This week in reaction.

If last week was fairly difficult, with floods managing to remove most roads, email systems and internet across the South Island, a volcano off the North Island went up, killing tourists. New Zealand is geologically young: most of the scenery is either caused by significant volcanic or seismic activity — all recent. The lawyers are circling like vultures.

It makes for a pretty country, that can be pretty dangerous. We are OK, as are our families, though one son was about 100 km south of the river that flooded, and I spent my teenage years looking at White Island, which was in an active phase, so no one went there at that time.

Locally, the week ended with the death of Peter Snell, probably our best middle distance runner.

In the meantime, the VA is still leaving the Wombat poor, and he’s asking for help, Vox Day has started a subscription system for his books: the Unz is moving to a subscription service. The deplatforming won’t work, because one can move from hosted to self hosted to your own platform.

There was an election in England and their Celtic Fringe, and England won. This really annoyed the local expatriates, but Adam has this one correct. Labour are unelectable: almost as bad as the Greens. Our local PM (who is looking worse by the day as the burden of leading a country through tragedy hits her good and hard) leads a coalition of such — but that will not last.

There was an election in the UK and the Tories are victorious. But Boris Johnson didn’t win the British election; Jeremy Corbyn threw it into a dumpster fire. The British working class voted to not implement hardcore Soviet Union style communism. What the far left in Anglo Saxon nations have not yet worked out is that they need to implement their radical agendas at the end of a gun, not at the ballot box.

What was amusing leading up to the election was how the MSM were crowing about how close the whole thing was going to be. “British election will turn on a handful of votes in key electorates” and other such guff. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

All the activism is exhausting, you know. Particularly if you prefer to use inefficient means of getting around, and have managed to join Hitler and Stalin as Time’s Person of the year.

Thunberg, who refuses to fly, travelled to Turin by train and car from Madrid after attending a U.N. climate summit in the Spanish capital. She arrived in Europe only a few days earlier aboard a catamaran after spending months campaigning in the United States.

Now she needs a little downtime.

“I will be home for Christmas and then I will take a holiday break because you need to take rest,” she told reporters in Turin.

“Otherwise you cannot do this all the time.”

But the renowned activist showed plenty of energy as she addressed the rally in Turin, the birthplace of carmaker Fiat, in one of Italy’s main industrial and polluting regions.

“2019 is almost over. We must make sure that 2020 is the year of action, is the year when we bend the global emissions curve,” she told the youthful crowd.

“We are going to put pressure on those in power, we are going to make sure that they will act and they will take responsibility.”

When she was 15, Thunberg skipped school on Fridays to demonstrate outside the Swedish parliament to push her government to curb carbon emissions. Her campaign gave rise to a grassroots movement called Fridays for Future that has gone global, inspiring millions of people to take action.

“We are very excited to have Greta protesting side-by-side with us,” said fellow activist Elena Costa, 22, from Turin. “We want to explain our goals to everyone and invite everyone to come Friday after Friday, every single week.”

On a personal note, can these losers please not come to the Antipodes. We have enough of their ilk. (And yes, Steve, is that Kiwis and Poms reciprocate benefits.

See, for one thing, Britons with a case of the sadz can’t exactly come over to the United States. We also elected a loud-mouth leader with an inability to consult with a proper barber. So we’re not an option.

Actually, the article doesn’t suggest where Britons can go instead. I feel like that would’ve been helpful. Australia? New Zealand? Syria? Maybe just a corner of their mind where they can rock themselves while singing God Save the Queen? This article could use a follow-up.

But here’s what gives me the giggles. Much of the article handholds the weepy widdle wosers by instructing them on HOW TO KEEP THEIR UK WELFARE BENEFITS! Obviously, since everyone having a cry about this loss are socialist, government teet-suckers, and those elitist wankers who think anyone who isn’t a socialist who should cede all authority to the EU is a moron.

Enough on this. What’s happened this week? The usual suspects are up: Adam, The woodpile, and the week of doom.

Saltiness for the week

let’s start with Matt Briggs, who notes that the Schoolmaster has had his translations taken down because of copyright concerns. Aquinas wrote in the late Middle Ages and had no heir but the faith: this is lawyers, rentiers and other scum. He also notes that women ruin everything, including all the books in the library by Europeans such as the Schoolmaster and his reformed critic, Calvin. Both are worth reading, but both must be censored because their existence is violence.

The thing about the matriarchy is that it defines any move against it as “violence”, including, of course, mere unspoken thought. It has long been observed that a common male tyrant will be satisfied with obedience. But a tyrantess must have both your both and your soul.

It is still a good idea to remove all items from all elite universities that were created by white men. Including the marvels of electricity and plumbing and of course books. Let’s make it a law that feminists have to build everything from scratch.

Won’t happen. The elite are Eloi, despising the Morlocks that keep things running, but demanding their services. The Morlocks, however, know that they should serve a better master. Roosh has learned that.

I said, years ago, that Roosh and Milo would found our new monasteries, and preserve the good, the beautiful and the true. May it indeed be so.

Roosh’s journey has primarily been a spiritual one as opposed to actual miles traveled. After months of spending up to 4 hours a day reading the bible, he set off on his speaking tour convinced of his new found spirituality and discovered that such personal insights cannot be constrained to intellectual study; instead they must be lived and breathed, for it is only through experiences that we truly come to understand and comprehend what the books attempt to tell us.

In other words, it is one thing to intellectualise knowledge, but it is another thing entirely to live it. It is in the doing that we come to understand our journey. In this light, Roosh’s journey was a suitable metaphor for his own personal transformation. As he drove from city to small town and from national park to simple farmland, Roosh himself underwent a complete awakening as to what it means to be a man living in modern day America.

There is no doubt that it was of immense benefit for him to be able to test his growing knowledge with regular audiences, all open and eager to hear his words. Coupled with his many private audiences with priests, monks, and leaders of dioceses, all of this put Roosh in a privileged position to better understand what it means to navigate the many false paths that are placed before us all on a regular basis.

His insights into globalism and the ongoing and escalating battle between good and evil gave me a strong sense of hope and confidence in my own struggles. I must be honest and declare that as his personal spiritual journey has coincided with my own, this has been an immense benefit for myself. If he had had his own conversion only a year ago I doubt that I would have been open to his message.

Stacey McCain has been documenting the failure of feminism. He should be mourning. The blogs that are his fuel, and the journals that come from them, are shutting. Reality does that.

Now, as much as I’d like to claim credit for destroying all these feminist blogs, the truth is that none of them were ever really successful enough to be self-sustaining. I mean, Feministing’s editors want to brag about 1.2 million uniques a month? That number sounds more impressive than it actually is, and it certainly could not have justified a full-time staff based on potential advertising revenue. No, those blogs were always a money-draining vortex, which chiefly owed their existence to (a) contributions from tax-exempt liberal non-profits like Planned Parenthood, and (b) the willingness of Gender Studies majors to write for free (or for minimal fees). And, it must be said, after Hillary lost the 2016 election, several of the Left’s moneybags evidently re-thought the wisdom of their investment in feminist Internet propaganda mills. For some reason, this New York Times feature ignores the demise of the very worst of the lot, Everyday Feminism, which now exists in zombie form — they don’t seem to have posted any new articles since 2016, although the site is still online. I never could figure out who was paying the bills at Everyday Feminism, but was under the impression that they must have some kind of deep-pockets sugar daddy willing to shell out a six-figure annual subsidy for all that “queer” intersectional insanity they published.

Whatever the case, the decline and fall of the feminist empire is good news — glad tidings! joy to the world! hosanna in the highest!

It is worth noting that a blog is a soapbox you use to do something. It is not an end of itself. In my case, a place to let the word of God be heard and drag people to it. Self funded. I make my living elsewhere, and my employer prefers that I’m anonymous. There are a few bloggers who do this for a living, but for most it is promotion or a side-gig.

Don’t try for a career in journalism, there is little money. In woke journalism, none.


The fires in Sydney are now huge. They are making the city unlivable. The woke have looked outside, realized that they may be not be able to get their lattes, and are changing their tune. Perhaps the landowners were right to have firebreaks that had been banned by urban lawfare.

The Green luvvies, the elite and their minions (sorry, lawyers) are eating the whirlwind they started.

This goes somewhat against the enlightened Green attitude to fighting fires and climate change which can be summed up as, “plant lots of trees and hope they don’t burn.” Now the defining feature of leftists is that they never own up to their past mistakes and they never apologise. Those traits I can deal with; it’s the refusal to learn from their past mistakes that makes them such a continual problem.

The only hope that attitudes will change and back burning will become de rigueur again is encapsulated in the quoted words, “indigenous fire practices”. It is not acceptable for white men to have the answers to our problems, but if Dreamtime stone age log blowers say the same things then suddenly that is ancient wisdom that cannot be ignored.

On the other hand I find it rather difficult to get my hopes up. Remember, 488 houses burnt down in the national capitol Canberra in 2003 and 15 years later we have learnt nothing from that disaster.

Local farmers are no longer planting wattles here, because they shed bark and leaves that dry into tinder. We have enough fires as it is, and one can select (generally but not always) native plants that are more fire resistant. One should do that.

The local council got worried due to the earthquake. It was a near run thing. Once you get through the usual mutterings about climate change and positive steps you get that one ISP — and cellphone provider (running two providers in NZ) broke due to the floods.

But there were still challenges to be looked at.

Food delivery, and particularly the amount of “just in time” deliveries to supermarkets, was one.

Another was communication lines, which were disrupted by last weekend’s flooding.

“We’ve got a very narrow country, we’ve got limited road networks, we’ve got limited communication networks, limited power networks, and we’ve just had a really good lesson in just how vulnerable we are.

“One river took out two of the three legs of our main communications lines.”

Work is already under way to address that, Minister for Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Kris Faafoi telling media this week a new fibre-optic cable route is in the pipeline for the South Island.

During a major incident, help would probably also be on the way from outside New Zealand.

“We’re mates, and we’re in trouble, so our mates come running,” Mr Hawker said.

But that would take time.

“The fastest we could get help from Australia, from any really significant level, would be four or five days, advance guards notwithstanding.”

That meant the resilience of individuals was the No1 priority, Mr Hawker said.

From this comes some comments: (a) have emergency cash in the house and on you (b) keep an old fashioned copper landline if you still can and (c) have your cellphone and fibre with different companies that use different networks. Two is one and one is none.

The Late, Great, Republic

There is apparently an impeachment on. The constitution must now be weaponized, and the show trial must happen. Which shows that the letter of the constitution and the rights proclaimed within are not that useful. You don’t need a constutition. You need a parliament that fears

Anyway, on Monday the Democrats held a hearing in which their chief witness was a lawyer who, after he finished testifying, got up on the other side to serve as the interrogator of the Republicans’ chief witness.

It was like the Moscow Show Trials re-done as a Monty Python skit.

When Democrats are making a mockery of due process this way, can you blame me if I fail to provide running commentary? What can I do except point and laugh? Everybody with two eyes and a brain understands that this isn’t about President Trump’s “high crimes and misdemeanors,” it’s about ORANGE MAN BAD! We’re witnessing the symptoms of terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome, not an actual impeachment, and it’s very difficult for me to treat this ludicrous charade seriously.

I don’t know much about the Black Hebrew movement. I know enough about the British Isrealites to know that it is an error. Error’s ain’t pretty, and when they lead to violence, the error is now evil. Evil is equal opportunity, unless you are part of the woke.

The Jews are a nation, and we should not discriminate against any nation. But the woke majority of Jewry should not discriminate against our nation and our tribe.

If a white person, in any way aligned with the “right,” engages in anti-Semitic activities, you can expect 24/7 coverage on CNN, and lots of lectures about the “conversation” America needs to be having about a “climate of hate” for which (it is at least implied, if not directly stated) Republicans are somehow to blame. However, when anyone aligned with the Left (and/or with radical Islam) engages in anti-Semitic activities, this is ignored, dismissed or explained away. For example, the fact that there has been a series of anti-Semitic attacks in New York City perpetrated by black “youths” is swept under the rug by the media, as is the escalating anti-Semitic climate on university campuses incited by the left-wing BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction) movement against Israel.

The Ladysphere

Elspeth is correct, as usual. It is about reality, not warm fuzzies.

We live in a time when fallacies are routinely embraced as fact because, and only because, they have become fashionable. It made me stop and think about the word fallacy and how we are able, despite all evidence to the contrary, to discard empirical truth for the sake of fashion and warm fuzzies. I could go into a long list of examples of the kinds of things I’m thinking of, but what would be the point?

I spent a fair amount of the week reading, of all things, economics. Particularly, how the current policies on economics don’t have much empirical backing. Kea says there is a crash coming, and the sign will be how many retailers shut over Christmas. We are, in the good times, recapitalizing her work, and in doing so we are able to buy a lot of the gear second hand because people are selling up and getting out. It appears that having a child in the USA is expensive. The Practical Conservative notes:

I’m not saying no crash or collapse will happen. It could, for all we know. But I am saying that the right should be promoting how to cramdown debt for such households, and how to claw back bigger shares of equity and company profits for the class of people producing our future taxpayers and future at all, and who have been converted by the actual elites into a dependent wage-earning class.

In other words, the right should be acting like it understands the changes in the demographic makeup of married families, that they are mostly college educated, mostly 1 to 1.5-earner households and that the “top of the bottom” for married parents is essentially the median household income. That is, making the median household income (63k in 2019) for married parents is around the 25-26th percentile (as of 2018) for their 22-23 million strong pool of households.

Also, as I already alluded to, many of these households do NOT have mom working full-time outside the home, and in fact much of the increase in double-income parent households has happened in the 25th-50th percentiles, while higher income households in the top half of married parents are continuing to see women exit full-time and frequently any paid employment during elementary and secondary school years. So maybe it’s time for some new narratives.

What to do? Well, get rid of debt, get out of high expensive areas, and whenever possible homeschool. That is the ideal. However… you need to keep family links intact, you have to remain earning while you can, and you have to minimise the distance to work.

We can fantasize about living on junk land in a couple of containers, off the grid. But… you find out, really quickly, that there is a minimum size of house and standard of living you can handle. For us, the big issues are sight lines and plumbing.

We like plumbing — living in a small town or village that has sewage is about as primitive as we will go.

But get debt down now. You need to spend time together, and not on acquiring stuff.

That’s all, folks

We are, in casa weka, taking our own advice. We are in the process of changing our internet service in the hope we will get a landline back. This has made finding things a challenge.

In the meantime, stay away from the shops as much as you can, be with your family, and above all, do not do as this broken elite want you to. Their fashions are false. Do not be like that.

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