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The local news continues to be about White Island, with the PM declaring a minute of silence I ignored, and reports of the police searching for the last two persons that are not accounted for. There have been a fair number of earthquakes and tremors — Kea who notices such after a childhood in Wellington says they have increased.

I sleep through any earthquake below a five.

True. From Gab.

In the meantime, the woke have decided they don’t like Brexit and Boris and it is time to take to the streets.

Police clashed with protesters as they marched in central London chanting ‘not my Prime Minister’ in despair over Boris Johnson’s landslide election win. The demonstrators, brandishing signs that read ‘Defy Tory Rule’ and ‘Refugees Welcome’, walked at speed from outside Johnson’s Downing Street residence to Trafalgar Square. The Mirror reports police had to separate some demonstrators who clashed with pro-Brexiteers. Videos on social media show a huge crowds pushing against the police, who had their batons drawn. One showed police with trying to push back protesters on Parliament Street, striking out at people as they warned ‘get back or you will get hit’. Eyewitnesses at the scene described the protests as ‘chaotic.’

The woke miss the point. They are minority, they despise the majority (who make the things they eat, keep the trains moving, and know the bolts do not remain tight without inspection). Their contempt is noted, and they have lost the mandate of heaven, though they do not believe in such.

The British election offers a good opportunity to see the detachment of official conservatism from the people they pretend to represent. Most of the conservative chattering class was quietly hopeful of a Labour Party victory. They would be justified in opposing what they sneeringly refer to as populism. Boris Johnson is a boorish loudmouth, who has an uncanny appeal with working class people, despite being a man of privilege. He’s the sort of guy conservatives think should not exist.

What baffles conservatives about Boris and Trump is that neither man goes in for the dorm room libertarianism that has come to define conservatism. They proudly talk about spending money on things like infrastructure projects and government services. They think the government should make the lives of the citizens better. The economy, as far as they are concerned, is about serving the people, a concept so alien to modern conservatives they confuse it with socialism.

Of course, what baffles conservatives most about these types of politicians is they don’t seem to care very much for the cosmopolitan types, who decorate the salons of modern conservatism. Johnson won on the strength of his appeal the sort of native Britain, who no longer goes to London, because London is full of foreigners now. Similarly, Trump won on his appeal to whites in flyover country, who worry that their country is being turned into Brazil. Conservatives are baffled by this.

Note well that the woke infest all political movements, and always move towards the perfect, for they hate the messiness of humanity. Modern conservatives don’t believe in heaven either, they just want to be politely accepted by the woke. And that will always fail.

The very people they believe they can rule as gods will reject them as surely as they have rejected the Divine.

The truth, it hurts

In NZ the Wine section in the supermarket is much bigger than the beer section. Both are loss leaders, as is cat food. Adam sees a pattern here.

You really need to read this one, particularly if you are a young woman contemplating the military, or, worse, an Arts Degree.

The other side of the coin is the upper middle class woman who married a powerful man, has a family and votes conservative, but who claims to be a feminist. This sort of moron is ubiquitous in the upper class areas of Australian cities. The ones that I was unfortunate enough to encounter were also dedicated alcoholics, without which the entire Australian Chardonnay industry would collapse overnight.

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Not just the upper classes, but those useful idiots praised by the upper classes. I normally allow those who are socially inept to say what they think until they are dangerous. The Gretard is getting that way.

Wait, “the science demands” that we “dismantle” all our “[c]olonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression?” Now, what science exactly is that? Is it geology? Physics? Phrenology maybe?

How stupid do they think people are? Very. And to judge by the judges at TIME, they’re often right. Maybe Greta never heard of Siberia or Cambodia, but we have. Screw that – if she wants to impose her masters’ Marxist fantasies on us, she’ll need to be packing something deadlier than “How dare you!”

Everyone who isn’t an idiot knows the climate change hoax was never about “science.” That’s a hack lie they use to shut you up when you point out that the ice age, floods, and mass polar bear die-offs they are always promising never, ever seem to happen. It’s a deliberate scam that blends leftism, hysterical hyperbole, and outright fraud into a gooey pudding designed to fill the spiritual void in empty-souled western suckers while providing a tool for our global leftist establishment to steal more of our money and freedom.

Theological crunchiness.

Reading Calvin this week has been a challenge. I understand the passion of the reformers to remove superstition: they were coming out of the medieval accretions upon the plain gospel and wanted things simple. Sort of. They had Bach on their side, so things were never quite that simple. And the are often misunderstood. Christmas is the last vestige of Christendom, along with Easter, and the woke would rather we observed Ramadan.

Day by Day nailed it.

But we do not obey the woke. We obey God, and work around the regulations of man. Unless, of course, you are the current donkey appointed as the Bishop of Rome.

In early modern Europe churches were woven into the fabric of the social order, and any change threatened both earthly and heavenly powers. That is why the church reforms introduced by Calvinism could not have survived without the endorsement of civil authorities. But in late modern Europe, churches are simply one of many forms of human organization that citizens and rulers may support or ignore, with no direct bearing on the well-being of communities or residents. This is why starting Reformed churches in cities like Heidelberg is possible, despite the history and traditions of German Reformed Protestantism that haunt the city, and why these churches may survive without the endorsement of contemporary German rulers. That seismic shift in church-state relations and in modern understandings of religion’s importance puts an exclamation point on the challenges that led Calvinists first to deplore the demise of Christendom and then to laud the benefits of differentiating the religious and secular spheres.

The Heidelblog

The problem, however, is that this modus vivendi is ending, for the woke serve a jealous God (Mammon: Molech was always one of his minions [1]) and they won’t leave us alone.

To fight back, we have to believe, and you better choose who you believe in carefully.

That being said… the correction being forced upon the Right by the groypers was, and is, absolutely necessary, and Milo correctly identified the very real need for a moral foundation to the Right in general.

That moral foundation can only come from Christianity.

The major problem with the philosophy of conservatism – which is about all it is, by the frank admission of conservatives themselves – is that it lacks this firm moral backbone. Conservatism is, by nature and definition, essentially a body of sentiments that allows a man to move through time while being respectful toward the traditions and ideals that created the world around him.

You don’t have to believe one single word that I write about this. All you have to do is go look at what Mr. Conservative himself, Russell Kirk, wrote in his classic work about the Ten Conservative Principles.

If you read through that, you will quickly realise that Christ is mentioned precisely once, and only in order to reference a period of time. Christianity itself is not mentioned even once. As he pointed out, the conservative has absolutely no dogma, no Scripture or Holy Writ, no set of doctrinaire principles.

And that is precisely why conservatism has singularly failed, utterly and totally, to preserve almost anything.

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Over the next two weeks blogging will be lighter — in the new year it will speed up. May you all have a joyous Christmas. For the world ahd their minions (the elite) hate that term, but we are not of them.