On the joys of the commeteriat and administration.

About every second day I have to empty the spam bucket around here. I have bad behaviour and Akismet up and running, and crap still gets through. Some people think that blogs are about the comments, which normally means that they think the blog is about them. Vox Popoli, which has the best set of commentators in this fallen age, has a bunch of mods continuously approving and rejecting stuff. It’s a thankless job.

The owner there writes:

The fact that there are around 100 non-commenting readers for every commenter never seems to register with them, nor does the fact that when comments were turned entirely off, the site traffic here actually increased by about five percent.

Now, I’m willing to permit comments here as a courtesy to regular readers who want them. I think they can be a net benefit to everyone here, although it is clear that open and anonymous commenting is unfortunately no longer viable. But commenters should not delude themselves. No one – literally no one – is primarily here to read the comments.
Vox Day, Vox Popoli

While discussing Vox Day, his project the replatforming is one of the cheapest e book deals out there — a book a month for a dollar. The move to a subscription service is happening among creators as the big “free but we will pay for letting us put advertisements on your content” sites have decided to censor anyone vaguely interesting.

This site has no advertising for a reason. I don’t have a twitter account for a reason.

On the software side, I have attempted (well succeeded) in booting freebsd on an (original) pinebook pro, but it is basically unusable. I am looking at the new KDE neon version — neon seems to be much more lightweight that one would expect. The default version on my machine is Ubuntu MATE — which is very slow.

The pinebook is my backup computer. Will do an install and see how it goes.