Monday Technical (and monthly stats)

One of the useful things about Ghost BSD (which is really a freeBSD thing) is that it is semi-rolling. Updates come about every fortnight, are curated, and when you install them things don’t break. (this is different from Debian testing, where the changes come a lot faster). You reboot and get on with it. This is unlike windows and MacOS, where updating is a pain: to the point that our IT people recommend you don’t update ASAP and wait.

The logistic issues are dealt with by the share-alike principle in open source. There are continuing issues with laptops, and FreeBSD is providing developers with new ones and Dragonfly BSD is porting drivers for video cards from Linux.

I’m using Ghost BSD which runs MATE (which reminds me of Gnome 2.0 — it is a fork of that, and I liked that version of Gnome). Fury BSD is another user friendly BSD that runs xfce. You can always change window managers… but Ghost is reasonable, and is workable.

In the meantime, the Linux Kernel continueth. The problems that are happening there are more political, and Linus is starting to sound like a manager — though he reasonably is taking time off for his kids. Being a Dad scales less than being a Benign Dictator for Life.

Not a lot happened this last week, which is just how I like it. And as expected, most of the pull requests I got were for the 5.5 merge window, which I’ll obviously start working through tomorrow.

What little there is here is mostly some networking updates (mix of network drivers and core networking), and some minor GPU driver updates. Other than that it’s a small collection of random other things all over. The appended shortlog is small enough that you might as well just scroll through it.

Anyway, this obviously opens the merge window for 5.5. It’s not ideal timing with Thanksgiving week coming up, but it hopefully shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If I fall behind (not because I’m all that big of a fan of the indiscriminate and relentless turkey-killing holiday) it’s because we’ve got all three kids back for the holiday, and I might push some ot the merging to the second week as a result. We’ll see what happens.

Go do the testing thing.


While talking about computer OS, there is a new one — Redox — that may or may not take off. I recall plan9. At present the hardware drivers are limiting what you can put it on. But it’s reaching usable status. They are doing a couple of good structural things — keeping the core team small and very meritocratic, and keeping the community team well apart. My worry is that they are relying on Rust, which is not quite there yet, and GitHub, which is converged. They do have the best explanation why you should not use closed source software, and why I don’t use windows unless forced to by employers.

In the last couple of weeks we have had a lot of changes in Casa Weka, apart from moving the main laptop to BSD. We have had two sons graduate from university, leave town, and get jobs. We had to travel to see specailists. Things have been busy — and the Christmas season is when it gets busier.

It is a time to simplify whenever we can. I am deliberately keeping this site disconnected to Google Analytics and ignoring SEO. The only social media I’ve been interacting with as a blogger are Gab and MeWe. Facebook is now banning everyday snark — Kea has found that some of her jokes and the daughters jokes have been blocked, and the plods turning up becauseĀ  of jokes on twitter is now itself a sarcastic joke.

Since it is the beginning of the month, and we have various trackers: one of these things is not like the other.

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