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The usual suspects have links up. Reaction Times is continuously updated, and here. Matt Briggs reports on the move to make veganism mandatory. The woodpile report is here. Adam Piggott’s epistle is here, and he reminds us that the only way to make your links and quotes is to not think about it, but do it.So let’s get on with it.

The Nationalist Right

The times are hard, for we are in late anarcho-tyranny. Some places (Michigan, Illinois) you should just leave. NZ, sadly is not immune.

In the meantime, the meme makers have gone ballistic, because the narrative is falling apart ABC killed the Epstein story — and now say his quite convenient death was not Arkencide. There are hundreds of memes out there. The Gallery is just a selection. Not all relate to the now dead Epstein.

It appears that a bunch of Mormons were killed in Mexico. There have been Mormons in Mexico for a long time: they are everywhere and most of the time they are not that offensive. Heretical, but not offensive. But that is not good enough. One has to find offense in everything.

Every woke damnation makes the reaction stronger. For if they hate you for small things, and would destroy your ilfe,.. why do they deserve respect?.

Like her mentor Stalin, when the head of the so called Scottish Nationalist Party sees electoral defeat, she turns to blood. Not an ideology: that is weak beer, but the rodina, the motherland: blood, soil and iron. And in doing so, she destroys the idea that there are no nations, or that immigrants are automatically of that nation.

I am one of those Australians with Scottish parents, or at least a parent. So even though I was born and raised in Australia, Sturgeon considers me to be a Scot. Because blood is indeed thicker than paper.

Immigrants remain tied by blood to their country of origin. As such, their allegiance to their host nation is beyond suspect; it is guaranteed to be flawed. Australia is chock to the brim with such people from just about every nation on earth. None of them could be considered loyal to Australia, not when the push comes to shove. But this is the cornerstone of civic nationalism; anyone can become a Westerner as its just a value system.

This is a fundamental untruth. A Westerner is a Westerner by blood and nothing else. And the blood ties go back a long way indeed. Sturgeon is a chronic leftie progressive, so mired in the muck of socialist dogma that she has failed to understand what she has done with this proclamation. She has exposed the fetid underbelly of the rotting civic nationalist corpse. Because she has only asked for Scots by blood to come back, and as every person instinctively knows no matter how great the progressive brainwashing, it is only blood ties that count.

She didn’t ask for protestants. She didn’t ask for Nigerians. She didn’t ask for any old Australians to come over who feel the urge. No, she specifically requested people who are tied to Scotland by Scottish bloodlines.

I will not partake of Sturgeon’s offer at this point in time, for the benefits are meager and the drawbacks are immense. But I am extremely grateful to Sturgeon for her massive progressive faux pas.

Adam Piggott

I did appreciate his link to one of my posts, but there is a little concern with this. I got traffic, and I prefer obscurity. I have come to the attention of the government before. It is never pleasant.

Of course, calling these domestic terror groups radical or extreme is just a way to express contempt for them using common language. It’s not an accurate description of where they stand on the political spectrum. When Antifa or the SPLC can dictate terms to the political class, they are neither radical or extreme. They are the mainstream, well within the conventional of the ruling class. It is what we use to call normal people, with their rules and procedures, who are now the outliers.

This is a lesson that dissidents have to internalize. Many on this side of the divide are stuck in the past, with regards to the political landscape. They assume we live in a rule-based society, in which one can appeal to a neutral authority for relief when the Left violates the rules. If that world ever existed, it is long gone. We live in a soft authoritarianism, where the rules are whatever the people in power say they are at any point in time. It’s not rule of law. It is rule by left-wing fanatic.

As such, the old Chinese curse should always be at the front of the mind of the dissident. That curse is, “may the government become aware of you.” The Chinaman, having lived under some form of authoritarian bureaucracy for thousands of years, is conditioned to understand the reality of his relationship to society. The Chinaman knows that the bureaucrat can and will inflict unlimited cruelty as only a bureaucrat can, if given the opportunity. The wise person avoids making himself known to them.

In the case of modern dissidents in the modern West, it means avoiding any and all contact with the crazies the managerial class deploys as lures and traps. That’s the only utility of groups like Antifa, Hope Not Hate and the ADL. Their role is to keep beating the bushes in order to lure dissidents out into the open. Then they can attack, giving their handlers in the bureaucracy the excuse to bring the hammer down on the people involved in the skirmish. If a few left-wing street activists are harmed, so be it.

You really, truly, don’t want to be the people caught producing badthink. So don’t get caught, and continue to say the truth. It is now a revolutionary act.


The Bleak Zone

Bison Prepper is not a good read, but he has some good points. Inventory is good. The DVDs, CDs and records you own — the books on your shelves — require that someone comes to your home to steal them, not remotely delete them from your cloud server or subscription.

Bandwidth is currently cheap, but expect it to be regulated. Simple is generally best.

This reversion to lower tech is what I’m trying to sell here. We cannot go TOO low tech, but just by scaling back to a more reasonable level we eliminate unnecessary complexity. In general, I try to avoid power tools. This isn’t always possible, but if you adhere to it as much as possible you eliminate a lot of unnecessary infrastructure. Is an electric knife sharpener ( you know, for folks like myself you cannot use a stone to save their life ) much better than a pull-through sharpener? Of course. But you need electricity, and then you need back-ups.


Say after me: Australia is different, and Western Australia wildly different. But the green insanity afflicts us both. The Maori and Aborigine both stewarded the land — though the Maori did take out all the megafauna before moving onto a system of tapu and noa — and the early Europeans leaned from both. But not the greens. They are manufacturing climate change.

We need to build some new dams as well.

Man does have an impact on his environment; only a blind fool would argue contrary. But our impact is now more imagined than practiced. The Australian landscape has been managed by man for 40,000 years. It was just about one of the only worthwhile activities that the aborigines did. When European explorers first arrived they described in their journals walking through forests that looked like English parks. No undergrowth, in other words. It was continually burnt away by the local aborigines in order to secure game.

Not today, unfortunately. The forests in Australia look like the beard and gnatty dreadlocks of some demented environmental activist.

This failure to manage our forests has had other effects as well. My home town of Perth in Western Australia has an impressive collection of dams scattered along the Darling Range escarpment, wandering in a broken line from Perth right down to the south west corner. No new dams have been built in decades because dams are very very very politically incorrect. Not to matter that in Australia we source our drinking water from dams and that in the last couple of decades we have witnessed a mad rush by governments to bring in as many people as possible. The population of Perth now sits at over double the figure of just a couple of decades ago.

But no new dams. Oh sure, they have a couple of extremely expensive desalination plants which consume tonnes of electricity, unlike dams.

If you don’t trim the scrub, it burns. If you don’t get the gorse down, it burns really fast and really well. Do both.

On a much more cheerful note, a local gold mine has produced it’s ten thousandth gold bar

The mine notched up another milestone this week, pouring its 10,000th gold bar, which weighed in at 18.4kg. That followed the pouring of the five-millionth ounce of gold in July.

At current pricing of $NZ2354 an ounce, the bar is valued at almost $NZ1.4 million. Gold production at Macraes started on January 1, 1990.

We should celebrate the hard work over a quarter century to produce this: the current government hates this kind of work, and seems to have an alliance with the false Tories, who cheerfully pass zero carbon bills without considering what this will mean.

The Greens will, if allowed, ruin everything. As

This week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, agricultural consultant Robin Grieve, explains that while those clamouring for the bill think it will be businesses producing emissions that will pay the price, ‘the reality will be quite different’:

“Reality will hit when it is realised that the polluter is not the dairy farmer, it is the baby who needs milk formula to survive. The polluter is not the evil oil company, it is the mother driving her sick child to the doctor.  Reality will hit when the financial devastation to poor communities and the personal hardships to families from this carbon zero bill become more of a reality than the rising sea. Reality will hit when those who have marched in the streets demanding the Government take action to reduce emissions realise it is not the Government that produces these emissions, it is us the consumer.”

So while Jacinda Ardern jets off to back-slapping accolades around the world, embedding a career path within the UN, it will be Kiwis who pay the price – families struggling to get by as prices escalate, and rural communities struggling to survive as livestock farmers are driven out of business, their productive land taken over for pine plantations farming carbon credits.

Meanwhile, all the sacrifice and pain Jacinda Ardern is forcing onto Kiwis will not only make no difference to the earth’s temperature, but the emissions saved over 12 months, will be negated by China – in just two days.

I would prefer if we had Trump as PM. He tore up the Paris Treaty, prefering to see Americans richer. We should emulate him.

The Arts

Milo’s Back. And about time. He has a Byronic attitude to journalism: he has explored hell up close and personally, and now, like Roosh, writes of heaven. Vox Day says that a revival is coming, and this is why. May it be so.

Joker is a masterpiece. But even more remarkable than its stylistic brilliance and moral seriousness is the triviality with which it has been approached by the liberal establishment. I have read a few dozen reviews of Joker by now. Not a single one is written as intelligently as the movie is, which is the opposite of how film coverage normally goes. At most publications, reviewing Joker has been farmed out to the junior women on staff. Perhaps the men are too overawed and incapacitated by it, like the rest of us, to dissemble.

More likely, their editors are up to something. I’ve been watching verified imbeciles sperg out about it for weeks. It hasn’t been an ordinary kind of sperg-out. When they hate something, but are not afraid of it, they go to war: You see op-eds, tweet storms, endless invective. But when our social justice overlords are truly, madly, uncontrollably terrified by something, they pretend to be bored by it. They affect indifference. Except, they do it in perfect unison—which is how you can tell it’s a lie.

Like masculinity itself, Joker is equal parts beautiful and terrifying. It is a warning about the consequences of a godless world of runaway capitalism and easy mood fixes. It is a movie about a society that has become corrupt and degenerate and turned in on itself, saturated with sex, pornography and prescription drugs. Young men have become completely dissociated from their own lives, and from any sense of worth. It is a society that many of us would recognize.

There is absolutely no reason for this video except Animal.

The Ladysphere

I may not quote from her all the time, but Kea enjoys Elspeth’s blog, comments included. In the antipodes, Christmas comes in Summer, and much of the issues are reversed: it is the end of the academic year, final exams at schools, the primary family time (Thanksgiving does not exist in the Commonwealth as a holiday or tradition) and the summer holiday all rolled into one. Most years it is humid and hot.

Via Will S, this post on why treating marriage as a job where you have to divide the work evenly does not work.

Equality is a tired old nag, constantly policing each spouse to ensure quotas have been met. The instant one gives rather than receives, equality is right there, stealing away the blessing by whispering in her ear that she was just taken advantage of. Instead of a gift, it becomes an advance payment for a vague and unspecified receipt in the future. And because it is so vague, the receipt ultimately takes the shape of whatever one feels to be lacking.

In a loving relationship, that lack would naturally become a petition, and it would be the other lover’s turn to be blessed by attending to it. But in an equalitarian relationship, the lack instead becomes an entitlement—something that was paid for, but never delivered. It may not have even been requested (and the other lover might not even realize the need,) but under the iron tutelage of equality, she comes to believe that she was blatantly robbed of it.

Now she knows better than to make advance payments. So she deliberately shuts down the very cycle of blessing on which marriages thrive and replaces it with an ever-changing set of arbitrary weights and measures whose sole purpose is to determine exactly how badly she’s being taken advantage of—exactly how “unequal” things really are.

I’m not American. The Junior Classics series is a reprint of a 1918 set of books, recommended here. I am aware some of the ilk are getting the leather versions because they should last a few hundred years.


Well, that’s that. Life has been fairly vicious this week, and I’ve spent time doing things that will make a difference, I hope and pray, long term.

I am not as organized as Adam — though I do start writing this basically on Saturday and keep the quotes rolling through the week. Some things that are important are moving too fast for this kind of post,.. and I did get distracted with PewPew’s new meme war. I post this Saturday, and Adam doubles his linkage today because he tries to post a day earlier

This is because I have organised myself this week. Every day, well almost every day; okay, one day other than today I posted some links in a folder that I could use today, and now it’s on time which is such a great feeling I think I might pour myself a stiff drink at 5am. Coffee it is.

Adam, mate, coffee at 5 am is ungodly, even if bulletproof, and even though my alarm is set often less than an hour later. What you do is make cold brew the night before and then inhale it after you wake at a more civilzed hour.


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1 year ago

I must imbibe my coffee that early as I leave for work not long after. Civilization and all that, you know. I would choose differently I suppose but it’s not too bad all things considered.
I don’t know how to do the cold brew. Write us a post with instructions.

I will desist from linking to you if it causes issues. Let me know.