The week in reactivity.

There is a local newsletter that we get in our village, with a column from the local constable. He reported on local crime: a woman has had jam stolen from her gate: and people have been bullying on the internet, which is illegal. The aforementioned plod should be paying attention to the roads around here and the jam being stolen. This is a place of reaction: in part to the poz he has been ordered to promote.

It is much better to be interesting. Our inspiration comes from a man who started out chasing white water and chicks. But he has grown.

My local butcher is a legend. He’s barely in his 30s but he commands respect. A small guy with disheveled and thinning blonde hair, he is a true talent with the blade and with what he selects to be butchered in his shop. This is recognised by other men, myself among them. He is an example of excellence, an example of being an interesting man.

As men, our burden lasts our entire lives. It doesn’t get any easier; rather, the weight of expectation intensifies. Embrace it. You are in good company. We achieve despite all that is arrayed against us. Today as a straight, Catholic, white, healthy, intelligent and right wing male, all the odds are lined up against me. And yet still we succeed. How pathetic are our opponents! They have everything on their side but still they are lap dogs with no real purpose.

Because they do not and cannot create anything of worth. It is the creation that is everything. The giving birth to ideas and seeing them made manifest. Leftist men are men who have abdicated their chance of creation because they were too weak to begin with. Better to put a pink pussy hat on your oblong head and declare yourself to be an ally. Your risk factor is zero but so are your returns. Big risks equals potentially big rewards. Remember that.

Around the traps, Adam excelled himself with this week’s links. The woodpile report is here, and Matt Brigg, sadly, documents the convergence of Chik-fil-A, as well as the woke destroying any distinctions. At all.

Quotes of the week

The left are trying impeachment, because they can read the polls, and know they cannot win at the ballot box.

The Trump campaign has made a commitment to winning over black voters in 2020, an effort unprecedented in recent Republican campaign history, and we must keep in mind that it is not necessary for Trump to win a majority of black votes to have a huge impact. For decades, the GOP has suffered from an image problem on race issues, and too many Republican consultants have been averse to making a real effort to fix that problem. In district after district, state after state, election after election, Democrats just assumed that they would win 90-95% of the black vote, which enabled them to win offices in close elections where a majority of white voters went for the Republican candidate. If Trump can get to double digits — 12%-15% — with black voters in 2020, that would probably doom the Democrats in states like Florida and North Carolina. And having stronger black support will also help Trump with the kind of suburban white women who don’t want to be perceived as “racist” for voting Republican. Polls show increasing opposition to the Democrats’ impeachment witch-hunt, and it’s entirely possible — I mean, a long shot, but you can’t rule it out — that Trump could win a 1972-style landslide.

The Deep State is playing an incredibly dangerous game here and has been for some time. The thing is, no matter how it turns out, they are not going to win. Messrs. Van Creveld and Lind seldom see eye to eye politically, so when they are both seeing the same danger on the horizon, it behooves one to pay very close attention.

I have no doubt that a large majority of the “Australians” driving the market in child abuse and snuff films are not Australian at all. But we’ll never be shown a racial or religious breakdown of the offenders for exactly that reason.

Mr Black, Pushing Rubber Downhill

The Z man watched some sports. The sports is now subsumed by the poz. Do not watch sports. Play them instead.

At some point, I decided to watch until I saw an ad featuring anything resembling normal people doing normal things. I gave up after about thirty minutes. If a space alien tried to understand America based on television, its conclusion would be that we are ruled by frizzy-haired mulatto lesbians and homosexuals. Their main task is keeping the simple-minded, almost retarded, white males under control. The TV ad world is the complete opposite of reality and any possible reality.

The Dread Ilk

The Ilk hate cats for this reason.

Who is the Ilk, who is their Dark Lord? Spacebunny’s beloved? Feared more than the Joker by Marvel? Vox Day has done a rare interview, go read it.

You’ve been a prolific science fiction author and write extensively about the Leftward drift of culture in the western world. What was your epiphany to help you realize that “no one was coming to save us” and you had to start your comic book company?

Back in 2005, I was named to the Science Fiction Writers of America’s Nebula Award jury for the third time. While my previous two jury stints had been unremarkable, this third one sparked a protest by science fiction SJWs led by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, an editor at the biggest science fiction publisher, Tor Books. When an author whose work I still like very much, Charles Stross, told me that my political views had rendered me unpublishable by any mainstream publishing house, I realized I was eventually going to have to strike out on my own. After the SFWA board voted to expel me from the organization in 2013—a remarkable action considering the pedophiles and convicted child molesters who are still SFWA members in good standing—I knew the time had arrived. So, we founded Castalia House in 2014, Arkhaven Comics in 2017, and Viral Films Media in 2019.

Who have been some of your greatest mentors?

One of the things lacking on the dissident right are legitimate mentors for younger people who get interested in our ideas. For intellectual scope, Umberto Eco. For humanism, Herman Hesse. For rhetoric, Aristotle. For courage of conviction, my father Robert Beale. For writing fiction, Bruce Bethke and Joel Rosenberg. I have also benefited greatly from the experience of working with William S. Lind, Martin van Creveld, and the late Jerry Pournelle.


We have two high profile murder cases coming to a close. In one, the offender, still with name suppression, met a woman on Tindr. Given the cases in the USA, Tindr is risky. In the other a young woman is dead, a Sri Lankan Kiwi Doctor is in the dock, and the primary police witness was accused by the defence. The second case is ongoing.

But Ladies, delete Tindr. You can meet gentlemen anywhere. I suggest Church, the library, or the gym — preferably someone who goes to all three. Note also, Ladies, that our minister of corrections won’t call inmates prisoners but paihere to protect their pride (sorry, Mana). [1]

In the meantime, the political elite in NZ are worried because the second party in a collection of three that make up the government is (as usual) economical with the truth. They claim to be nationalists, and even Dave Farrar, a globalist, knows they are not.

Winston is doing exactly what he did in 2008. Attacking the media and claiming it is all lies. Except of course the truth came out and NZ First were found to have filed three false donation returns and Winston two false pecuniary interest returns

Dr Rata is Maori, and comes from the renaissance of tikanga, kaupaupapa and te Reo — for the non Kiwis, customs, lineage and language. She’s lived through the treaty settlements and the attempts to help our most poor, who are generally Maori. And she calls it as she sees it. Biculturalism has failed.

She is correct. It ain’t colonization that has caused the damage. It is being dependent on a state that wants you as their permanent client, and will regulate your speech to allow the narrative to continue.

So what are Rata’s ideas? Basically, that the bicultural, Maori-Pakeha movement in New Zealand has been a mistake, that it is subverting democracy, erecting ethnic boundaries between Maori and non-Maori and promoting a cultural elite within Maoridom.

Although it might have been an unintended consequence, “biculturalism has actually led to the formation of ethnic boundaries between Maori and non-Maori – led to separatism. It also led to the belief that somehow our ethnicity was our primary identity – more basic than any other identity we could choose.

“Many New Zealanders originally supported Maori retribalism because they saw it as a means to much greater social justice – and my argument is that, in fact the opposite has happened – that group of poor marginalised Maori is in the same position now.”

And, says Rata, that is just the beginning. Her serious concern is that if the treaty (always with a small t), and the bicultural principles attributed to it, gets written into any upcoming constitution, our culture of democracy is doomed.

She is talking about democracy in the egalitarian sense, which, in most democratic societies, overrides ethnic categorisation. She points out that New Zealand, with one of the longest-standing democracies in the world, is already threatening its record with the inclusion of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in government policy.

All this, of course, was unintended – and motivated by the thirst for public good and greater social justice. The movement towards change was spearheaded by an academic and political elite that came out of the best universities in Canada, the US, Australia, Britain and France in the 1960s.

They were idealist, radicalised, pragmatic and focused firmly on the common good. Their drive to improve the chances of indigenous peoples was eagerly adopted by a new professional middle class, which was already looking to the past and to local identities after a crisis in the global economy.

And their ideas captured the way that decent people thought. Within two decades their primary goal – that the leaders of various ethnic groups should be brought into government institutions, policies and practices and change things from within – were achieved.

In New Zealand, those people were Maori and, as Rata says, the idea was adopted with typical fervour. “For us it is more insidious, more subversive because we’ve gone further in the inclusion of ethnicity as a political category.”

If all this wasn’t coming out of the mouth of a softly spoken older woman who keeps the argument strictly academic, one could be outraged. Biculturalism is threatening democracy. “You get inside a system and subvert it. Destroy from within.”

She claims an intellectual orthodoxy (she calls it culturalism) backed by a small political and academic elite from both sides of the political spectrum, has dominated New Zealand politics and social sciences, particularly in education, for the past two decades.

“There are two sides to culturalism. The small elite group who promoted it and the much larger group who allowed it to happen – and all in the name of social justice. And of course, social justice can’t be found along the path of ethnic division.”

That same group has taken ethnicity into government then politicised it. “It’s almost as though if you don’t espouse culturalist views, career paths are cut off for people in higher education and government service.”

It is much better to be considered a badthinker and to do some good anyway[2]. However, that may now be illegal, well at least in Oz, that septic fascist legalistic matriarchy.

It is no longer legally allowable to shame women for their public behavior. In other words, any criticism of a woman designed to limit her behavior is now slanderous under this decision. How can it be otherwise? Where are the limitations? This decision is beyond absurd but we live in a feminist matriarchy that is hell bent on eating its own.

Adam Piggott

The heresiarchal matriarchy.

What you believe matters, and if you beleive that protecting kids is a good thing, then the religion you believe matters. Tolerence of evil will bite back, good and hard. Sadly, this is damaging kids. Our lives are now judged, as they were by the Germans, by our contribution to the state.

In other words, the State presumes it owns you and your remains, and it will graciously, for now, allow you to opt-out, but only if you fill out the proper form and (we imagine) hand over the proper fee.

Quackery is not yet the rule in medicine, but it is rapidly becoming so. Medicine has moved from swearing to heal to promising to follow utilitarianism. Some of you are worth more dead than alive.

This neo pagan system is making us stupid.

The Ladysphere

One son is setting up a flat and has been using the black Friday sales to acquire furniture. We have that commercial event, but not Thanksgiving. Elspeth explains what is good about Thanksgiving.

Or Marriage: much of the beauty we have is because Kea can afford to practice her skills and craft to a level where craft becomes art.

Support your local artists. They generally do better work than the approved modernists.

I’ve never viewed myself having marriage and motherhood without also being a working artist. The three always just went together in my head, and I married a guy who can recognize that this isn’t an unreasonable view or expectation for a married mother to have. I just managed to find an established older guy who wasn’t twice my age.

Unfortunately, while my husband recognizes this, I can’t say the same about society. Though it’s always been a struggle for women to have all three, things have worsened, almost counterintuitively as women have gotten more overt financial power.

Hearthie is doing heavy weights, hitting PRs, and seeing if an old injury can be fixed, Her approach to this is an example of what to do.

Life goes on. Mostly I am waiting. I am taking time off my strict diet (but not jumping off, because frankly I don’t feel very well when I jump ship). December will be a month of testing my personal records in the gym. January I get surgery and recover. And what lies ahead of that? God knows and I do not. (Which doesn’t agree with my emotions, but no one asked *them*).

And now? Off to work.

That’s all folks

This is now two days late. We have had to travel for health reasons[3] — not all the specialists we need are in our university town. We have had a widowed friend stay with us as we recover. I’ve finished a couple of books, and would recommend two: Aftermath by James Rickards, and for a thriller and a warning, Collapse by Kurt Schichter.

Your normal service will resume shortly.

1. Yes, that is two links to one post. Bob Edlin, Point of Order.
2. In my experience, you get more respect for helping with blunt words and good actions than having good words and no actions. It won’t, however, get you promoted up the corporate or academic ladder. We are not allowed to be part of the elite.
3. Anything vaguely subspeciality is in Christchurch. Dunedin is too small to sustain a private practice for what we needed done.