability to create any kind of fantasy they can imagine. A fantasy in which post-economies never overspend, in which white men are replaced wholesale yet everything still works, in which God is dead and we are new gods of the cosmos… except for those pesky dissidents who need whacking. There’s always one more!

And socialists fail even at creating their fantasy worlds.

The Ladysphere

I am an introvert, and so is Kea. We found interactions and intensity draining. Not that we can’t do hospitality and care: but it does not energize. We have a good colleague and elder of our congregation who will invite any and all — the broken, he poor, those who d not fit into polite company — and ministers to them. He is energized by this.

God bless him. That is not us. We are more like Ame.

They say that introverts recharge alone, but extroverts recharge around people. Being alone drains extroverts, but being around people drains introverts.

Both my daughters and I are introverts. When we’ve been out somewhere together for awhile, we come home and split to three different places 🙂 … I love it 🙂 .

This itty bitty church has a Bible study on Friday nights. Tonight was the second one my Oldest and I attended. It’s nice. I like it. Great women. I don’t agree with all of them, but I don’t have to. They are sincere, and they care. And, even more amazing, Oldest feels safe and comfortable among them. And it is really cool to get to do stuff like this with her.

But, wow … there’s some intense interaction there. I was very ready to come home and just be quiet.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had much of a consistent, weekly social life, so this will take some adjustment, I think.

I wonder if I look like I’m ‘done’ when I leave meeting with them because they look at me and ask, “We’ll see you Sunday, right?!” It’s like they’re not sure we’ll come back. I haven’t said we wouldn’t, so I wonder if I have a look on my face that causes them to wonder.

Anyway … it’s nice. A little overwhelming right now as they all get to know us, but … nice.

And nice that I can come home and be quiet afterwards 🙂 .

Blending Ame

And a meditation from the same source.

God reveals Himself to us in the thick darkness in ways we cannot come close to experiencing in the light. God communes with us in the thick darkness in ways we cannot experience in the light. And God uses those times in the thick darkness in a myriad of ways, but especially to draw others to Him.

I pulled it up at home to reread all of it but specifically verse 20 to make sure I understood it properly: “20 Moses said to the people, “Do not fear, for God has come to test you, that the fear of him may be before you, that you may not sin.”

Do you fear God? Do you teach your children to fear God. My daughters, even at 22 and almost 20, will tell you they fear the wrath of Mama so much they’re willing to walk the straight and narrow. I see this as a good thing. They are not afraid of me, but they do have a healthy fear of not wanting to disappoint Mama. And the biggest reason I think this is healthy is that this fear transfers to fearing God. We are to fear God … the fear of God is to be before us so that we might not sin. Wow. That is powerful.

Our parents teach us how to relate to God. Those of us who have had abusive and/or legalistic and/or difficult parents have to work through that. I have to work through it all the time. I have a hard time understanding God’s infinite love and compassion and care for me. My parents’ *love* for me is very finite and very much based on many criteria, most of which I’ve never been able to meet. They use me for their benefit and *love* me in ways that benefit them and make them feel good about themselves. I would never even think of using the term *sacrificial* when thinking of my parents in any realm, especially love.

But God . . . but God. God is not like that. His love for us cost Him EVERYthing. His mercies are new every morning! He is not keeping a record of our wrongs, and He is not keeping a tally of the goodness and love He pours out on us

Blending Ame

In the meantime, the ladies are reading and reviewing: Hearthie has been reading Bonhoeffer, and Elspeth Orwell

The Kirk.

A few significant things. One is that the evangelicals are slowly being deplatformed from facebook. I don’t do facebook, or twitter, or instagram, or pinterest. Too many trolls, two many otherkin policing for offence, too much censorship,.too many skeezy products and people.

So people are blogging again.

As many of you know Facebook recently disabled my account for no real reason. At least none of the reasons they list apply to me.

After my recent three months travel through the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom encouraging, prayer walking, sharing the Gospel, I am now getting ready for my next mission.

Continuing in full-time missions, house church planting and mobile discipleship. My goal is to reach the lost with the Gospel and heal the sick, and baptise and train new disciples of Jesus Christ, plant house-churches and teach and encourage folks to take back their cities through prayer and evangelism.
In fact, I am planning to do several missionary trips here in Europe, and, God willing, in America as well. I am praying for the possibility to also visit, God confirming, non-Christian countries to encourage and train the persecuted church

While on this subject, Virginia Hugenot (recommended by the MeWe reformed group) is semi active but has good stuff. This is on prayer. You need a pattern: either liturgical or structured. This works.

I have been reading Matthew Henry’s A Method For Prayer, originally published in 1712 (Christian Focus Publications, 2017). This book has been a real blessing to me.

Using the Lord’s Prayer as a model, the following are a few points Henry believes should be part of each Christian’s prayer:

    1. Address to God, Adoration of Him, with Suitable Acknowledgments, Professions, and Preparatory Requests – this speaks to how we honor Him, and hallow His name.
    2. Confession of Complaints of ourselves, and humble Professions of Repentance – here we ask God to forgive us our sins.
    3. Petition and Supplication for the good things. which we stand in need of – here we ask God for the things we need, such as our daily bread.
    4. Thanksgiving for the mercies we have received and the many Favours of his we are interested in and have, and hope for Benefit by – Thanksgiving is not just once a year, but every day we have reason to give thanks to God for his mercies which are daily.

I have benefited greatly from Henry’s book. It’s an amazing book that all Christians should read. This book truly has helped my prayer life, and I’m glad it is still in print today. It is a treasure which can be a blessing to many

While considering spiritual disciplines, we all need a day of rest. A nothing day. If we don’t schedule it, we will fill it up, so learn this doggerel. If you are exhausted, do worship on Sunday, and then, shriven, sanctified, and full of the love of God, go home. You don’t need to attend a fellowship lunch, particularly if that turns into a cake baking competition.

In other positive news, the Order of St Possenti has been founded.

Happy Birthday to the Order of Saint Possenti, established on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of the two thousand and nineteenth year of our Lord, to glory of God the Father, and His Son, our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The Order of Saint Possenti is a military order of the Body of Christ. We acknowledge a broken world, a sundered church, and broken men. We together, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christian men moved by the Holy Spirit, will restore and care for combat veterans in need of peace. We will train up vital Christian men for success as breadwinners, husbands, fathers, and citizens in secular and sacred leadership. We will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. We will protect the weak.

Let it be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Soli Deo Gloria

That’s about 3000 words and quotes with some photos thrown in. The cycle starts again tomorrow. In the meantime, pray for my nation: those who want one government, one religion, one leader, and no hope worship the death cult that is masked in green. They are converged with Satan. Do not be them. Do not be like them.