The week that is in reaction

Well, after Australia crashed out of the Rugby world cup, this weekend it was New Zealand’s turn. I had a certain sense of relief. The news had been taken over by rugby: life is more than that. When the game did happen (and we were losing) the one time there was a counter attack we could hear the cheers from most of the houses around us.

NZ does not take the defeat of the rugby team well: about as well as Australia does if anyone beats them at league. Sadly, the news is now about how the noble All Blacks have to beat the Welsh for the bronze medal playoff and how we should be sad for those players and coaches who will retire. I hope that their families rejoice, for they get their sons, husbands, and fathers back.

In other news, the bastard who ran ISIS has been taken out, but since Trump did it, the woke have decided that he was an “austere religious figure”. His austerity increased the number of martyrs giving witness to Christ — but he also executed Jordanians, Kurds, and Muslims who disagreed with him. Do not be like the woke.

Boris Johnson is going to the polls to get a mandate — or, more importantly, an effective majority, to leave the EU.

The Tories start the election campaign with a 16 point lead over Labour, who in-turn will find solace from being 9% clear of the Lib Dems. Still lots of undecideds in play for all parties…

However, with First Past the Post and the differences in voting behaviour from region to region, polling expert Sir John Curtice has issued a stark warning to the soaring Tories; predicting there will be over 100 seats won by parties other than the Conservatives and Labour.

If the Tories fail to win a majority, Labour will have a much more clear shot at finding coalition bedfellows. Strap in for weeks of psephological speculation…

Guido Fawkes, Order Order

My guess? The English have learned to hate, and will revolt. I expect the Remainer parties — Labour and Liberal Democrats — to shrink. And I expect that there will be a clear majority — for someone. No one wants the speaker making another long parliament. This parliament has sat too long already.

Trump had a Halloween Trick pulled on him: Congress has turned itself into a Kangaroo Court. Peter Grant is a better man than I am. He wishes merely the natural consequences on all those who have decided to shred the rulebook because it gets in the way of winning.

He starts by pointing out that one of the congresswomen who drafted these rules — which would lead to the investigation being thrown out of a fair court — is a judge who was impeached herself (which has only happened eight times in the history of the USA).

I think that little fact reveals a great deal about the impeachment authorization resolution. It’s a corrupt endeavor, by corrupt politicians, to undo the results of a democratic election. I have yet to hear of one single “high crime” or “misdemeanor” allegedly committed by President Trump for which there is any convincing evidence and/or no convincing explanation or justification. If one exists, proceed with impeachment. If one doesn’t – and, to date, one has not emerged out of all the fuss and bother and smoke and mirrors the Democrats can throw up – then why the hell are we wasting time on this nonsense?

The answer, of course, is obvious. This isn’t about high crimes or misdemeanors. It’s about partisan politics. May all those who voted for it today receive condign punishment for their mendacity at the hands of voters during the next election.

Katie Hill managed to blame breaking the rules of congress — thou shalt not sleep with your staff — on the husband she’s divorcing and those who found her pix. Then voted to impeach trump. Then resigned. The US elite care as much for election results as those in the UK. Or in the EU. And like the europhile remainers, Hill is now a historical footnote.

As far as other places to look, the Woodpile Report is here, Adam’s epistle — which covers much of the scandals of the week well — was up on Friday, but that was before the cause of one of the scandals resigned from Congress. The Kiwi Labour party would have covered it up and kept her on, because they fear an election about as much as the Feral Westminster MPs who have shucked party discipline and sold their integrity to the EU.

And Matt Briggs Week in Doom is here.

Of more interest is that one blogger has re read Strauss and Howe and says the crisis of the fourth turning will be in 2025. I think it will be earlier, and it will be nationalist, and against the current progressive elite. Extinction Rebellion is the last charge of a dying, effete, ideology.


Now that we have no honour we are demanding pledges and oaths. The word of a gentleman is no longer his bond, nor is the word of tourists. The old saw “When in Rome, do as the Romans” is forgotten. Sadly, NZ has joined this hectoring group — for the other side of that is if you want to keep tourists coming, you treat them as honoured guests.

In other news, one of the big telecoms and ISPs — Spark — has, under pressure, started a campaign to decrease screen time. We can buy unlimited bandwidth, which Spark wants to exploit by getting one to pay extra for streaming sports and movies (they own apps that do both). Gamers may be getting in the way. Having said that, too much screen time is bad for you.

It would help, however, if the locals can succeed at the local game. Most of the Kiwi and Aussie elite rugby playes are not like that kid in the video. They are Pacific Islanders — bigger and faster at younger ages than their Maori, Aborigine and Pakeha (AngloCeltic for the Aussies) peers. My suggestion is that we have a Pacific Test team — from multiple nations — that like the West Indies in Cricket, would be feared.

This is the problem with the civic nationalist argument. Eventually your insistence that being Australian just means you speak with an Aussie accent, like vegemite and respect our culture falls apart, because it isn’t based on anything of substance. Then, all you are left with is a piece of paper.

National identity is based on blood, and blood alone.

Civic nationalism is paper nationalism is multiculturalism is genocide of an original Australian identity borne out of a century and a half of British settlers who carved out a new identity in the southern seas. Now we are pissing away the legacy of our ancestors who built a civilisation and a people out of nothing but bush. For a piece of paper that says some guy is a citizen.

After another brief mention of the Folau case, Smith spends the rest of the article wondering how Rugby Australia are actually going to make some money. He wrote nearly 2000 words. He could have saved a lot of trouble if he had just looked at the photo.Every single point Wayne Smith has made is completely moot. We just need Real Australians to play for Australia again.

For the record, I prefer Marmite: but then, I’m a Kiwi.


Didact notes that the Devil Mouse is ruining whatever was good in the Star Wars movies. They are now dead. I think he overstates how long they were moribund: I’d argue since the second movie.

The original trilogy used time-tested archetypes, stories, and cultural touchstones to create compelling, flawed characters, fascinating plotlines, and a huge fictional universe in which to play around with crazy cool ideas.

Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader were all based on ideas and stories that go right the way back through Mankind’s history. The film itself was heavily influenced by an old Akira Kurosawa film called The Hidden Fortress, which in turn drew inspiration from old Japanese stories and fables. The space battles were inspired by actual WWII aerial combat. The character of Darth Vader was deliberately designed to be utterly terrifying because it played on our deepest and darkest fears.

The Devil Mouse understands none of these things, because they don’t actually want to create a good story. They just want money – and they don’t give the minutest quantity of a damn about what they destroy in the process. Of course, what they don’t realise is that by chasing the shekels, they are guaranteeing their own destruction.

STAR WARS is dead now, and I for one am absolutely delighted about that fact.

Vox Day has resurrected the Junior Classics, which look good, and he (being an editor) is adding to them. He quoted some Byron he is adding, and that led to a poetry thread.

So We’ll Go No More a Roving

So, we’ll go no more a roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving,
And the moon be still as bright.

For the sword outwears its sheath,
And the soul wears out the breast,
And the heart must pause to breathe,
And love itself have rest.

Though the night was made for loving,
And the day returns too soon,
Yet we’ll go no more a roving
By the light of the moon.

And a nice little pastiche.

In Yavapai did Uncle Jeff
A stately shooting range decree,
Where senators and belted earls,
And cooks and cops and working girls,
Could study weaponry

The Nationalist Right.

Adam, noting, correctly, that multiculturalism has failed, also notes that in the inverted world of the progressive and their conservative neighbours, more people is more growth. Regardless of the people. Regardless of the pain of separation of families, and the deaths caused by people smugglers. Regardless of using the intelligent classes of poor nations as a crop to be plucked to keep the Western elite going. And regardless of the underlying structural issues of each nation.

The lie that immigrants do not grow an economy has been busted time and time again but our great leaders are not interested in truth. Parts of Australia are suffering under a decade long drought, with some towns coming close to running out of water. Just how throwing more people into the mix will make things better is left unsaid. It is the second great lie of multiculturalism – more people is better and better!

Nobody ever gives a thought to the unsustainable nature of this belief. At what point is the end point? At what point do we arrive at enough numbers to “grow our economy”? Hint: Ponzi schemes never conclude; they only collapse.

Didact’s Reach has done us all a favour by reposting a column Tom Kratman wrote on war, pitiless war.

I hadn’t even begun to get into the really awful realities of war yet, and if you want to know what those look like, then you need to turn to a true professional in the art and science of war to describe actual “pitiless war”.

We are fortunate indeed that such professionals read my work and occasionally comment on it.

Here is what a decorated veteran of Operations Just Cause, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom, LTC Tom Kratman (US Army – Ret) had to say in response to a rather pompous declaration by a quite gormless doofus who just happened to be Le President de France back in 2015 in the wake of the Bataclan Islamist attacks.

The Red Pill

The Captain is happy that the number of children born out of wedlock has decreased.

Not only was this “unofficial stance” against single moms, but it was so vehement, so clear, and so consistent that young women actually started to pay attention. And while I’m sure some education, access to birth control, and other sociological variables are in part to explain the collapse in single motherhood, I would bet my left nut that men letting their honest opinions about single motherhood be known publicly on the internet has scared young women straight into not fucking up by becoming a single mom.

This is a rare victory for people in the red pill/manosphere/alt media. Where pushing a counter-narrative the truth against the narrative lies put out by the establishment media, actually brings about the result the rest of normal, healthy, sane people want.

Adam is not so sure. Firstly, he notes there is a little legal but evil thing called abortion in the US. Secondly, he notes that the current romance scene is… toxic.

There’s another factor to consider as well and that is the decline in sexual activity in young people which has been quite comprehensively covered around the manosphere by various writers. It’s hard for girls to get pregnant if boys aren’t able to score and we all know the realities of that little bugbear.

I think that Cappy is looking at this with a glass half full kind of attitude, which on the one hand is refreshing but it’s also not accurate as it doesn’t come close to taking in the full picture. Young women listening to a bunch of guys on the internet telling them that single motherhood is slut central? I’d like it to be true but I don’t think so. A shame, really. It would have been the first time that chicks actually listened to me.

The Problematic Faithful

Matt Briggs is dipping his pen overmuch in that sarcastic, acidic ink that comes with righteousness and tempts one to schadenfreude. He misses this: the general medical journals are converged, and doctors generally don’t read the editorials. They look, instead for the clinical trials — now published elsewhere.

Horton is the editor of the Lancet, which dropped off the reading list years ago.

Besides being borderline incoherent and as repetitive as a petty bureaucrat, Horton is an ass. The first duty of doctor is health. It is never the duty of any doctor to lecture the public, let along engage in “non-violent social protests”, over matters in which they are ignorant.

This Horton would be better calling out the increasing fraction of quacks who call themselves doctors. We have white coats killing, for a fee, people before the can exit the womb, killing, for a fee, people who have grown tired of life. We have white coats carving up, for a fee, delusional men who insanely think they’re women.

I blame medical journalists with no skin in the game. Medical journals exist to share results, not to increase their impact factor or make money out of coercing libraries to subscribe to them. The current copyright laws are making scholarship difficult, and teaching a minefield. This was predicted by, of all people, Cardinal Richelieu, removing Matt Briggs numbering:

Because a knowledge of letters is entirely indispensable to a country, it is certain that they should not be indiscriminately taught to everyone. A body which had eyes all over it would be monstrous, and in like fashion so would a state if all its subjects were learned; one would find little obedience and an excess of pride and presumption.

The commerce of letters would drive out that of goods, from which the wealth of the state is derived. It would ruin agriculture, the true nourishment of the people, and in time would dry up the source of soldiery, whose ranks flow more from the crudities of ignorance than from refinements of knowledge.

It would, indeed, fill France with quibblers more suited to the ruination of good families and the upsetting of public order than to doing any good for the country.

If learning were profaned by extending it to all kinds of people one would see far more men capable of raising doubts than of resolving them, and many would be better able to oppose truth than to defend it.

It is for this reason that statesmen in a well-run country would wish to have as teachers more masters of mechanic arts than of liberal arts.

I believe we need universities. As sheltered workshops for the very bright, as repositories of knowledge, as libraries. It would be better to require the professoriate to be tonsured, celibate, male and under holy laws: the schools of medicine and law included. Most people need a trade or skill. Not Joyce, Eliot, or Proust, or far worse, Derrida, Maya Angelou and Margaret Atwood. Proust and Joyce, like Pound, could write.

The Ladysphere

The Practice Conservative gives a breakdown for percentage of births to unmarried mothers by education. Which in my view, is more of driver than anything the red pill has done.

From PhD to “never finished”, women of all races, minus California which stopped breaking out marital status in 2017 (it doesn’t change the percentages, the pattern is the same there as well for earlier years).

PhD/Professional: ~7%

MA: ~9%

BA: ~17%

AA: ~33%

Some college without any degree completion: ~57%

For perspective, the level of college education for women of all races aged 25-29 is as follows:

AA or additional education beyond: ~52%

BA or additional education beyond: ~41%

MA or additional education beyond: ~11%

It would help this geek if the classifications in both groups were similar, because testing if there is a difference between groups becomes a trivial exercise. Perhaps that is why the classifications are not comparable.

The good physician or mechanic is more useful to society than the scholar: every generation produces a few very good scholars who write (though the last couple of generations have been bereft in this department: modern Oxford would not tolerate a Tolkien or Lewis). She started reading about Roget, who did far more than write a Thesaurus.

The fact that he was a natural theologian, documenting all the ways the natural world supports the existence of our Creator, was an aspect of his history that I was wholly unfamiliar with. Once considered, the connections seem obvious; at least to me. A physician who is a natural theologian and lexicographer, concerned with words, what they mean, and how they are used.

Roget experienced his share of tragedy in life, as many of us do, and with that, he was drawn ever more deeply into unraveling the mysteries of the natural world, of seeing the order of God in what was often the chaos of life. With each observation, he produced more and more pages of words, information, and inventions. Here are just a few things we can attribute to the work of PeterMark Roget:

  • Discovery of nitrous oxide’s usefulness as an anesthetic
  • The slide rule, which calculated the roots and powers of numbers and was the forerunner to the calculator
  • Original author of articles and research for Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Numerous papers on optics and “optical deception”

In 1840, Roget retired from medicine and dedicated the rest of his life to compiling the volume that earned him the dubious honor of being the subject of this post; Roget’s Thesaurus.

Hearthie gives us a book review. I have not read this book, but I am not the audience.

Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard is a classic allegory of the walk of sanctification specifically aimed at women. I expect a man might make use out of it – there’s good to be taken – but it is an *explicitly* feminine take.

If you haven’t read this, and you’re a Christian woman, it is worth your time. It is a short read, and intense. Yes, it is emotional. However, it’s not sticky and inappropriate. It deals with the real emotions that we have to conquer to walk forward in the Christian life.

The protagonist must repeatedly make choices – painful choices – in order to continue to follow Christ. He is always ready to help, and sends her daily helpers, but He also asks her to take a journey that winds through some strange and perilous ground. As she continues to walk, she grows stronger, until she is finally transformed into the woman Christ had planned for her – and … well, I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s good.

I’ve read through this numerous times for my own benefit and enjoyment, and I recently worked through it as a devotional with my mentee (if you’re interested, this is the link to the study we used). I don’t agree with every word in either the book or the devotional, but it took me through a good solid soul-searching, and helped both my mentee and I grow spiritually.

Again, this book is *short*. It’s sweet, written for a woman’s heart and understanding. And it is challenging. I find all too many modern works about as strong as watered milk. Hinds’ Feet is strong – especially if you allow yourself to see your own weaknesses in the protagonist’s struggles, and the areas of choice you’ve avoided (or been stuck on) in hers.

It’s not about marriage, it’s not about children, it’s about becoming strong in the Lord. And it’s for women.


OK, this is the end of this weekly set of links, though most of the time I am quoting more than I’m linking. All is not as it seems, and that which has been neatly swept under the carpet may be returning to bite one. The elite are trying to atomise society, and make us feel naked, alone, and concentrate on protecting ourselves. This may be good for the elite, but it is not good for society.

Having a high trust society frees up a great deal of time that can be used for productive purposes. People who constantly have to guard their possessions, watch their backs, and fear for their family’s safety accomplish much less than those who are able to simply trust their neighbors and communities.

Noah, Vox Popoli

These posts go up on Saturdays, God willing and bandwidth working. In the meantime, do not be them, and do not be like them.

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2 years ago

I think you might enjoy Hind’s Feet if you ever have a quiet afternoon. Kea certainly would. Much like CS Lewis’ quote about good children’s books, books for men/women that are well done can be appreciated by either sex.