Sunday Sonnet

Holy Sonnet 12 Why are we by all creatures waited on? Why do the prodigal elements supply Life and food to me, being more pure than I, Simpler and further from corruption? Why brook’st thou, ignorant horse, subjection? Why dost thou, bull and boar, so sillily Dissemble weakness, and by one man’s stroke die, Whose […]

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The week in reactivity.

This week started badly. The activists of the Umma decided to go full jihadi. It got weirder and weirder. A London event was being run to rehabilitate offenders — both the jihadi, one of the two murdered and one of the defenders came from that meeting. The locals stopped the jihadi cold with improvised weapons […]

Lectionary music

Sunday 8 December 19

This week I am again running late. It is the busy time of the year: we have much on. The times are such that those who are of Christ are seen as the despised: those who are not of Christ are praised, regardless. At this time, we should look at the old men of faith, […]