Monday Technical

We are in the process of swapping Internet Service Providers, going back to the old NZ Post Office (now with a funny name), because they offer old fashioned phones as well as broadband. I’m ensuring I have a work phone, and have a personal phone with the other big provider here or one of its associate companies. One works well while traveling: the other gives better rural coverage.

Two is one. Have redundancy.

In the meanwhile, social media and search engines are breaking down. Google is no longer a monolith. Facebook is now full of advertisements from companies selling junk (or phishing, or both) and is not a reliable referral source. Our local newspapers have clickbait at the bottom of each story presented as news. DuckDuckGo or Quant appear to be reasonable ways to go: I’ve used DuckDuckGo for a while, and Quant seems faster, and is available for your android phone and Iphone.

The universal access to facts has been broken. Google is now blocking one of my favourite web browsers… because reasons.

Google is now banning the popular Linux browsers named Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser from logging into Google services because they may not be secure.

It is not known when Google started blocking these browsers, but a user discovered this ban yesterday and posted about it on Reddit.

In tests conducted by BleepingComputer, we can confirm that we were unable to log in with Konqueror or Falkon on multiple machines. When attempting to do so, we were told to try a different browser as Konqueror or Falkon may not be secure.

Bleeping Computer

There are a number of theories as to why these Linux browsers are being blocked from signing in to Google services. Some believe it could be an A/B test being carried out to Google related to the version of QtWebEngine installed or it might even have to do with having certain account settings such as two-factor authentication enabled.

Google has not yet released an official response regarding these Linux browsers being banned from signing into its services but expect the company to explain why or fix the issue soon.


The real fun this week involves photographic software and Adobe. Where, if you upgrade your cameras, you find that Adobe can’t read the files until you upgrade both the raw converter and your processor programme — which means the User Interface and macros disappear. There is a reason I use rawtherapee.

Stay focused, stay frosty, and remember that your paper diary cannot be phished or hacked.