Friday Fitness.

Via Mark Sisson, another bit of data on the usefulness of limiting the time in which you eat. Grazing is bad for you. I would add that it is far cheaper to eat well once a day and subside on black coffee.

Mark Sisson adds a personal comment

When I travel for business, which is quite often, I tend to fast. Airports are getting better, but it’s still a sad state of culinary affairs. I usually have a few choices: I can pick at a wilted Caesar salad with flaccid chicken breast. I can eat some congealed beef patties from whatever fast food joint has set up shop in the terminal. I can drop $30 for a mediocre steak. Or I can just fast.

I usually choose the last option. At this point in my life, I refuse to put substandard food into my body, especially if it isn’t even very delicious. I’d rather just skip the food entirely and have a great meal when I arrive.

At my age, I don’t want to wear lycra. I want to wear comfortable clothes, and I don’t want to make transport and exercise something that is a specail workout. Anything that will make it easier I will do. I don’t have an electric bike, but using one is better for you than driving.

There are some times I want gym gear: inside the gym, skill acquisition, and getting into rugged terrain where technical clothing (ie. no cotton) matters. But that is in the future.

This week has been about recovery for Kea and high workload for me. We slipped out of intermittent fasting — but we are containing things, trying to remain stable during the holiday season, where we have two to three mandatory feasts a week.

Weka Kea
This week +0.1 kg +0.4 kg
From Baseline -7.0 kg -8.0 kg

The baseline was 12 August: I will reset it at the beginning of the year.