Lectionary Theology

2 December 19

The passage for this day is difficult, Let us first look at the scholastic commentary. Then (v. 4) he proves that we are all baptized in conformity with the death of Christ, saying, we were buried with him by baptism into death. As if to say: Burial is only for the dead: “Let the dead […]

Poetry Theology

Sunday Sonnet

This is a time when there has been two jihad attacks, one in London and one in the Hague. The Muslim is taught that he can seek his salvation in holy war. The poet knows better. His sins, my sins, this day, every day, suffice for Christ to forgive me, and that can only be […]


Advent Sunday.

While all the commercial people have moved from promoting black Friday — after Thanksgiving — to Cyber Monday (tomorrow) we forget that in the Church calendar this is the first day of the year. The year starts with Advent, which is a fast and a time of preparation for Christmas, which was a feast. The […]


The week in reactivity.

There is a local newsletter that we get in our village, with a column from the local constable. He reported on local crime: a woman has had jam stolen from her gate: and people have been bullying on the internet, which is illegal. The aforementioned plod should be paying attention to the roads around here […]